Influencer marketing is the fastest way to accelerate your brand on social media. For example, Instagram influencers Shopify.

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It’s the best way to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and work with collaborators who can create beautiful content and make sales for you. Shopify Influencers partnerships build on themselves, constantly searching the web for people and opportunities to grow your brand.

Good news that you can tap into influencer marketing as an entrepreneur. You have products and an online store and you have social media accounts, which means you can connect with Instagram influencer account at a low cost.

Influencer Marketing Definition

Influencers are people who have built reputations around a specific niche. They’re like internet celebrities who work as ambassadors for your brand. Instagram Influencer marketing is a social media strategy where an influencer receives a payout for endorsing a brand’s product. Payouts come in the form of free products, cash or discounts off expensive products.

Instagram influencer list is currently the most popular influencer marketing channel, with 67% of brands using it.

Brands often collaborate with relevant influencers to produce content that promotes its products and services. This allows them to tap into the influencer marketing engaged audience to build awareness in an authentic way.

Influencer marketing works similarly to when a friend recommends a vacation destination. You value their recommendation because you trust them. People who follow influencers trust their recommendations as well. 

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When you team up with an influencer for a marketing campaign, you are gaining exposure to a warm and welcoming audience, which can lead to better business outcomes versus other marketing tactics like banner ads.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Hub’s report suggests that the influencer marketing industry is set to grow to approximately $13.8 billion in 2021, with more than 240 influencer marketing agencies or platforms established in 2019 alone.

With all these businesses popping up and the projected industry growth, it’s clear there are several benefits to using this strategy. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Deeper Relationships

The Instagram influencer ideas of influencer marketing is that the influencer builds trust with their audience through authentic presentation and engagement which matching brands can then leverage. This way, influencers help to foster deeper customer relationships through their association with the brand.

Increase Reach

The other obvious benefit to working with an influencer is the potential of increased reach from tapping into their audience. As you’ll see further down in this post, there are different types of influencers based mainly on their audience size and the platform they are on.

Increase Social Engagement

An increase of reach generally isn’t the only metric you should measure when running an influencer marketing campaign. You’ll also want to consider measuring the increase in social engagement likely to come your way.

High Earned Media Value

The last major benefit of influencer marketing is getting higher earned media value (EMV). EMV refers to the return on investment (ROI) gained from third-party responses to marketing activities, such as an influencer marketing campaign, basically, the bang for your buck.

Influencer Marketing Examples

Looking at some of the companies that use influencer marketing can help inspire your campaign. It also provides proof that it’s a legit and profitable marketing channel.


Health product brand Healthish actively uses influencers to launch its products. To launch its signature water bottle, co-founders Emily Chong and Nathan Chan worked with Instagram influencers to promote the product.


Nominal is a jewelry brand that blends culture and fashion to create meaningful accessories. Founded by business and life partners Lena Sarsour and Akram Abdallah, Nominal grew from idea to seven-figure business in a short period of time, thanks to influencer marketing.

Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes founder Jason Wong is a serial entrepreneur who’s been launching and running businesses since he was 15 years old. His latest venture was started with only $500 and scaled with influencer marketing.

Types of Influencers

Everyone uses slightly different definitions for influencer types. That typically identify five tiers of social media influencers: nano, micro, mid, macro and mega. Recent data from Upfluence shows that engagement rates are higher for smaller influencers than larger ones.

Nano (1–10K)

Nano-influencers are your everyday people. They often have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on Instagram. Their feeds aren’t glamorous or polished, and photos are typically not edited. Being an influencer is not their full-time job.

Micro (10–100K)

Micro-influencers are social media accounts with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. This group makes up 47% of all Instagram creators.

Mid (100–500K)

Mid-tier influencers are those who have a community of between 100,000 and 500,000 followers across their platforms. HypeAuditor’s State of Influencer Marketing report found these influencers represent 26% of accounts on Instagram, making them the second largest group.

Macro (500K–1M)

Macro-influencers are individuals with between 500,000 and one million followers. These influencers have typically grown a following through the web.

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Macro- influencers make great brand collaborators because they have a lot of experience in the space. They know their target audience and what they like, and they won’t jeopardize their followers’ trust by partnering with the wrong brands.

