Every day we scroll and scroll and scroll through our news feeds. We share memes on Facebook, follow celebrities on Instagram, and join dance trends on Tiktok. But what if you were told that your social media accounts are not just for fun but also for making money? You’ll get the best of both worlds because business is now easier to grasp.

With Social Commerce, starting an online business is much easier, and less trickier. Your usual applications like IG and Tiktok can be your best tools to make your social commerce career come to life.

What is Social Commerce? 

Starting a business by selling products and services in networking sites is the social commerce definition. Usually, you can determine the success of your social commerce run based on the likes, retweets, comments, or shares of your campaigns. In the Philippines, a good social commerce example is the famous live-selling on Facebook. Sellers hold livestreams and ask people to type “mine” in the comments section to secure the item.

In other words, social commerce allows consumers to do some online shopping through social media. If you ever came across a Facebook post of your friend selling her homemade products, then that is social commerce in action.

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5 Benefits of Social Commerce that Will Make You Care

Deriving value from social commerce networks is easier than you think. There are a lot of benefits including stability, engagement, and simplicity in being a social commerce manager.

Easier Evaluation 

Sometimes, the hard part about online businesses is evaluating whether or not you’re doing good or if you’re simply stagnating. With social commerce sites, there are built-in features that allow you to monitor your engagement and analytics based on accounts reached, impressions, engagements, and clicks.

Certainty in Customer Growth

Social media and online shopping can go hand-in-hand especially because social media never sleeps. Every day, millions of people use social media to communicate with their friends, family, and even work colleagues. This means that it’s filled with people every day who can be potential consumers. With this, it is more certain that your audience will grow more steadily than other platforms.

Better Search Engine Ranking

The impact of social media on online shopping is largely its benefit of direct transactions. Social media directly leads customers to your business website making its traffic better, and as a result better search engine ranking. Having a higher rank enables you to gain more customers because you’ll be easier to find on Safari, Google, and Opera browsers now. 

More Authentic Engagement

One social implication of online shopping is the underlying falsehood when it comes to products. In online shopping, the falsehoods also come in the form of engagements. Some shops or influencers buy bot-followers to make them seem like a highly recommended option which deceives consumers. With social commerce, it will be much easier to track down which are real and not, making your engagement more authentic than others.

Build Loyal Customers

The good thing about social shopping sites is that you can talk to your customers regularly. This means that you will be able to build a relationship with your customers when you intend to. This specific method allows your customers to have a good experience with your shop, pushing them to make a conscious decision to be a regular buyer. This is important because loyal customers build trust and confidence which in the end, attracts more new customers.

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Best Social Commerce Stores for You

There are a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to social commerce. However, social media shopping statistics are not the same for every site. Here are some of the best social commerce stores across Tiktok, IG, and FB Marketplace for you. 

TikTok Shop

TikTok users now have the liberty to shop in the app. TikTok allows merchants from Shopify to publish a “shop” button on their profiles when they have the TikTok for Business account. Users can sync their shopify items to their TikTok shops, making online selling much easier and allowing sellers to gain an even wider audience.

Instagram Shop

Instagram has been a big platform for online shoppers. IG gives sellers a feature to tag their products on photos so that customers can click it and be directed to the shopping site themselves. It also allows entrepreneurs to tag their business in the story feature for business so that their products can be highlighted on IG stories as well. 

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a huge platform for online sellers. There’s a wide range of categories that people can choose from. The price and item descriptions are public, making it more efficient for buyers to identify the products based on their needs. FB also provides a feature that lets customers message the sellers directly and it will be categorized accordingly on their messenger apps as well for convenience. 

Something to Remember

Social media, when used correctly, can help you a lot in your business. You should explore different strategies and be flexible with the trends. The first step will always be the hardest, so make sure that you get past it first. Social commerce is the new norm, and it should not hinder you from being the businessman that you always wanted to be, instead, use it as a tool that will help you power through. 

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