Those of you who do a lot of online shopping are almost certainly interested in finding the best price possible. Online shopping platforms are now offering promotions on a regular basis, which consumers can take advantage of. In the event that there isn’t a current promotion going on, there are usually vouchers available to be redeemed. 

In certain cases, these vouchers may be provided by specific businesses, while in others, they may be provided by the shopping website itself.

In addition to the automated application of some vouchers, there are some voucher codes that must be entered manually. There are other vouchers that come with stipulations connected to them, such as gift certificates. Some need a minimum purchase quantity, while others can only be used in conjunction with a specific payment method.

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What is a Voucher Campaign in Shopee?

In addition to other marketing events, the Voucher Campaign is one of Shopee’s many marketing initiatives, and it is aimed to help more merchants like you receive publicity for their coupons. Once a voucher has been properly nominated, it will be shown in prominent banners on the homepage or category pages of the website.

Voucher codes, also known as promotion codes, are a string of letters and numbers that can be used to receive a discount on a variety of Shopee transactions. It is necessary to copy the code and paste it into the appropriate field while finishing your transaction in order to use these voucher codes.

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How Do I Join a Voucher on Shopee Campaign?

Shopee operates a number of different Voucher Campaigns on a regular basis. You may keep an eye on the Seller Center for information on upcoming campaigns.

To enhance your chances of being chosen, nominate the most attractive vouchers from your store that are high in value, high in quantity, and are qualified for Shopee’s Campaign.

How to Nominate Vouchers in Shopee?

Want to nominate vouchers on Shopee? Here are some quick and easy steps for you to do just that. 

To begin, go to the Seller Center on Shopee and log in. Then navigate to the Marketing Center and select Voucher Campaigns to see which campaigns you can participate in. Choose a Shopee Campaign from the drop-down menu that appears. 

If no vouchers have been nominated in the past, the button will say Join Campaign instead of Nominations. In the event that you have selected a voucher for a campaign, a button will appear that says Edit or Add, allowing you to make modifications to the voucher you have selected.

Following the selection of Edit or Add, you will be able to see the nomination status for any Voucher Campaigns for which you have nominated vouchers. After picking a Voucher Campaign, you will need to choose a Session to participate in. After selecting a Session, make a note of the details of the Voucher Campaign.  After, go over the list of nominated vouchers.

Once you’ve successfully nominated your coupons, keep checking back on the Nominate Voucher page to see if there have been any changes to their status and upon logging in, you will be able to monitor the status of your nomination.

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Nominate Products for Campaigns in Shopee?

If you’re trying to nominate products for campaigns though, don’t worry! This article still got you covered. 

Go to the Marketing Center in the Seller Center and select Campaigns from the drop-down menu. Sellers must then choose a Campaign to which they desire to contribute and click on Nominate Products to submit their products. Sellers can also check the status of nominations for campaigns in which their items have been nominated by viewing the nomination status page. 

Choose the things you want to nominate for the campaign from the drop-down menu. Sellers can nominate products for the campaign by clicking on the Add Products button. If a seller want to add more products to their nomination, they can do so by clicking on the Add Products button a second time.

After that, you must specify the Discount Percentage and Campaign Price for each item that has been nominated before submitting the form. After entering the appropriate discounts, the seller can proceed to click on Add Products in order to add further items to their nominee list. At the end of the process, click Save & Submit to send Shopee the items that have been nominated for consideration.

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