Are you curious about the one who brings the success of Shopee Philippines? In this article, we will discuss shopee Philippine head you need to know.

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Who Is The CEO Of Shopee In The Philippines?

As you can see online marketplaces are booming nowadays and have exploded to many countries including the Philippines. Every country has different e-commerce. Each person might download and use 1 to 3 ecommerce devices in their gadget and one of them must be Shopee.

Who doesn’t know Shopee nowadays? Shopee is one the most popular and leading ecommerce stores in the Philippines and has become the first application that has been downloaded by people around the world. 

With this Shopee ecommerce, you can buy many things by clicking on the things you want in shopee and checking out. Shopee are available in several countries such as The Philippines,Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam,Thailand and Taiwan

The success of  Shopee is based on the result of their prepared work module and their strategic plan from the Shopee board of directors and now as you can see Shopee has turned into the most powerful marketplace in SouthEast Asia with 10 million active sellers in SouthEast Asia.

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Those who have used Shopee have to know that Shopee gives a good shopping experience by offering good sites, discounts, cashback and other features. Beside that there are many language options available there.

You might be curious about Shopee Philippines officers and the CEO of Shopee Philippines. If you have tried to find out about it, you must see the keyword of martin yu shopee. And the answer is yes, Martin Stevenson Yu is the one who is responsible for looking after Shopee Philippines operations.

So, who is Martin Stevenson Yu? Martin Stevenson Yu or also known as Martin Yu is a 37 year old man whose position is the CEO, Director, Operations and Business Intelligence of Shopee Philippines. Martin Yu is responsible for Shopee Philippines managing operations and business intelligence. 

For your additional information, Martin Stevenson Yu graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a dual magna cum laude degree in economics and science. Before joining the Shopee Philippines, Martin Yu used to work for Credit Suisse in London and Singapore. He is the one that held various roles in Credit Suisse in London and Singapore.

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Who Are The Owners Of Shopee Philippines?

After you know who is the CEO of Shopee Philippines, you might be curious about the owner of Shopee Philippines and for your information Mr. Forrest Li is the one who owns the big ecommerce store in SouthEastAsia which is also known as Shopee.

Mr. Forrest Li or Li Xiao Dong was born in 1978  is  a Chinese-born Singaporean entrepreneur and the founder of Garena and Shopee. For your additional information, both Garena and Shopee are under Sea Limited.

Shopee founder, Forrest Li arrived in Singapore more than 15 years ago with a student loan of $100,000 and had nothing in the bank and was only able to rent a room in a flat in Braddell. Now, as you can see, Mr Forrest Li has turned into a billionaire who owns the most popular ecommerce platform and other game business and digital finance. Mr. Li got the highest position in the Shopee organizational chart.

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Mr.Li brought home the coveted title at the 35th Singapore Business Awards (SBA) that was held at the Singapore Press Holdings News Centre auditorium. The reason why Mr.Li chose Shopee is because he said that digital transformation can enable anywhere, even in a small country like Singapore and so on other countries to have a big impact on the world. 

Digital marketplace will be more popular in a few years. Shopee as the most leading ecommerce platform can reach many people all around the world. This pandemic situation also helped the transformation of e-commerce because many people turned from the usual shop to online shop.

Besides that, there are many privileges too. You can get discounts, sales, cashback, free shipping and so on. When you shop online in Shopee, you can shop at any time and any place which means you don’t need to dress up to buy your needs. You just need to click on the things you need and pay for it. After that, you just need to wait for your needs to come to your front door. This is the main reason why ecommerce will be more popular in a few years.

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Who Is The Director Of Shopee?

No one can avoid the effects of e-commerce nowadays. All things are easier right now with e-commerce. To use e-commerce marketplace, all you need is gadgets and internet connection. You will save your time too because you don’t need to go to the usual by yourself anymore. 

As one of the most downloaded applications in the Philippines, you might be curious about Shopee head office address in the Philippines. Shopee Philippines address at 9th Floor Net Park Building 5th Avenue BGC Taguig,Taguig, 1634, Philippines. This place is one of the most popular offices in the Philippines that many work seekers are looking at.  This is because of the success of Shopee.

Shopee has great strategy and local management which bring Shopee as the giant marketplace right now. You might be curious about the shopee philippines marketing head and for your information, Brian Go is the one who fulfill the position of Shopee Philippines marketing head.

Marketing is the one that takes an important role to increase the usage and visibility of Shopee. Marketing is the one that is responsible for the concept and implementation of online shopping by doing campaigns, community partnerships, public relations, offline marketing and also designing to attract the consumer.


The success and the growth of Shopee does not depend on one factor but there are many factors like teamwork and the way to reach their goals and vision. Behind the success of Shopee, there are great people on it.

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