In order to help increase sales and brand image, you need to design your online store in Lazada Philippines. Designing your store puts you at an advantage to be seen and noticed by both customers and sellers alike. It is important to make sure that you prioritize your store  design to maximize the potential of your online business. 

Designing your store in Lazada can become confusing in the beginning. But that is okay. It is important to have patience and put a lot of effort into designing your store so that you can build the best version of your Lazada shop that there is. Your customers will surely appreciate it and your hard work will surely pay off. 

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What is Lazada Store Decoration?

Once you know what Lazada Seller Center is, you will realize the importance of decoration. Lazada Store Decoration is an integrated tool in Lazada Seller Center that allows you to personalize your shop design. Lazada provides a preset shop design for all vendors. 

You may use store decorations to personalize your store template and make it look more professional and authentic to distinguish your brand and gain the confidence of the prospects. Lazada Store Decoration is the way Lazada can allow sellers to increase visibility and marketing in their general brand.If you sell your goods on an online market, you are unlikely to have to bother about what your shop looks like.

In this scenario, Lazada has taken care of the general design or look of your shop. However, for the more sophisticated and expert sellers, it’s the same esthetic as other Lazada vendors start; and nobody loves to be just like everyone else.

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Why is it Important to Design Your Store in Lazada?

It is important to make a good first impression. Consider this to be your offline store located within a shopping mall. It is unlikely that consumers will enter your store if the outside of it does not appear appealing. The first stage in the Lazada Sales Funnel becomes easier to guide your customers towards when you have a store design that demonstrates your brand’s authenticity and reliability.

Aside from that, Lazada itself claims that classifying your product utilizing Lazada Store Decoration has been shown to result in a 70% increase in conversion rates for their customers. A well-designed storefront also makes it easier for clients to navigate through your store. In that situation, it raises the likelihood that a customer will return. As a result, it has the potential to promote consumer loyalty or customer retention.

However, in the end, the appearance of your storefront has an impact on the content score of your products as well as your seller performance. By paying attention to the design of your store, you will be able to set the groundwork for good/acceptable retail performance.

How to Set Your First Online Store Design in Lazada?

To begin, you must first set up the following two elements:

  • Store header banner with the brand image or the store logo.
  • To do so, select Edit from the menu bar.

To create the store header banner, you’ll need to create two versions: one for the PC and another for the mobile app. Take a look at the image criteria listed below:

  • PC resolution: 1200 x 128 pixels
  • Approximate size: 750 x 180 pixels
  • When it comes to the store logo, the picture requirements are 600 by 600 pixels.

Create your banner pictures with Photoshop or Canva, whichever program you want. There are numerous banner templates that you may use in Photoshop to create your banner. A similar statement may be made about Canva.

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Decorating Your Store

When you are ready to submit your store header banner, simply click the header box (which is easily identifiable due to Lazada’s characteristic floral and yellow theme). To the left of the text box, click the add image icon.

When you’ve chosen an image, use the cropping tool to move it around until you’ve found the section you want to use as your store’s header banner. Crop should be selected and then confirmed. Make the identical changes to the store header banner for the mobile app version as you did previously. Go to the store settings page to upload your store image.

Select the image uploader from the Store Logo drop-down menu. Create an image crop that is exactly what you want by dragging the transform box and then clicking Crop. Confirm the modifications. Save your work by clicking on the Save button. Select Product Recommendation from the product module and drag it into the decorative area so that you can start featuring your greatest things right away.

You can make whatever changes you like to the Product Recommendation filtration box to correlate to the elements you wish to draw attention to in the product recommendations. There is an option to manually select products from the list. Product recommendations can be sorted based on customer reviews, the product sold, the product rating, the largest discount, the date of listing, or personalized. There are also auto settings that you can use. When you’re finished, click Save.

This is the fundamental layout of your store. As your online store’s infrastructure grows, you can turn to Lazada Store Decoration for help in enhancing the appearance of your store’s physical appearance.

You can choose a more distinctive style for your store by visiting the Templates section. If you want to make a big statement with your store’s looks, you should consider investing in Lazada Seller Coins. It is a program that is focused on rewarding merchants for accomplishing specific challenges on their websites. After completing your first set of tasks, you may be eligible to win a unique store template.

Tools to Boost Traffic and Sales

In order to increase your sales revenue, you need to take into consideration the following three factors: (1) traffic, (2) conversion rate, and (3) basket size.

It is possible to upload store banners and promote your most popular products using the Store Builder tool, which is available on Lazada. Stores that are well-designed and organized help you attract clients and earn their trust, which is especially important if you are a new vendor. You have the option of creating your own design or using one of our pre-designed templates.

Store Feed provides you with a new avenue through which to interact with your consumers and boost your engagement with them by converting them into followers! Inform your followers about upcoming specials, new product arrivals, and other important information.

Answering consumer inquiries and converting them into sales is made possible by the Chat Now function. Make use of the functionality to deliver excellent customer service and to build relationships with your consumers.

Employ seller tools and ensure that your performance indicators are satisfactory in order to be eligible for access to Seller Picks, a free service that allows you to showcase your best products and increase visitors to your website.

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