How to sell on zalora? Zalora is one of the best fashion destinations in Asia. In a fast-growing online competition, Zalora has placed itself at the forefront and has created its own place in Southeast Asia’s eCommerce marketplace.

With more than 350 million consumers having access to the internet in the region, it gives Zalora dropshipping a massive, immaculate potential for eCommerce business.

Since 2021, The brand is rendering its service to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Who can sell on zalora? So, to sell on Zalora can be the perfect choice for you if you want to grow your fashion business and make an impact on the Southeast Asian marketplace.

What is Zalora?

Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion store, and their products are available in 7 South-East Asian countries. They have a simple philosophy, offering their customers fabulous new fashion styles, trends and tips in a fun and easy shopping experience.

With a whole host of different brands on their website, Zalora marketplace has an extensive collection of both male and female products. They also keep up with the latest trends, whilst offering personal styling tips and services for those who are keen on improving their sense of fashion.

Influential Brands awarded Zalora the Top Brand Award in the Online Apparel Platform category, affirming its place in Online Shoppers’ hearts as the brand to trust.

Can I sell my product on zalora? Offering an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers, Zalora’s customers can shop from thousands of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories online. 

They offer a thirty-day free returns policy, speedy deliveries within 1-3 working days, free delivery over a certain spend, and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery.

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Why Sell on Zalora?

Can anyone sell on zalora? Zalora is giving a great time to the sellers selling in the Southeast Asian market. Their shopping app has been downloaded by more than 4 million users.

In 2018, the brand observed the highest number of mobile engagements, taking a hold of 38% of mobile online shoppers. It grabbed more than 2.6 million shoppers in just 6 years since its establishment. It also has more than 200 million visitors to its website.

Well, such facts are convincing enough that Zalora is a competitive beast in the area of ​​online shopping.

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What are The Conditions to Sell on Zalora?

There are a few conditions to sell on Zalora :

  • You need to have original ID proofs. Your business needs to be registered with all permits and registration forms. And, you must be above 18 years for signing the contract.
  • You are required to adhere to all the relevant state laws and policies of the nation where your business works.
  • You always need to pay attention to your pricing and product range. Keep a check on your products, prices, inventory count, terms and conditions, and any costs that the customer may incur.
  • You must be capable of ensuring the delivery of customers’ orders within the specified policies.

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What are The Steps Required to Sell on Zalora?

How to sell on zalora philippines? Before starting to sell on Zalora, be prepared with your brand logo and banners and some decent photographs of your products. Getting ready with these things before you set up your storefront will come quite handy and will save you a ton of time.

There are just a few steps to sell on Zalora which are as follows.

Getting Registered on Zalora

Go to to start the seller registration process. All you need is an email address to sign in to zalora seller center ph login.

Scroll down the page and get to the “About Us” section. Click on the zalora sell with us option.

Under the “Get started” tab, you’ll need to fill out some necessary details.

Filling Out The Form

After zalora seller center sign up, fill out the entire form as asked and hit Submit. Now, you’ll have to wait for Zalora’s Strategic Marketplace advisor to respond to your submission.

This process may take up to 7 days. Once you are approved, you’ll be notified to set up your shop.

Begin by setting up your storefront, brand logo, brand name, and uploading some enticing product images.

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Log-In and Upload Your Product

Login to your Zalora philippines seller center to manage your products, monitor orders, and keep a track of your sales.

You’re allowed to customize the interface of your store according to the products and services that you provide.

Once done with beautifying your storefront, it’s time to upload your products.

Use the high resolution, attractive images with proper lighting to entice the buyers to buy from you. Make sure that you write a brief catchy description of your products. This will give shoppers a better understanding of your products.

Update Your Price and Maintain The Stock

Once you’re done with uploading, match them with appropriate prices. You’ll also have to maintain optimum stock to avoid understocking as well as overstocking.

After you’re through with the process, you’re all set to sell on Zalora.

What Things You Can Sell on Zalora?

As trends come and go, as a consumer, it almost seems impossible to settle for a particular set of products.

But, as a seller, it is very important to know the top-selling product categories on the marketplace you are selling on. If you want to be successful in generating a good amount of revenue,

Here are some top-selling product categories on Zalora:

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Outerwear


If you have your fashion business that is struggling to find success then Zalora can boost your business instantly. The returns are fabulous and the potential for your sales to grow is massive too.

More than just increasing your sales, Zalora offers you a perfect destination to showcase all your fashion related potential. It’s all about how to keep your consumers engaged through your products and services. Once you achieve their trust, there is no going back. Your ROI will rise way beyond your initial investment.

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