How to get more sales in Shopee or how to increase Shopee followers? The 21st century has seen a motivating upgrade in how businesses operate worldwide. Through ecommerce, you’ll sell your products over the net and may reach lots of potential customers no matter any geographical restrictions.

However, with the growing popularity of those services, businesses around the world became inclined towards selling the products through ecommerce websites. As a result, the ecommerce industry saw an influx of online platforms that serve in building your own online store.

Choosing the correct platform is like finding a needle in a very haystack but it’s also the foremost important aspect because the right platform will define the extent of your sales moreover as your brand awareness.

What Is Boost in Shopee?

Shopee is one among the leading marketplace in South east Asia with quite 35 million visitors a month which suggests you may get more opportunity to create money from selling in Shopee. Now Shopee encompasses a new feature which is termed Shopee booster.

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Shopee boost allows sellers to spice up their products in Shopee which is able to help the Shopee seller to extend the products views. When the vendor uses this Shopee boost feature, your products search ranking is above usual products.

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How Can I Sell on Shopee Philippines?

To start selling on Shopee and even use Shopee sales funnel, you want to follow the straightforward steps below to start your selling journey.

  • Create a Shopee account or Login to Shopee and ensure to feature and verify your signal and email address.
  • Add your pickup address.
  • Create a product listing, visit Me tab > Start Selling > Add Products > Add Photo > Fill within the product details > Publish.
  • Once you’ve received your first order, ship out and fulfil your order.
  • Deliver a good shopping experience, by growing your business with Shopee, learn more about the way to start selling on Shopee on the vendor Education Hub.

Before creating your listing, review our Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy to confirm that your product may be listed available in accordance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions.

For adding Shipping Fee, add the load, Packaging Size Dimension, and toggle on the well-liked courier then tap Save. Learn more on the way to enable the shipping options. Different shipping providers may have different shipping fees or restrictions on parcel size and weight. For smoother shipping, choose a Shopee Supported Logistics provider.

How Can I Increase My Sales in Shopee?

Shopee marketing strategy or have you wondered about where do Shopee sellers get their products? Talking about boosting your products, you’ll boost your sales by using Shopee auto boost free. This feature is simply available in Unicart Business Gold Plus Plan. Here is a way to use the boost Shopee feature.

  • Navigate to your unicart admin panel marketplace and Shopee auto boost apk
  • All Shopee synces products are appeared and you’ll be able to add the merchandise on where you want to spice up in Shopee seller centre into the Boost List
  • Then navigate to the boost list tab, the status of your products are going to be shown in boosting and there’ll be countdown time of 4 hours
  • Now your products within the boost list are automatically boost in every 4 hours without have to click “boost now” button frequently from Shopee seller centre

For your additional information, you’ll be able to maximise your Shopee products for up to five products every 4 hours automatically. you’ll be able to also add over 5 products to the boost list and also the products are going to be within the queue to be boosted in Shopee.

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How Do I Increase My Followers on Shopee?

How to increase Shopee followers? You can also remove the products which are already within the boosting status from the subsequent boost Shopee list and also the product within the boost list can also be removed before it goes to the boosting status. 

If you wish to spice it up again, you would like to feature it to the boost list again.Here Are some Shpoee Tips and tricks, ways to increase your followers on Shopee.

Run Campaigns on Shopee

My Campaign is Shopee’s thanks to help sellers put their certain products into portions of the web site that’s most visited by buyers. Sellers can join these campaigns free. it’s important to notice that product nominations must be supported by some criteria or your appeal to affix the campaign may well be declined. Those criteria you wish fulfil are:

  • Product descriptions and pictures have to be decent and accurate.
  • The seller should have a willingness to produce a 10%-20% discount if the vendor is approved.
  • Attractive prices.

Choose the Top Picks Features

This feature is meant to extend cross selling. Sellers may add four to nine products in a very single collection which will be displayed on one’s product pages. you’ll be able to only create a maximum of 10 collections but only 1 collection are often displayed on your product pages at a given time. This step is the way to publish your collection in Shopee.

  • Go to the vendor Centre and click on the Marketing Centre.
  • Choose Top Picks from your Marketing Tools.
  • Choose Add Collection to open the merchandise selector.
  • Click the green plus button to start out adding products. Add a minimum of four products. observe that you just can only add up to eight products.
  • Tick the products that you just want to feature to Top Picks From Shop. If you’ve got a good range of products, you’ll be able to locate your required products by product name or product ID. Click Confirm once you’ve got selected the products that you simply want to incorporate within the promotion.
  • A preview of your chosen products are visible on the underside left corner of the window. Enter your collection name then click Save.
  • Click Activate this Collection now or Activate later.
  • Now you’re ready to view your collection once you visit your Top Picks dashboard.

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Hold a Flash Sale 

All people are really enthusiastic when hearing about a few flash sales. Flash sales usually appear on the shop’s homepage. Holding a flash sale will increase your sales directly because most buyers visit once they are searching for discounted items. to carry this flash sale, you would like to fulfil all the requirements:

  • A start and end time.
  • The discount price or percentage should be within the Accepted Discount Range of the nomination agreement.
  • Sufficient stock (your stock for the flash sale is going to be deducted from your total product supply).
  • Products that belong to the category requirement that Shopee chose for the flash sale.

How Do I Increase My Shopee Conversion Rate?

How to boost product in Shopee Philippines? Shopee Conversion rate is a sign of how well you’re doing in terms of marketing/sales tactics. There’s no line in growing and expanding a Shopee store. While there are SOPs and guidelines that may facilitate your make it through, you’ll still have to do some trial and error to determine which strategies will bring you towards your business objectives.

But it’s not almost simply comparing your present conversion rate with the previous one. To further guide your brand, you wish to travel through the method of conducting conversion rate optimization.


How to make money on Shopee? Shopee auto boost within the newly featured Shopee which is able to help the Shopee seller to extend the product’s views. Shopee boost feature also will facilitate your to create your products search ranking and get more than usual products.

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