Zalora marketplace has been the most preferred online fashion market in South East Asia. Zalora has boosted up more than 500 local and international brands on its website. Since zalora is one of the leading ecommerce platforms, zalora can be the perfect choice for you who wants to sell your fashion product. So how is the zalora seller fee? 

In this article, we will discuss what Zalora marketplace is, what are the benefits of selling in Zalora, and how are Zalora processing fees? Seller commission fee zalora order, Zalora return penalty and Zalora seller fees. So, are you curious? Let’s read this article for more information you need.

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What Is Zalora?


Zalora is an asia’s leading online fashion destination which launched in 2012 and I think all of us know this marketplace. Zalora has created its own place in Southeast Asia’ ecommerce marketplace with more than 300 million consumers having access to this application and website.

Zalora has expanded to several countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. Zalora is a multi – lingual platform supporting English, Chinese and Indonesian. 

This platform offers sellers a lifetime collaboration. You can find top local and international brands  from fashion items, beauty products, shoes and fashion accessories for both women and men. So for those who want to grow your own brand and business, zalora is the perfect choice.

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What Are The Benefits Of Selling In Zalora?

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Zalora’s online platform carries an expansive range of local and international brands.Zalora’s collections have thousands of items that cover all aspects of fashion, from suits, skirts, sneakers, sportswear, watches, and others. Zalora also offers fast shipping, free returns and access to the latest trends of fashion. 

Beside that, there are also the benefits of selling in zalora. Here are the benefits of registering as a seller on Zalora. 

  • Your products get community engagement and exposure to the market
  • There are multiple payment methods available that are secure
  • You get access to Zalora’s large customer base
  • You can personalize your shopfront and can set prices at your discretion
  • You can use Zalora’s intuitive seller center where you can monitor performance, create content, and control pricing
  • You can depend on their fast and reliable delivery services
  • You can get tips from Zalora’s data scientists and fashion experts

The Cost Of Opening Zalora Online Shop

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You should know that becoming a seller on the Zalora marketplace is not free. However, the majority of the cost is incurred after the registration of your online shop. 

Registering on Zalora is fairly simple as long as you adhere to its specific requirements and follow all the steps, you can register to join Zalora’s marketplace for free.

Many online platforms charge monthly upkeep fees, but you’ll find Zalora to be an exception. It does not charge any monthly up-keep or subscription costs. You’ll start spending once you start listing your items/products. There are extra monthly charges, however, related to various photo listings. Such charges are not very particular and mostly depend on the listed product.

All products that you will sell on Zalora will incur different percentages of commission based on its type and range which can be 10% to 30%. These are susceptible to change in accordance with the latest policies of Zalora. You will also incur some hidden charges based on the returned products by customers.

  • Joining Fee – How much is Zalora joining fee? Don’t worry there is no joining fee in zalora which means you can be a zalora seller for free.
  • Monthly Subscription – How is the monthly subscription fee zalora might be your question. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription in Zalora because it is free.
  • Commission Fee – There are two types of Commision fee zalora, it depends on the margin. You will charge 25% for PKP margin and 28% for non PKP margin.
  • Order Cancelation Fee – Is there cancelation fee in zalora? The answer is yes, you will charge a cancelation when you cancel an order in zalora.
  • Processing Fees – Is there any processing fees in zalora? The answer for this question is yes. You will charge for the processing fee. This processing fee depends on the pick up zone.
  • Return penalty – you will not charge a return fee if you return the item you buy within 30 days. But don’t forget that not all items are returnable.

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Want To Join? Sign Up As Seller Now

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After you know the benefits of becoming a Zalora seller, you might wonder how to be a seller in Zalora. Opening a Zalora online shop is not difficult. You can take these steps to start selling on Zalora.

  • You can start by googling ‘sell with us Zalora’ and click on the result link. Or go to Zalora’s official website, Zalora Marketplace, Sell with us and Click ‘Get Started’.
  • Fill in the details in the required fields
  • Once you submit the form, the strategic marketplace advisors will get back to you within a week. You can start setting up your shop after receiving the node from Zalora. It is here where you can create a logo and brand name for your shop.
  • You can now start uploading your products to the Zalora marketplace. Fill in the name, details, and photographs of the product.
  • Now you can set the prices of each product as well as their quantity and stock.
  • After finishing all the steps, you are eligible to receive your first order from the Zalora marketplace.

How To Join Zalora As A Seller?

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Here are the ways to be a zalora seller:

  • With your online fashion shop open on Zalora marketplace, interested customers will select any product to place his/her order to Zalora online and make payment.
  • After the order is verified and payment accepted by Zalora, an arrangement is made to pick the items from your store.
  • The product is scanned to verify the product and match it with the email or contact of the buyer. This is to avoid any wrong item delivery.
  • A Zalora transport partner collects the items and delivers them to the specific customer.
  • You will now wait for your payments between 15th and 18th of the following month.

It will take within a period 3 working days for all the above processes to be done.


Zalora has 500 local and international top brands and more than 100,000 new products listed in its website so zalora is the best choice for those who want to sell their products. All fees charged on any Zalora delivery are well calculated to ensure its reasonable taking into account the distance and quantity of the items ordered.

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