How to optimize Shopee products? Do you want to spice up Shopee products but don’t have any idea on the way to do it? There are 2 ways to spice up your Shopee products. you’ll be able to make out manually otherwise you can use paid ads. Does one want to grasp more about it? Let’s read this article!

Why Should You Optimize Your Shopee Product Listings?

You have to optimize your product listings the identical way you wish to prepare your products within the stand once you are selling at a physical store. If not, your Shopee store is at the danger of not receiving any sales because of the subsequent reasons:

  • It doesn’t have good searchability for buyers.
  • It’s not click-worthy.
  • The PDPs don’t reflect product information that prospects would want to grasp.

How to sell in Shopee COD,  you must follow the simple steps below to begin your selling journey:

  • Create a Shopee account or Login to Shopee – Make sure to add and verify your phone number and email address.
  • Add your pickup address.
  • Create a product listing, go to Me tab > Start Selling > Add Products > Add Photo > Fill in the product details > Publish.
  • Once you have received your first order, ship out and fulfil your order.
  • Deliver a great shopping experience, by growing your business with Shopee, learn more about how to start selling on Shopee on the Seller Education Hub. 
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How Does Your Product Listings Affect Your Sales?

Back after you had your own store you had every opportunity to influence customers to shop for your products.

Meanwhile, after you become a Shopee seller, your PDPs become the 000 deal. When a user clicks on your product page, he has to see everything he must see. It only takes some seconds for a user to make a decision whether to proceed with the acquisition, add your item to cart (and further contemplate their buying decision), or to settle on a distinct seller altogether.

Due to the many impacts of Shopee product listing optimization (or the shortage thereof), the latter is an element in your conversion rate.

How Do I Optimize my Shopee Listing?

Followers are important for people who sell things within the marketplace like Shopee. The way to increase Shopee followers is one among the foremost frequent questions nowadays. To resolve this matter, you’ll be able to try using Bump which may facilitate your improvement of your product listing search rank temporarily.

Shopee bump product? Every Shopee seller has 5 bump slots to bump their chosen listings without delay. This bump slot can only be used for 4 hours each.

So if you would like to bump a slot that’s getting used, you may have to wait 4 hours before you’ll be able to use the bump feature within the same listing. In other words, you’ll raise to five listings every 4 hours. By using this bump feature, it can help to extend your view number also as your sales.

Where do Shopee sellers get their products, It is understandable that if you are a rookie at online selling, you could be tempted to sell things that generate the maximum sales and cash. While it may appear to be a wise move at the moment, competing with large corporations is not always a good idea for small businesses.

If you are launching a new brand to the market for the first time, you will have little advantage over your competitors in terms of market share. With that in mind, we’d suggest that you look at supplementary products to the ones that huge businesses are selling.

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How to Boost Your Shopee Sales

How to boost the Shopee product? Have you ever heard about the Shopee auto boost script? Shopee boost is the important thing to try and do after you are selling your product online in Shopee. Auto boost Shopee is the thanks to facilitate your gain more traffic to your shop. you may appear at the highest of the Shopee search results.

Shopee tips and tricks? You can use several campaigns in Shopee. you’ll use the boost function and Malaysia ads to assist you together with your sales. Here are the benefits and therefore the benefits of boost Shopee.

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Nominate Products For Flash Sale

How to boost products in Shopee Philippines? Flash sales are deals that appear on the Shopee homepage. Using the flash sale feature enables you to extend your sales since this can be the section of Shopee that the majority of buyers visit once they are searching for discounted items.

Since this is often one in all the foremost popular features of Shopee, sellers are ready to garner the foremost clicks and views. you may also gain the subsequent benefits:

  • You will increase your chances of getting your best products sold out.
  • Attract more visitors and exposure to your online store.

Encourage Buyer Activities Through Vouchers

You can entice your buyers to buy more products from your shop by creating your own vouchers. Apart from that, the possibilities of your customers to get more products per transaction is additionally increased with Shopee marketing strategy pdf

You can customize your voucher betting on your needs. Vouchers vary in categories. There are discounts and coin cashbacks. you’ll be able to also set a limit to your vouchers. This suggests you may decide what number of times someone can apply his voucher to a transaction. There are currently two kinds of vouchers:

  • Product vouchers – only apply to specific products.
  • Shop vouchers – can apply to all or any of the products in your shop.

Promote Your Products With Discounts

Shopee tips for sellers? My Discount Promotions tool enables you to extend the hype for your products for a given set of your time and thus increasing Shopee sales. a reduction can apply to one product. you furthermore might have the choice to implement the discount for all the products in your online store.

Make sure to line a limit for every of your discounts. This way, one buyer won’t be ready to snap your best products before other customers get the prospect to require notice of them.

My Discount Promotions is useful for sellers who want to extend profit for one product without having to drop the value. Through the employment of those discounts, your price will still be competitive compared to other sellers.

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Generate Keywords That Are Specific For The Shopee Search Algorithm

Algorithms use keywords to provide search results. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of your SEO as you create PDPs.

First, you wish to conduct keyword research that’s specific for Shopee selling. you’ll do so with Split Dragon. You’ve got a keyword suggestion tool that may generate keywords getting used within the Shopee computer program.

Use Keywords In Your Product Title and Product Description

Make sure that you simply blend these keywords into your product title furthermore as your product description.

You need to use the keywords in the most natural way. That way, your buyers will still be ready to resonate together with your description. Over-stuffing your PDP with keywords will only set you in the wrong way.

You can take a look at 6 Biggest Success Factors For A Shopee Seller if you wish a more in-depth orientation creating product titles and descriptions.

Constantly Update Your Keyword Research

Algorithms constantly change as consumer behaviour and intent fluctuates. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a record of your keyword research and update it once a month.

As you are doing that, you furthermore may replace the keywords you utilize in your product titles and descriptions. By doing so, you’ll be ready to carry on the trend in consumer demand.


There are 2 ways to extend your sales in Shopee boost product free by using paid ads or doing it manually. For manually, you’ll use a lift function to assist you but Shopee still prioritizes the one with paid ads. This suggests products with paid ads will reach a better rank in search results.

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