Lazada is a platform where you can sell your products and start a business. It is a highly beneficial platform where sellers get exposed to a lot of customers from all over the country and even beyond. With the boom of online shopping in the Philippines, it is important that you learn to sell products on platforms like lazada and learn how to keep up. 

You may create your own Lazada shop and tailor your products, descriptions of the products, delivery times, and client prices in each country that you sell in on the platform. In terms of ownership, Lazada is controlled by Alibaba Group Holding Limited, which owns a large stake in the company. In 2016, Lazada was designated as the regional flagship of the Alibaba Group, and it is supported by the high-end technical infrastructure of the Alibaba Group.

This article will help you answer a number of questions like “How to sell in Lazada and Shopee?”, “How to post in Shopee and Lazada?”, “Can I sell in Lazada without business registration?”, and “How to sell in Lazada.” With this, you’ll be able to be the best Shopee or Lazada individual seller that you can be.

Wondering how to be a Lazada Seller? Read this article to know more. 

What is Lazada and What are the Features?

Lazada Philippines is an e-commerce site that is one of the fastest growing in the world. When it comes to online shopping, Southeast Asia is a region that is witnessing significant expansion. Numerous cross-border sellers are interested in entering this market, and Lazada is the most efficient means of doing so.

Lazada, which began operations in 2012, is the most popular online buying and sales site in SouthEast Asia, surpassing countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. As the pioneer of Southeast Asia’s ecommerce ecosystem, Lazada has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brands serving 560 million people through its marketing platform, which is supported by a wide range of tailor-made marketing, analytics, and service solutions. Lazada is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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Mobile Features

Internet connectivity has become increasingly mobile as a result of the growth of smartphones, tablets, and other such devices. In order to allow their prospective clients to access their websites whenever and wherever they want, more and more firms are launching mobile versions of their websites. Mobile version of a website is a version of a website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. 

This allows users to browse content effortlessly and comfortably without having to bother with excessively huge fonts or scrolling forever in order to read a brief product description. Of course, Lazada Philippines isn’t one to be left behind in terms of technological advancements, and they recently launched a mobile version of their website, allowing customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go.

Great Web User Interface

The website itself is quite user-friendly. On the UI, there are no gimmicks or confusing buttons to confuse the user. The items that are featured on the website are precisely the items that are required in order for online shopping to be a truly beneficial experience for the customer. What you see is exactly what you will get.

Quality Customer Service

In addition to being available during regular business hours Monday through Friday, the customer support hotline is also available on weekends and on holidays. According to what others have said when you ask them, Lazada customer service is in-house, which implies that they work directly for the company and can therefore provide a significantly higher quality of support. There’s also the Lazada return and refund policy which makes it better.

Online Payment Options

Long before anyone else, LAZADA was a pioneer in the usage of Cash on Delivery, and it has been one of the most significant contributions to the group’s growth. By placing an order and choosing to pay upon delivery, you can be assured that you will receive the best products available from the company at the most competitive pricing. LAZADA has expanded its payment options in order to make things more convenient for you.

On the website, GCash, PayMaya, as well as credit and debit cards, are all accepted as payment methods. Aside from them, the well-established LAZADA Wallet system allows you to pay for the most popular things with more simplicity, while also enabling customers to take advantage of additional deals and discounts on their orders through this option. Examine the numerous payment methods provided by LAZADA to discover which ones are the most convenient for you and your situation.

Nationwide and Global Shipping Options

When it comes to buying in the Philippines, LAZADA has long been synonymous with the concept of hassle-free shopping. After all, this company provides excellent Nationwide Shipping to ensure that your ordered items get to your doorstep as quickly as possible, as well as cash-on-delivery options for your convenience.

Aside from the services that this group provides to its customers, the top online shopping group also has a large catalogue of high-quality products and top-of-the-line items from well-known brands, as well as exclusive items that are supplied straight from the manufacturer to customers. It’s possible that you’ll be able to take advantage of significant savings and the convenience of free delivery on some of the items you’re looking to purchase if you’re lucky. If you’re not lucky, you might not be able to take advantage of any savings at all.

