How to open a shopee store? There are plenty of opportunities that include selling online in Shopee Philippines. Especially because now that we are all stuck reception, people want to shop for online. You certainly have to start selling on Shopee and make use of this good opportunity while it’s still here.

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Shopee?

Shopee seller centres don’t charge new online sellers a register Shopee is free. And for as low as PHP 10,000, you’ll be able to start selling and earning profits. You only need a computer or smartphone, internet connection, and, of course, your products to sell and a checking account to receive payments.

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How to Open a Shopee Store in the Philippines?

How to sell on Shopee? There are some levels that you just have to bear to be a Shopee seller within the Philippines. The fundamental level, intermediate level, and advanced level are all important parts.

Levelling Up

Being educated on these intermediate level steps will allow you to be more meticulous with the inner workings of your shop and of Shopee likewise. to actually be the most effective, you wish to figure on these. it would take some time and energy but it’ll surely be worthwhile. After this, you’ll be able to even understand how to sell in Shopee with free shipping.

How to make a Shopee account? Now that you just know the beginner level side of commencing to sell in Shopee, you’ll explore the intermediate steps. The steps here are more advanced so listen.

  • Growing with Shopee
  • Seller tools, decorations, and shop categories
  • Listing in bulk, and improving listings
  • Engaging with buyers and promoting products
  • Setting up and managing “My Stock”
  • Handling returns and refunds

Scaling Up

You can access all of those things in Shopee Education Hub, as an element of their Shopee University program. Each lesson is accessible and free. you simply must learn from the videos, be diligent, and take these important lessons to heart. you’ll be able to get access and learn from over 10 lesson guides that may facilitate your start selling on Shopee.

Now these are the items that experienced Shopee sellers master. you wish to be told these additionally so as to stay up with big Shopee stores, and eventually become one too.

  • Shopee Mall
  • Seller Tools (Advanced) & Closing For Vacations
  • Managing listing assets
  • Gaining More Orders
  • Growing Your Business
  • Running Effective Campaigns
  • Resolving Disputes

Delivery Services in Shopee

As a seller, you would possibly be wondering why you continue to comprehend the Delivery Services in Shopee Philippines. These delivery services are crucial for you because it determines how your parcels are being delivered.

Proper shipment is one in all the foremost important standards that Shopee seeks to uphold so you’d want to be intimate with it. After this, you’ll study the way to print a waybill in Shopee using your phone.

Shopee accepts awb Shopee J&T and GoGo Express as their official couriers for your needs. There’s also the Shopee standard delivery and it’s an in-house Shopee self-delivery option too. When fixing a store and within the middle of your product listing, Shopee shipping setting could be a step that you just cannot skip. Shopee also provides a Shopee airway bill.

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How to Upload Products 

Uploading products in Shopee could be the foremost essential thing to require care of. Once you upload products, that’s the time that you just open your business to any or all several Shopee users. Does one think you’ll be able to know the way to sell in Shopee without a product? This can be important so as to list your products as available.

When you upload your products, you must input the merchandise name, description, size, variations and more. during this way, you’ll be able to get the purchasers to know what you sell yet as what you have got to supply from your shop.

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Tips to Sell on Shopee Philippines

The following ideas are from sellers such as you and can facilitate your boost your sales and lift the profile of your products. you’ll be able to even learn Shopee boost product free because Shopee sales funnel down from boosts. Read for these helpful Shopee tips and tricks.

Do Campaigns on Shopee

Did you recognize that Shopee has multiple in-app campaigns to assist you market your products and boost your store’s visibility? For instance, “My Campaigns” was developed to permit sellers to place their products forward for inclusion on category and main pages.

Because new marketing campaigns are developed from time to time, most are invited to submit their items, as long as they meet the present campaign’s requirements! You can make campaign with Shopee shop description.

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Top Picks by Shopee

Shopee features another in-app function, “Top Picks from Shop,” that aids sellers in promoting their products to other customers. After that, you must find a set and choose a maximum of eight products that you just want to display as your favourites from your shop.

For maximum effectiveness, confirm your product photographs are attractive to the attention so shoppers are encouraged to click on them.

Shopee’s Famous Flash Sales

If you often use the Shopee platform, then you may be very accustomed to Shopee PH Flash Sales. Deals like these generally inform the most Shopee homepage, and items that are given prime placement on the positioning are available at big discounts for a limited time.

To give your products a lift in visibility and enhance your sales, there’s no reason to not invest in an advertisement space. With over 4,000 average views per flash offer timing, it’ll surely pay off! ensure to feature an additional five days for the Flash Deals Slots in your seller centre to be updated.


With these tools to assist you achieve success on Shopee, you’re probably wondering what else you’ll be able to do. After all, finding success online may be difficult. 

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Do You Want to Manage Multiple Marketplace Just by Single Person?

Of course you can! You can handle multiple stores from all marketplace just by single dashboard. Cut your Business’s cost, and Boost your Efficiency at the same time.