Shopee My Discount is a powerful tool to boost your Shopee sales. It is important to learn about using them as well as the benefits that it can give you so that you will be more equipped to boost your business in Shopee Philippines. Discounts are a hit for shoppers especially during big and mega sales like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12, and so on.

Discounts are a big deal which means that you should take them seriously too. Avoid putting inaccurate deals that will harm your shop as well as your products. It is important to still deliver quality while making your customers happy. Remember that discounts are important to increase not just your sales, but your engagement and interaction as well. Good discounts and good deliveries bring a good reputation and you surely want that for your brand. 

What are Discount Promotions?

Items with special pricing promotions will be shown on the product page with a discount label, which will draw greater interest and sales. You can design a special promotion for your Shopee store in the Seller Centre or App. The length of time for your discounts as well as the discount values and the products the promotion can apply to are all customizable when you create a Discount Promotion.

A basic promotional tool on Seller Centre and Shopee App, Discount Promotions enables you to provide discounts to boost sales. You can grab shoppers’ attention with the bright yellow tag that informs them that you provide greater deals than other stores who sell identical products.

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What are the Benefits of Discount Promotions?

Utilize this function to increase the number of orders your products receive, and stand out from the competition with your attractive discount label and better search results. 

Attract More Customers to Buy Your Products

When you put discount promotions on your products, customers are more likely to be inclined to buy it. Philippine shoppers love discounts because it saves them money and because it makes them think that they got a good deal. The reason why ukay-ukay and tiangge are so popular is because of their discounted deals. This is an attribute that you can make use of and bring to your Shopee stores.

Exposure for Your Products 

When you put discount promotions on your products, it is highly likely that your products will now be a tiny bit cheaper than your regular priced customers. This is an advantage because Shopee shoppers tend to use the filter “sort by price” when browsing new products. This filter prioritizes to show products that are discounted and cheaper than regular so it means that your products will be shown first if you enabled the discount promotion. 

How to Create Discount Promotions on Seller Centre?

Here are simple steps on how to create Discount Promotions on Seller Centre. 

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Step 1: Marketing Centre

First is to locate the “Marketing Centre” option in your Seller Centre homepage.

Step 2: Discount Promotions

After that, you will see a “Discount Promotions” button and you need to click on it. It will lead you to the page where you can either edit or create new Discount Promos for your shop. 

Step 3: Check Existing Ones

You will see (1) a search bar where you can search your existing promotions. You can search using Product Name. Then you will also notice (2) a Promotion Period option where you can select an existing promotion and edit its validity. 

Step 4: Create New Promotion

If you will not edit a current promotion and you instead want to create a new one, you can click the “+ Create” button and it will land you to the creation page. 

Step 5: Finish New Promo 

Once in the creation page, you will see important details like Basic Information where you need to put the Discount Promotion Name. You can be creative with your promo name, what’s important is it will not go beyond 150 words. You may also select the Promotion Period depending on how long you want the discount to exist. 

How do Discount Promotions Work?

You have complete control over how you promote your products or services:

  • Promotion Period: Choose the time period during which the discount promotion will be active.
  • Discount % or pricing: You can choose your own discount price or percentage.
  • Which products from your shop are eligible for this discount: Select the products from your shop that are eligible for this discount.
  • When products are on sale, buyers will see a discount coupon on the product’s packaging.

Discount promotions can definitely be catered to your needs and depending on what your shop currently is as well as what it can do.

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