Mega (1M+)

You’re probably already familiar with mega-influencers. These are the social media celebrities on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. They have a community of over one million followers and have audiences with different interests and likes.

How Do I Get Instagram Influencers on Shopify in the Philippines?

Finding an influencer and agreeing on a collaboration with them can be a time-consuming exercise that’s difficult to scale. For best results, use this five-step process to stay on track.

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Do your homework

There is so much that you can learn from other brands. Discover what works for them, get inspiration from the different types of content they post, and look at what types of content get the most engagement.

An obvious place to start your Instagram influencer search is by looking at what your competitors are doing. You could use a tool like Hootsuite, which lets you see metrics on your Instagram account and then compare it with others.

Set a Clear Brief

Your campaign will be more successful if you give the influencer creative freedom to produce content they know their audience will love. While it’s equally important to mock up a brief with the goals you want to achieve, allowing for creative freedom is one of the key ways to make influencer marketing successful on Instagram.

Choose Relevant Influencers

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to achieve, the next step is finding relevant influencers. Getting this wrong can be expensive, so it’s worth investing a bit more time to make the right decision.

Learn How to Reach Out

The biggest mistake a lot of brands make in this stage is in not knowing how to reach out to the influencer or, if they do know how to reach out, not positioning their brand correctly in their pitch.

Agree on a Collaboration Structure

Once you’ve found the influencers you want to work with you’ll need to reach out to them and agree on a collaboration structure.

Executing the Partnership

The vast majority of influencers want the campaign to go as well as you do, because a bad campaign can be as harmful (if not more so) to the influencer’s brand as it can be to your own. But just in case, there are a couple of ways to protect yourself and ensure the influencer delivers what is expected of Instagram influencers UK.

Maximize the Content Value

Get additional value out of sponsored Instagram content by repurposing it for other channels.

How Much Should You Pay for Instagram Influencers?

Here’s the big question you’re probably wondering: how are you going to pay for the campaign?

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Naturally, you’re more likely to get an influencer to say yes if they’re getting something out of the deal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean money.

Let’s look at the most common payment structures and considerations for influencer endorsements on social media.


These days, more and more influencers are working to ensure they’re compensated fairly for their content not just upfront with what they share with their audience, but the value they create after the fact, too. So if an influencer made a post on their account promoting your brand, you may have to pay a licensing fee to reuse their content on your own social media account.

If the influencer you’re targeting typically charges a licensing fee, it may be possible to work out a deal that gives your brand ownership or unlimited use of the content.

Pay Per Post

The most typical payment arrangement is known as a pay per post deal. With these deals, you pay the influencer a certain amount of money (depending on the size of their audience) for a certain number of posts. The Instagram influencer pricing for these deals can fluctuate based on a few factors, with the biggest one being the size of the influencer’s audience.

The cost per post can also vary depending on what kind of post the influencer is creating. For example, a travel blogger with 108,000 followers charges $1,000 per static (no video, no slideshow) post on Instagram but only charges $200 for an Instagram Story post.

Free Product as Payment

If an influencer really likes your brand, you may be able to strike up a deal where they’re paid in free product rather than cash. 

This arrangement typically takes more effort to set up because not only do you have to find an influencer that you think is a good fit for your brand, you also have to find one who genuinely likes your products but if you’re confident in your products, supplying an influencer with free products can be a good cost-saving option.


Another option is to pay the influencer a commission, which usually comes in the form of pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per engagement. So instead of paying a flat fee for access to their entire audience, you only pay if their endorsement leads directly to a sale, a new referral or engagement whatever metric you’ve decided to use to measure success.

Do Instagram Influencers Increase Sales?

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing can benefit your business. It can help find potential customers and influence purchasing decisions to drive sales for your business. Influencers can also build your brand image and make your products desirable to a target market.

With this guide in hand, you’ll be well on your way to growing your follower count across social networks, building traction for your brand and growing your business online.


Working with influencers should be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy and can help you to create the assets that you need for your different marketing channels. Growing your Shopify stores takes brand awareness and influencers can help you promote your Shopify dropshipping store online

The best way to find your dropshipping Instagram influencers is to just get started. Dropshipping with influencers can help your brand get the traffic that it needs to succeed and start generating sales. Try different collaborations to find out what works for your brand and what yields the best results. 

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