Scan to Search Images as Products

Purchasing an item is as simple as taking a photo of it and posting it to Lazada. From there, consumers may search for a product listing that matches the image they supplied. In order to give an example, a user can photographically capture a shirt in real life and submit it to the Lazada app, after which the app will search its inventory for a shirt that matches the one photographed.

The tool appears to be a convenient and useful alternative to text searches – particularly when you don’t know what specific terms you should use to search for a product you’ve seen in person but aren’t sure where to look for it online. While it is not yet known how accurate the tool will be, it appears to be a convenient and useful alternative to text searches.

Sell Online a Wide Category of Products on Lazada

In order to make a purchase from LAZADA, you must first register with the company. You have a choice between two different methods for placing an order. If you already know what you want to purchase, all you have to do is type the product name into the search bar and wait for a list of the items that match your search to appear on your screen.

To get a sense of what is available first, you can browse through the different tabs and menus available on the LAZADA website and mobile app’s structure, which will allow you to see the offers and other related goods that are now available. Following your completion of exploring and selecting items, you may “add the items to your cart,” select the quantity of items you desire, and then “checkout” to view a summary of your purchase.

Input your email address, your coupon code, and any other pertinent information into the website’s form, as well as the payment method you intend to use to complete your transaction. Finally, click on the orange box to submit your order, and LAZADA will handle the rest of the process for you!

In the Philippines, the online shopping company has one of the most extensive product catalogues, featuring items from a wide range of the most popular and trusted brands, all of which are divided into categories and are available for purchase on both the firm’s website and mobile app.

A wide variety of products, ranging from computers and laptops to mobile phones and tablets, as well as toys, clothing and fashion accessories, as well as home appliances and household accessories, will be fulfilled by LAZADA as a result of the hundreds of companies associated with e-commerce firms, as well as the increased number of products.

You can take advantage of the Effortless Shopping idea that the company has implemented into their service by purchasing anything from their big libraries of items and having them delivered to your door by the group. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of options provided by LazMall, which supports the best and most exclusive stores in the country at any given point in time.

How Much is the Seller Fee in Lazada Philippines?

Sellers on the regular Lazada Marketplace will no longer be required to pay commissions to Lazada. The only cost they’ll have to pay is the one associated with the payment. The following fees are charged:

Value Added Tax (VAT)

If you live in another country, this portion is known as the Government Service Tax (GST). The Value Added Tax (VAT) is the equivalent in the Philippines (VAT). Its current rate is ten percent of the whole amount of the purchase.

Shipping Cost

Aside from the actual shipping costs, retailers will be required to adhere to a specific routine when packaging their products before shipping them to their customers under the new rules. The good news is that merchants will no longer be required to drop off their packages at Lazada’s courier facility. 

Sellers can just sit back and wait for the courier to pick up their item from Lazada’s warehouse, thanks to the company’s global distribution service. As a result, be certain that your warehouse address is appropriately entered during registration.

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How to Sign Up at Lazada and Start Selling?

Wondering how to get paid in Lazada Philippines? Be a seller. Before becoming a full-fledged seller in Lazada Philippines, you must first meet the general requirements that are required for all those who aspire to be sellers. You must also adhere to Lazada Community Policies

Here are the general requirements for all aspiring sellers in Lazada:

  • In the Philippines, you need a business license.
  • It is possible to obtain a Payoneer card that has been registered as an enterprise.
  • You will need to provide an email address and a phone number when you create your account.
  • It is necessary for sellers to have previous e-commerce sales experience, such as with Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, eBay, and so on.

To sell on Lazada, go to their website and select the “Sell On Lazada” option in the upper-middle section. Once you have completed this step, you will be directed to another page where you will be given the choice to “become a seller now” along with the benefits of doing so on their platform. To proceed to the next page, simply click on it.

Select the method via which you wish to sell on the marketplace. In general, if you just wish to sell locally through your own small businesses, you should select “Local Seller.” The new page will then ask you to verify your identity by providing your nationality and phone number. To go to the next step, slide the verification slider to the right.

The entire form will be opened, and it will reveal the application form, where you may enter your company’s information, billing address, and other pertinent information, as needed. After you have finished filling out the information for the specific page, click on “Submit” to proceed to the next step. 

