Are you curious how to sell in Zalora Philippines? Selling your fashion products in Zalora can be a good decision. This is because people are too lazy to go out to buy things nowadays. All of them prefer to use online applications to buy their needs like daily needs, cosmetics, fashion and many more.

Besides that, Zalora Philippines offers a good website that really helps customers to find the products and place orders in a simple way.  Both buyer and seller can also track and monitor the product’s delivery. Do you want to know more about Zalora and easy steps to sell things on Zalora? Let’s read this article to get more information about it.

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Why You Should Sell on Zalora?

Are you looking for things to sell on Zalora Philippines? For your information, you can sell all the fashion things in Zalora. As you know, Zalora is an Asia’s leading online fashion marketplace that launched in 2012. This Zalora marketplace is available in several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Selling and buying things in Zalora is really easy because Zalora offers a multilingual language that you can choose such as Chinese, Indonesian and also English. You can sell and buy many fashion products from local to international brands here.

You might hear the slogan “Sell with Zalora” and are curious what are the reasons to sell things on Zalora. Here are the reasons why you should sell on Zalora, such as:

  • Convenient because there is many supportive feature that is easy to use.
  • User friendly website.
  • There are a lot of products items variety that you can choose.
  • Many promotion, discount and cashback.
  • Have good product price.
  • There is no sales pressure.
  • You can buy the products you want at anytime and anyplace.
  • There is 30 days returns policy. 
  • Privacy for discreet purchase on Zalora.

Besides that, you need to know that Zalora also has a great product categorization and easy to use interface. Zalora also boasts a user-friendly website with a simple checkout process. This allows Zalora buyers to find the products they want and place orders easily. 

You might be curious whether there are Zalora seller fees when selling things in Zalora and the answer is yes, you will be charged for Zalora commission fee Philippines when selling things in Zalora.

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What Are the Requirements to Sell on Zalora Philippines

After you know the reasons why you need to sell your fashion products in Zalora Philippines, you might be curious what are the requirements to sell in Zalora Philippines. Here are the requirements you need to know.

  • Seller has to be above 18 years and have the original identity card to sign the Zalora merchant agreement.
  • Have a registered permits. 
  • Obey all the state laws and policies where your business is operated.
  • Able to in line with the products you sell such as prices, stocks, terms and conditions and others.
  • Able to meet all the customers’ order and make sure send the package on time within the specified Zalora delivery policies.

4 Steps to Sell on Zalora

Do you want to sell your fashion products on Zalora? To sell your products, you need to go to Zalora seller center PH. Here are the steps to sell on Zalora for you.

Go to Zalora Seller Center PH Login

First you need to go to Zalora seller center ph. Then you need to see the bottom page and select “Sell with Us” in the “About us” section.

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Fill Out the Required Form

Then you have to fill out the required data in the form. Once you have filled out all the data needed, you can submit the form. Once you have submitted, you need to wait for Zalora to respond which usually takes not more than 7 days. Once you have received Zalora responses or notifications, you can directly set up your Zalora shop, brand name and logo, product image, product descriptions, stocks  and others.

Login to Your Account and Upload Your Products

After that, you need to login to your Zalora account. In your Zalora account, you can see all the Zalora Philippines history. You can also manage your products and monitor the customers’ order here. Besides that, you are able to monitor and track your sales too.

When you want to upload your products in Zalora, you need to make sure to use high quality images. It is better to use plain background and good lighting for each product’s image. Don’t forget to write a complete product description too like the available size,color, the products size and so on. This will help customers to choose the products in your store.

Update Your Product Price and Maintain Stock

Once you have uploaded the product images, you can input or update your product price as well as the stock. By updating your product price and stock, it can help to avoid any overselling. Once you have done these 4 steps, it means the product listing is done and now you are ready to sell your fashion products in Zalora Philippines. You can promote your stores by offering the discount voucher and cashback vouchers.

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Zalora is one of the most famous fashion markets in Asia. You can sell and buy many fashion products here. You can find many good products with affordable prices here. Besides that, the shopping process in Zalora is very easy because they offer a simple feature with a multilingual platform so you can choose what language you want to use. The available languages are English, Indonesia and Chinese.

Zalora guarantees the products by offering 30 days product returns if the customers are not satisfied with the products but please note, it is not available for all products so that you need to check the terms and condition before purchasing it. You can also get a flash sale, promotion and discount when buying things on Zalora.

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