How to delete Shopee purchase history? Online shopping is now the choice of many people in fulfilling various needs. The problem is that you can find almost all items in this online market, guys. Of course it is a wise choice in the midst of a pandemic that demands that we limit the intensity of leaving the house. This makes more and more online shopping applications develop.

One of the popular and widely used online shopping applications today is Shopee. How to delete Shopee search history pc? Shopee provides lots of items and also various attractive promotions. There is also a free postage promo that makes users tempted. Every item purchased through this marketplace will be saved in the order history.

Launched in 2015, Shopee has grown to become Southeast Asia’s leading online marketplace. In 2020 alone, it had generated $1.78 billion in revenue.

Shopee is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers who can purchase products in several categories, including electronics or fashion.

Shopee provides merchants with simple, inexpensive payment options to help them develop their businesses. The app is an e-commerce website and has many fun sections such as live broadcasts and games.

Additionally, it rewards users with coins, discounts, payback coupons, and freebies, which may explain why it is so popular. Shopee is a mobile-only marketplace that emphasizes social selling. It’s an open platform, which makes getting started simple.

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What is Purchase History in Shopee?

Shopee purchase history is a convenient way for a buyer to keep track of all current and past orders and their status in the order process. It allows the buyer to get up-to-date information on each order placed online, including shipping updates, delivery, and payment details.

It is different from order status, which shows an order’s processing stage (e.g., active, pending, processed, shipped, canceled, returned). 

Purchase History is a must-have in eCommerce because it’s very helpful to both buyers and sellers. It allows buyers to easily reorder the same item. It allows sellers to identify buying trends, patterns, and seasonality, enabling them to apply marketing techniques like cross-selling, upselling, bundling, personalized and targeted messaging.

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Why is Purchase History in Shopee Important?

Purchase history page is one of the must-have pages that should be included in any eCommerce site because it acts like a record-keeping system that is useful for both buyer and seller. 

A buyer can quickly and easily identify the progress of an order by navigating to the order history page instead of contacting customer support. 

By keeping your buyers informed and communicating swiftly, you’re improving their shopping experience, reducing the likelihood of complaints and making sure your customer support resources are invested in the optimal way. 

In addition, purchase history can often serve as a neat method for enabling customers to easily reorder the same item again.

Besides the obvious benefit of maintaining your customers satisfaction, order history also plays a pivotal role in helping you forecast inventory demand and identifying your best selling products. 

By maintaining accurate records of order data from all of your customers, you gain a unique insight into seasonality trends, customer buying patterns and your top selling items

Which, in turn, can help you increase your ROI. By utilizing various eCommerce marketing tactics, such as cross-selling, upselling and bundling, you can leverage this data to target the right consumers at the right time.

Additionally, purchase history is a convenient way for eCommerce entrepreneurs to classify their buyers into single time customers and repeat buyers. 

Having this information on hand is exceptionally useful when crafting email marketing or other promotional campaigns, as it allows for more personalized and targeted messaging.

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How Do I Delete My Shopee History?

How to delete completed order in Shopee? Shopee is an online shopping platform that is very popular compared to various other platforms because there are many advantages and attractive offers that will tempt shopping enthusiasts. 

Shopee derives the majority of their revenue from advertising and their payment mechanism. Their search placement provides them with cash to sustain themselves in the early days of their careers.

It’s an important strategy because they rely solely on advertising in most other revenue streams, as Google did in 2000 to defeat their competitors.

How to delete completed purchase in Shopee? Items that have been purchased at Shopee are automatically stored in the order history list. If allowed to pile up, it certainly reduces the aesthetic appearance of the Shopee account.

How to delete cancelled order on Shopee? The existence of free postage vouchers makes many people addicted and continue shopping at this Shopee. accordingly their order history with Shopee is getting longer.

How to delete purchase history in Lazada or Shopee? The list of order history that is too long makes most users choose to delete the list. But unfortunately there is no way to delete it when viewed from the official website of this Singaporean online shopping company. 

How to delete purchase history on etsy? so until now there has been no way to delete order history because there is no official feature provided by Shopee itself.

Can I delete purchase history from Shopee? A solution for those who are disturbed by the order history, you can create a new Shopee account so that the order history list at Shopee can be erased, empty like the initial account creation. 

So you don’t have to look for a way to delete Shopee account web.


How to delete purchase item in Shopee? Shopee offers many offers that make it far superior to other applications in its class. For example, users can enjoy free postage vouchers if the old voucher is up.

How to delete delivered order in Shopee? Of course, with these advantages, users are even more enthusiastic about shopping at Shopee, which ultimately leads to a longer order history at Shopee. Because it is annoying, not a few want to delete the order history list.

How to delete purchase history in Shopee? Unfortunately, Shopee did not explain how to delete order history at Shopee so that many were confused. So, there is no way to delete shopee history that you need. However, it is possible that Shopee will provide these features later to enhance the user experience.

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