How to start selling in Shopee? So you’ve finally decided to begin selling in Shopee. Kudos to you, you’re near to join the foremost popular e-commerce site within the Philippines with over 54.6 million monthly web traffic as per Statista.

Shopee makes it easy for you to right away gain access to an unlimited audience of potential customers and offers a seamless experience when putting in place your store. You will, however, must take some important measures before listing your first product.

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What to Do Before You Start Selling in Shopee

How to sell on Shopee without inventory? While Shopee could also be one amongst your best choices to sell your products digitally within the Philippines, it’s also best to manage your expectations in terms of sales. Simply listing a variety of products won’t guarantee a staggering amount of sales or perhaps any sales to start with.

The rise of e-commerce popularity during the pandemic has seen merchants flocking to online sales. This suggests that together with an unlimited reach comes tough competition within the platform. Before listing your products, here are some steps that you just must take:

Identify Your Niche

How to start selling in Shopee PH? Lucrative niches change over time, betting on plenty of things. During the peak of the pandemic, for example, there has been a drastic increase within the demand for health and hygiene products like face masks, application, and sterilisers. However, you’re likely to work out a dramatic come by demand when the pandemic ends.

It is extremely dangerous to make a store that only chases trends. So it’s advisable to seek out a distinct segment within which you discover sustainability.

These could be available in the shape of mass market products like selling clothes, electronics or cosmetics; otherwise you could choose smaller niches like collectible figurines. The thought is to create a listing that you just know you’ll be able to sell, whether or not your profits won’t be sky high.

Product Research

How to sell in Shopee COD? The next step is to conduct market research on your chosen niche. Say, as an example, you wish to sell tech goods within the market. Search through keywords that are associated with your product. Afterward, you’ll have the choice to sort your products by:

  • Relevance
  • Latest
  • Top Sales

By simply looking into the highest Sales, you’ll identify which of the subsequent products are popular within the tech market. you’ll also take a glance at their price point to possess a thought of the value range you’ll be able to set for your products.

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Evaluate the Level of Competition

The top sales, consequently, are hard to beat. People will likely purchase products supporting the numbers that they’ll see. Therefore, it’s best to gauge your level of competition. If you merely can’t compete with the highest sales, try looking into alternative or similar products within the same niche.

Conversely, you’ll be able to also make yourself stand out amongst the competition by giving a lucrative offer. Assess the areas of weakness on the highest sellers.

If users within the reviews section are constantly complaining about the poor quality of the tech products, you’ll set yourself apart by addressing the wants of those buyers. ensure to spotlight what causes you to stand get into your product description.

When unsure, you’ll use the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to search out where you’re likely to square in your chosen market and what you wish to try to do to boost your position.

How to Set Up Your Shopee Store

How to Shopee checkout seller? Once you’ve finalised the products that you are going to be selling in Shopee, you’re able to find your account.

  • Create an Account – head to Shopee’s website and Register an account. you’ll join up by using your email sign, or existing Facebook account. Afterward, confirm to verify both your email and signalling.
  • Login to the vendor centre – after creating your Shopee account, Login to the vendor Centre via desktop. Then, click Shop Settings to line up your seller profile. you’ll be able to access the Settings within the Shopee Seller App once you’ve completed your first listings through desktop.
  • Add a pickup address – Shopee’s partner courier will collect your customer’s order from your address, you don’t have to ship it by yourself. Once you’ve finished fixing your seller profile, you now have to add your pickup address. Click “Account Settings” within the “Me” tab and click on “Add New Address”. Complete the main points as needed.
  • Start selling – you’ll then start listing your products by clicking “Start selling” within the “Me” tab. Afterward, you’ll now create a product listing by tapping “Add Products” under your Shop name.

Product Listing Tips

A good product isn’t enough to drive sales into your Shopee store. The complete platform is saturated with sellers who may well be selling the identical product as you.

These are your competitors. It’s also just flooded with information that customers might not even notice. The sole method to assist your store surface on your customer’s screens is by optimising your listing.

Product Name and Description

Shopee seller centre Philippines sign up? Your product name and merchandise description are the foremost crucial aspects in terms of visibility within the search results when a customer searches a product through the search bar.

Make sure you utilise a keyword research tool to appear through the most effective keywords to use for your product. Your keyword usage will determine whether your products are easily searchable or not.

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Category and Price

Add the correct category for your product. This can ensure users will find you after they pursue Shopee’s product categories. Then, input the value for your product. If you’re planning on having price drops or discounts, Shopee will provide you with a choice to do so!

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Stocks and Variation

Make sure to input the correct amount of stock number in your product list. Moreover, add the variation in your products. If your products have different colours, sizes and textures, ensure to feature everything on the listings to minimise customer inquiries.

Shipping Fee

Shopee seller fee? The shipping fee is captivated with the kind of courier, weight and size.


Highlight the required conditions that you simply want to line up for your shop like your return policy, the way to qualify for discounts (if there are any), or a way to avail of perks like free shipping. By being transparent about your conditions, it’ll be better to manage any customer concerns anytime.

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Product Photo

Make sure to feature high-definition product photos and videos that reflect the important product. You wouldn’t want to dupe your customer into posting photos that are too removed from your real product.

And, that’s it! You’ve founded your own Shopee login store. Once you receive your first order, you’ll visit Shopper’s guide here to fulfil your order.

Setting up your Shopee account is quick and straightforward, but ensuring you sell the correct products to get great sales will need enough time and research. Moreover, you’ll have to have a sensible expectation of your sales. Once you finish all the steps necessary and obtain past the stride, your Shopee shop may set out before you’re thinking that.


Sell on Shopee Philippines to grab attention from the huge amount of tourists (21.26 million monthly) on Shopee that creates it the highest e-commerce site within the Philippines. In addition, Shopee is the leading platform in the geographical region and Taiwan. Another solid reason to target the way to sell in Shopee.

As a result, geographies it operates in are Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Moreover, it’s traces of similarity to the Taobao model, within which buyers and sellers can communicate and transact directly.

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