To be a successful seller in Lazada, you need to set your market strategy. You can join the Lazada campaigns or advertise your products in Lazada. But how to advertise in Lazada? 

5 Reasons Why I Need To Selling In Lazada

Who doesn’t know Lazada? Lazada is the leading marketplace site in South East Asia. Nowadays Lazada keeps offering great promotions and seller benefits in order to win market share. Not only the customer, the seller wLang EN, Loc PH, Online Business, Marketplace Philippines, Lazada Philippines, Lazada Seller,ill get the benefit too. Here are the benefits you need to know:


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By selling in Lazada, you can let your customer shop anytime in Lazada. Online shops give the opportunity to shop anytime and also there’s no pollution and no crowds. Your customers also don’t have to line up to pay for your things anymore. 

Better Prices

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You can set the better price in Lazada rather than in the shop. Your customer can easily compare the products and also the price when using the Lazada application. And don’t forget there’s a discount and promotion in Lazada.

More Variety

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The online choices are amazing. You can sell almost any brand or item you’re willing to sell. You can sell any of the latest international trends in Lazada.

More Control

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Using Lazada will help you to manage your shop. You can easily control your shop whether there is an order or not. Are there any products that need to be packed or shipped?

Multiple Payment Option 

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The reason why you should sell in Lazada is there are many payment options which customers really like. Lazada’s selling point centers on providing customers with installment options for their purchases. 

Lazada offers a lot of payment options such as online banking, Gcash, COD, credit card, debit card, e-wallet and installments. Beside that, your customer can get an electronic record of the receipt of their purchase, which makes record-keeping much easier. Doing online shopping in Lazada also saves you time.

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How Do I Sell Things On Lazada?

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Before you sell things in Lazada, you need to know learn about Lazada marketing strategy 2020  which will help you to market your business. You can also use the Lazada sponsored ads to help your business. Here are how to sell things on Lazada

  • List your products – Sellers have to do the listing documentation by filling in the details of their product online which consists of information like product description, pricing, color, dimension, weight, image, etc.
  • Sell with ease – after listing products, sellers will get access to the reports and multiple options to process orders, maximize sales, make payments, update inventory, monitor performance, and manage promotions via a single login. 
  • Shipping orders – when the customer places an order at your shop, you need to ship their orders on time for creating a seamless experience. You can choose two shipping options provided by Lazada such as fulfillment by Lazada or Seller Self Shipping.
  • Payment – Once  the orders are shipped to the customers, Lazada will deduct their fees and deposit payments into your bank account within 14 days.

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How Can I Promote My Product In Lazada?

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Can I promote my product as the Lazada advertising strategy? The answer for this question is of course, you don’t need to worry about Lazada advertisement cost. You can promote or advertise your business in Lazada by joining the Lazada advertising campaign.

Lazada Marketing campaigns are the special sales events held by Lazada which will generate a massive traffic to the Lazada website. You can join Lazada marketing campaign by following this steps:

  • Go to seller center homepage
  • Click promotions
  • Click campaign management
  • Select the campaign and click join

By joining the marketing campaigns, you get several potential benefits such as :

Campaign daily net order is 7x the average daily net orders

  • Up tp 5.5x the average daily sales
  • Campaign visits are 5x than the average daily visits
  • You will achieved Highest revenues during campaign  
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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Lazada?

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What is Lazada sponsored discovery? It is an efficient way to help the customer to find your products on Lazada search results. Sponsored search can help you achieve a variety of goals such as increase your brand awareness, promote seasonal items and help you create more demand for an item.

How much does it cost then? There’s no fixed amount to advertise on Lazada since it uses an auction based pricing model. You can set the amount that you are willing to pay when a customer clicks on your products. The more competitive your bid, the more likely your product will appear.

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How Can I Advertise In Lazada Philippines?

To advertise in Lazada, you need to look at the Lazada advertisement script. Here are the options you can choose to advertise your business in Lazada Philippines.

Lazada Marketing – Sponsored Search Ad

F:articleNew folder(1)gambarlps-3.pngYou can find that Sponsored Search is on your Seller Center dashboard. After logging in, you can click Lazada sponsored solutions center. Right under that, you can choose Sponsored Search. 

Lazada Marketing – Sponsored Product Ads

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Sponsored product ads are product-driven that means you are not able to select specific keywords for the promoted products. Lazada will help you detect the most relevant traffic and show your sponsored product ads.

Lazada Sponsored Display Ads

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You can use Lazada Sponsored Display Ads to reach more potential customers and retarget prospects in a banner rich media format. The ads charge brands by the CPM model and help sellers increase product visibility on Lazada’s premium online assets. 

Lazada Affiliate Program

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This Lazada Affiliate Program is the new feature that allows brands and sellers to tap Lazada’s pool of over 3,000 affiliate partners and their vast networks to drive traffic to their product pages.

Lazada Flexi Combo 

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Flexi combo bundle is one of the promotional tools in Lazada that you can use to encourage buyers to purchase more items in your Lazada’s shop.  

How Ginee Erp Can Help Your Sales?

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If you want to increase your brand availability and boost up your sales, try to advertise your products in Ginee Ads. Ginee Ads will help you to promote and increase your brand awareness and sales too.

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Lazada is one of the leading marketplace and it is the best choice for those who want to start a business as a seller in Lazada. To have a successful business, you need to set your marketing strategy. You can advertise your business at Lazada Facebook ads too which can help you to increase your sales.

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