Shopee My Campaign is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales in Shopee Philippines and attract customers. It is important to boost sales in Shopee because it comes with a lot of benefits for your store and customers. Knowing how to increase your sales is a power move that you can do as a seller because it does your business some good. 

One of the many ways to boost your sales in Shopee is through the use of their My Shopee Campaign. These Shopee marketing campaigns help your shop get noticed as well as your products are secure because there is some certainty that they will be bought.

To help you better understand SHopee campaigns, this article will help you answer questions like “What is MP in Shopee campaign” or “What is marketplace in Shopee campaign.” Furthermore, it’ll go over whether or not there is a Shopee campaign fee and how you can use these campaigns to make your Shopee campaign calendar more efficient and effective.

What is Shopee My Campaign?

Shopee runs a variety of promotional programs on a regular basis, such as holiday or year-end campaigns, which are detailed below. The campaigns are prominently shown on Shopee’s website and in the Shopee mobile application. You can submit your products for consideration to be included in the campaigns, which provide excellent possibilities to increase awareness and sales. Whole there is no 

Shopee My Campaign has many benefits such as exposure on campaign banners in-app and on the desktop is provided at no cost and because of the product spotlighting in the email blast and targeted push notifications to Shopee users, your business’s click-through rate will increase, which implies more people are becoming aware of your store.

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4 Benefits of Participating in Shopee Campaigns

Participating in Shopee Campaigns has many useful benefits for your store. It helps your sales, customers, and your overall business to do well in the Shopee setting. 

Increased Visibility for Your Shop

With Shopee My Campaigns, your shop will be commonly found in the Shopee homepage making it easier for you to be seen by customers who go to Shopee. This will increase visibility for your shop as well as traffic because you are now more able to be seen by more people. Gaining more awareness for your shop is always a good thing because it exposes your products and items to a lot of people. 

Boost Shop Sales

Naturally, when more people see your products, more people become aware of it. This means that more people are likely to buy it. Participating in Shopee My Campaigns allow you to have more potential customers which boosts your store’s sales effectively. My Campaigns on Shopee gives you the benefit of high store traffic which then leads to an increase in sales.

Earn New Customers

Once you are already out there in the homepage, gaining traffic and awareness for your store, the next step is to maintain good ratings and pleasant feedback from your customers. If you successfully do this, you will be able to earn many new customers because they would like what they see in your shop. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your products are of good quality and your services are just as good. 

Build Loyal Customers

Participating in Shopee My Campaigns help you build customer loyalty by ensuring that customers will see you more than once in the Shopee homepage. This way, customers will come back to your shop for your products and they will keep on purchasing from you. This is good because returning customers are always great in making sure that your products are consistent as well as your service. Campaigns help you achieve just that. 

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How to Join Shopee My Campaign?

You might now be wondering how to join Shopee campaign? Well this part handles just that. Here are the steps that you should follow to join Shopee My Campaign. 

In your Seller Centre homepage, navigate “Marketing Centre” and click it. You can find it on the left side of your screen. 

Once you click “Marketing Centre”, you will find “Shopee Events”. These are campaigns that you can join. You may choose between Product Campaign or Voucher Campaign, or others if there are other choices. 

Afterwards, you can look through Invitation, Nominated, and Pending Confirmation to see your status. You can list your products on events or campaigns that you see best suited for your products or store. 

Lastly, once done nominating, you can look at Pending Confirmation to see if your nominations have gotten approved or not. You can monitor your nomination progress here. 

Once done, you can now be a part of the Shopee My Campaigns and enjoy the many  benefits that come with it. 

How to Nominate Products for Shopee My Campaign?

My Campaigns is a useful application for Marketing Centre that assists Shopee campaigns by managing and monitoring nominations for product promotions. Shopee’s diverse promotions include seasonal, year-end, and category-specific campaigns. 

Both the Shopee website and the Shopee app prominently display the campaigns. Sellers can use this platform to nominate products for the programs that are offered to them. The campaigns enable sellers to have their products featured, which gives them the chance to raise brand awareness and sell more.

There are 2 ways to nominate products for My Campaigns:

  1. Seller Nomination (for sellers nominating their own products). 
  2. Shopee Recommended (for Shopee-managed sellers only).

For Seller Nomination 

  1. You’ll find the Campaigns tool in the Marketing Centre of Seller Centre.
  1. To join a campaign, sellers must select a campaign and then select the products they want to nominate. Sellers can also check the status of the products they are nominated for in campaigns.
  1. The seller chooses products to add to the campaign.
  1. To add products to the campaign, click the Add Products button.
  1. If they want to add more products, sellers can click Add Products again.
  1. To submit a deal, the seller must enter the discount percentage and per-item price for each nominated item.

For Shopee Recommended

  1. You’ll find the Campaigns tool in the Marketing Centre of Seller Centre.
  1. Prospective sellers must first select a campaign they want to participate in, and then click on “Nominate Products.” Sellers can also check the status of the products they are nominated for in campaigns.
  1. To join a campaign, sellers must select a campaign and then select the products they want to nominate. Sellers can also check the status of the products they are nominated for in campaigns.
  1. Check out Shopee’s product recommendations, which must first be approved by the seller. After making a selection, sellers may examine the merchandise Shopee suggests.
  1. After reviewing the recommended product’s price, stock, and purchase limit, you may approve, reject, or alter the nomination from the dropdown menu.

Review Your Campaign Performance

A post-campaign assessment is always recommended. Now you can find some evaluation questions and the instruments available on Seller Centre.

Quantitative Performance

  • A post-campaign assessment is always recommended. Now you can find some evaluation questions and the instruments available on Seller Centre. How many orders did you receive for your shop? If you want to boost your order numbers, you may need to try the Marketing Centre’s methods to enhance traffic to your shop.
  • What was the typical order size’s sales volume? Bundles and Add-ons allow you to boost your order size by enticing buyers to purchase in bulk or add complementing products.
  • Were there any unexpected trends in the products offered, like an increase or decrease in sales? Consider the causes of this setback and update your next inventory replenishment estimate accordingly.
  • Were there items that were popular, but generated low sales? Think about the ways in which you might improve your product listing to entice shoppers to purchase.
  • Were there products that had a large number of people Add to Cart, but not enough sales? Shoppers may abandon their baskets for several reasons, including excessive delivery charges or if they make comparisons while they browse. For better conversion, offer a competitive price by changing your delivery fees and assessing your competitors’ advertising.

Qualitative Performance

  • Are your customers satisfied with the quality of your product and service? Compare your shop ratings and reviews on days with and without marketing. To avoid problems, it’s best to analyze your marketing campaigns before their future runs.
  • If you often hold livestream sessions, ask your fans for tips on how to improve or rewards they would like to see offered during a campaign.
  • Did you encounter any snags in the fulfillment process? Even with enough preparation, there could be certain unanticipated events, such as out-of-stock issues because of a huge number of orders.
  • Think about if the product has a solid future demand. Moreover, items on clearance and seasonal pricing may not be as popular during the following promotion.
  • In the long run, you will be able to make better decisions for your organization if you choose a fixed set of metrics to measure across your campaigns.
  • You can track and improve your campaign’s performance by exporting data collected throughout each campaign term.

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