As a Lazada Seller, you want to give the best deals and experiences to your customers. This means opening them up for more discounts and chances to get vouchers and other bonuses that will make their shopping spree really enjoyable. Lazada Philippines helps you in achieving this through the Lazada Bonus program.

You can apply for your campaigns to give the best deals for your buyers but still personalize them enough in a way that it will be the best one for your store as well. This will help boost your sales in Lazada as the time goes by in your online selling journey.

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What is Lazada Bonus in the Philippines and its Objectives?

This program’s goal is to provide greater discounts to your loyal customers while encouraging higher conversion and sales for you. It is a new co-funded cross-store platform marketing tool built specifically for Mega Campaigns. 

When used in conjunction with other Lazada platforms, it can be used to promote large-scale campaigns that are co-funded by Lazada and the seller. During large-scale campaigns, it gives buyers discounts. It helps sellers increase their conversion rates and sales.

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Costs of Joining the Lazada Bonus Campaign as a Seller

Each and every promotion (including seller/platform vouchers and the Lazada Bonus) is built on the principle of parallel discount logic. The application of vouchers/Lazada Bonuses is depending on the pricing of the campaign.

  • Product Campaign Price = Php 999 (participating product of Lazada Bonus) = Voucher (10 percent off minimum price of Php 999) Product price Php 999 fulfills the threshold, and the voucher can be used.
  • In addition to the Lazada Bonus (Php 50 off every Php 500), The product price of Php 999 meets the barrier, allowing this to be used.
  • In order to calculate the final price, subtract the sum of Php 999 by Php 99.9 and add Php 50 to get at Php 849.10.

How to Join the Lazada Bonus Campaign?

When you participate in the campaign, you will receive a Lazada Bonus that is related to the specific Campaign. Review the Lazada Bonus Terms and Conditions and click Agree to be eligible to participate. After enrolling, you will not be able to leave once the teasing begins. 

All Campaign Deals that have been authorized will be eligible for the Lazada Bonus. If sellers have chosen to include “Entire Shop” items in the Lazada Bonus program, such items will be eligible for Lazada Bonus. Check your campaign day sales on Business Advisor to see how well you did. Order management and fulfillment follow a similar method.

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FAQs About the Lazada Bonus in the Philippines

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Lazada Bonus Program.

Is it necessary to become a member of Lazada Bonus in order to take part in the 9.9 promotion?

No, you are not required to join Lazada Bonus in order to participate. Joining Lazada Bonus, on the other hand, is a terrific strategy to increase your sales and conversions during the 9.9 marketing days.

Is it possible to only participate in Lazada Bonus in part (for example, only 20% of my campaign offers are included in Lazada Bonus)?

You will not be charged for Lazada Bonus if you have already accepted campaign deals when you click ‘Join’ and agree to the program’s terms and conditions.

If my SKUs do not fulfill the 9.9 campaign criteria, would they still be eligible for inclusion in the campaign if I sign up for Lazada Bonus?

No, the minimum requirement to participate in the Lazada Bonus for 9.9 campaign is still determined by the seller and product requirements of the overall 9.9 campaign, not the minimum requirement.

It’s not clear whether it’s a “rebate” or whether it acts more like a voucher that provides a discount to the order itself.

It is an immediate money-off deal that is offered throughout the campaign redemption period from September 9th to September 11th in the year 2021. If a buyer has accumulated enough Lazada Bonus points, the discount is applied instantly at the point of checkout, otherwise it is delayed.

What happens if an order placed with Lazada Bonus is subsequently refunded or returned?

The amount of the Lazada Bonus will be credited back to the shopper’s balance account. This balance is only valid for the campaign’s nine-day period (9.9).

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