Refunds on Lazada are occasionally unavoidable, especially for large purchases. It is inevitable that not all transactions will go as smoothly as you would like them to do when you are a seller. This means that you must manage Lazada Philippines client complaints professionally in order to maintain your competitive advantage. This will assist you in lowering the rate of returns and refunds in your shop, and it will undoubtedly make your selling life in Lazada Philippines a little easier.

You must maintain a high level of attention to detail when dealing with critical issues in your business. Simple things, such as making sure you follow Lazada Packaging Guidelines, are essential if you want to avoid Returns and Refunds as a Lazada Seller altogether. The better you handle these little errors, the less likely it is that you will face a monetary penalty from Lazada in the future.

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What Does Refund Mean in Lazada Philippines?

Depending on the sort of refund you request, Lazada will process your request as follows: When you cancel a purchase, a refund is automatically generated. This occurs once the cancellation has been successfully processed. Refunds for returned items – A refund is made only when Lazada has completed a quality review of the returned item(s). There are also the Lazada Wallet Refunds that you should know about.

Lazada Refund Policy

There are different types of refunds from Lazada Philippines. Depending on the sort of refund you request, Lazada will process your request as follows:

  • Refunds for orders that have been canceled – Once a cancellation has been successfully completed, a refund is instantly triggered.
  • Refunds for returned items – A refund is made after Lazada has completed a quality assessment of the returned item. Payment for any COD orders will be returned via Lazada Wallet. Please see our Return Policy for more information on how to return an item.
  • Refunds for unsuccessful deliveries – The refund process begins as soon as the item is returned to the vendor. Please keep in mind that depending on where you reside and how far away your delivery address is, this may take longer.
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Lazada’s Easy Refund Policy

Lazada aims to provide our customers with a 100% worry-free shopping experience. If you are unsatisfied with the item you received or have other issues with your package, their Easy Refund Policy has got you covered. To avoid rejection of returns/refunds, please ensure that your request matches 2 conditions: (1) within the return/refund time frame and (2) valid return/refund request.

Return/Refund Coverage – The return/refund coverage applicable for each item can be found under Service details on the product page. LazMall items, excluding those with Delivered by Seller delivery option, are under Return to Lazada Warehouse. For items shipped directly by sellers, return/refund requests will be evaluated by the seller.

Return/Refund Reasons— Please take note of the following valid reasons for return/refund requests:

  • Return Request.
  • Damaged / Faulty Item (for electronics only).
  • Items received are damaged or don’t work properly.
  • Expired Item – Item received is spoiled or expired.
  • Item received does not match what was shown in the online product listing.
  • Received wrong item – Item delivered is different from what was ordered.
  • Counterfeit Items -Item delivered appears to be fake or unauthentic.
  • Missing accessories/freebies -Package delivered is missing accessories or freebies.
  • Incomplete / Missing item – Package delivered is incomplete or missing essential items.

In order to expedite and improve the accuracy of the review of the request, it is critical that the return reason be selected correctly and that extra information be included in the Online Return Form when submitting the request. When a request does not comply with the policy, it may result in a return being refused.

Please keep in mind that the following are not valid reasons for a refund or return: a shift in perspective The item has not met the buyer’s expectations, or the buyer has suddenly decided that he or she does not want or need the item. After failing to read the product page, the buyer is dissatisfied with the thing he or she has received.

Lazada would like to remind you that the time frame listed below begins when Lazada has processed your refund in accordance with your Refund Type.

Credit CardWithin 5-15 banking days
Debit CardWithin 45 banking days
Lazada WalletCOD or Wallet payment – within 24 hours
GCASHWithin 1-3 days

Refund FAQs in Lazada

What percentage of your money will be refunded?

Lazada will reimburse you for the amount you paid for the item if you used a promotional code. If you cancel your entire transaction while the voucher is still valid, the voucher will be instantly converted to cash.

If the item was on sale at the time of purchase, the amount to be returned will be the actual amount paid, not the item’s original purchase price. For example, if an item was on sale for Php 900 and its original value was Php 1,800, they will reimburse you Php 900. They will also credit your account with Php 900.

If you made use of the Lazada wallet, any wallet rebates that you utilized will be credited back to your wallet, if they have not yet been exhausted. If you got a refund notification, this will not be included in the amount of the refund that you are eligible to receive. Check the balance in your wallet.

If the item is being returned to the seller, please double-check the amount of the refund you entered on the return form you sent to the seller before sending it back.

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