But first, check the box next to the terms and conditions and input the verification code that was sent to your mobile phone number before clicking the “Sign Up” button once more. Download the contract, sign it, and then re-upload it, together with the other documents listed on the page, to complete the transaction.

Check your email to ensure that your seller’s account is active and to change your password. You will receive a series of emails including instructions for training and registering your Payoneer card.

You are now prepared to begin operating your business on Lazada. Follow their training guides, which will be given to your email address, to understand the best practices and fix any issues you may encounter when selling on their platform.

How to Sell Products on Lazada Philippines? 

For clients on the go, LAZADA has been a leader in reimagining the buying experience in Southeast Asian countries, and it is one of the top eCommerce Marketplaces in the region. LAZADA has established dynamic and distinctive shopping experiences for mobile customers.

Products ranging from accessories to apparel and electronic devices are available from sellers on the LAZADA marketplace. LAZADA should be at the top of your priority list if you are looking to grow your product reach in South East Asia.

Here are four measures that you, as a seller on LAZADA, should be aware of in order to observe incredible sales conversion:

List Your Products

The process of listing products on LAZADA is quite straightforward. It is necessary for sellers to complete the documentation by entering the details of their goods on the internet, which includes information such as the product description, pricing, color, dimension, weight, and image, among other things.

It becomes more necessary for sellers to give comprehensive and consistent product information in order to provide an exceptional customer experience. Sell on LAZADA by visiting the Lazada website or downloading the Lazada app. You need to understand how to upload products in Lazada to be successful.

Sell with Convenience

When you have your products approved for listing on LAZADA, the following step is to go through the LAZADA seller center website. To make things easier, Lazada Order Split can actually be of good help in organizing your orders.

The reports dashboard and a variety of choices for processing orders, maximizing sales, making payments, updating inventory and monitoring performance are all accessible through a single login on this website, which sellers may use to organize promotions and track success. Additional resources include seminars and videos from the LAZADA university, which can help merchants increase their efficiency and expand their business.

Ship the Orders

Once a consumer puts an order on LAZADA, vendors are responsible for shipping the items to the customers on time in order to provide a flawless experience. Sellers can choose between two shipping options provided by LAZADA:

LAZADA is in charge of product fulfillment. Products are housed at LAZADA fulfillment facilities, and LAZADA is in charge of packaging and distributing products to customers. Sellers are only charged based on the amount of orders that are shipped to customers.

Sell Your Own Shipping: When selling your own shipping, sellers are responsible for the entire process, including inventory management, packaging and labeling, and shipping products to individual customers. Check out Lazada Philippines Delivery Partners for more. 

Collect Revenue

LAZADA will deduct their fees and send funds into your bank account every 14 days after the orders have been dispatched to the clients. Sellers may sell and handle orders across numerous marketplaces with ease, and the Vin eRetail eXpress platform helps you optimize your fulfillment process.

Things to Remember

After you have successfully listed products on Lazada, your work as a seller is really just getting started. There are numerous tactics that you can employ in order to increase your overall effectiveness in the market. It is not tough to incorporate them into your everyday routine activities. The sole criterion is that you must maintain a high level of consistency in your actions.

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Customer Feedback

It is clear that customer feedback has a direct impact on customer decisions; if you do not receive positive feedback from customers, they are more likely to abandon your store. Customer feedback is important so you need to be aligned with how to fulfill orders in Lazada.

Make Use of Discounts

If you are just getting started on Lazada and do not have any previous selling experience, you should consider taking advantage of discounts and promotions. These will assist in making product listings stand out from the competition. There is also a need that they aid in the improvement of product rankings in search results, making them a worthwhile tool to experiment with.

Manage Your Stocks

Inventory management that is proactive has a significant impact on the product ranking. When a product is out of stock, it is removed from search results and loses any search ranking enhancements that it may have had in the previous months.

List Products Properly

According to what has been said earlier, product listings serve as the public face of your business on the Lazada marketplace. Product descriptions should be complemented by high-resolution images of the product.

Success in Selling with Ginee

Lazada is the most popular online marketplace in Southeast Asian countries. Foreign sellers that want to expand their business into new areas will find the option of cross-border selling to be extremely appealing. If you follow the instructions provided, you will be a Lazada vendor in no time at all.

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