Shopee seller ratings are a very good predictor of the health of your Shopee account in many cases. Your reputation as a seller and businessperson will benefit as a result of this, since feedback and ratings will be displayed publicly on Shopee pages on both the app and website. It all depends on how good this knowledge is and whether or not it will benefit or hurt your business.

As a vendor, make certain that you receive positive feedback from your clients, as this will not only reflect favorably on you, but it will also assist you in building customer loyalty among your customers. It also has the ability to attract new clients who will purchase what you are offering. There are a variety of elements to consider while striving for high ratings, including Shopee response time, your interactions, and others.

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Is Rating Important for Shopee Sellers and Buyers?

Buyers should make certain that their reviews are accurate and relevant in order to provide other users with useful information about the product before making a purchase. Make every effort to communicate in a respectful manner (even if the vendor is at fault).

For sellers, how you respond to a buyer’s product review reflects on your ability to provide excellent customer care. Whenever a consumer is dissatisfied with their purchase and leaves negative feedback, you should respond to the buyer’s problems in a courteous manner and offer to follow up on customer service issues. If you behave in a nasty manner, you may put off potential customers from purchasing your product.

How and When to Rate Sellers in Shopee Philippines?

Once an order has been completed and the “Order Received” button has been clicked, you can give your feedback on the product or vendor. No points are awarded for orders that have been returned or reimbursed, or orders that have been canceled.

To rate, select the appropriate number of stars (5 being the highest), write a thorough evaluation, and then click on Submit.

For products with ratings of 2 stars or less, you will be given the choice to rate the product based on one of three criteria:

  • Defining Thing Quality – To determine how well a product is made.
  • Seller’s Service – To assess the level of service provided by the seller.
  • Logistics Rating – This is used to assess the effectiveness of a courier service provider.

If you provide a high-quality product evaluation, you will receive Shopee Coins, even if you do not place an order to rate the product.

How to Create a High Quality Product Review?

Your Shopee experience must be the foundation of any high-quality product review that you write for the platform. When you leave a high-quality review, you can earn between 0.2 and 0.4 Shopee Coins. Take note that after a review has been submitted, it cannot be deleted manually, although it can still be edited within 30 days of submission.

The following are the components of a product review:

  • Image and/or video ratings (up to 5 stars per review) and/or comments (1 per review).
  • A piece of writing (at least 100 characters)
  • A review with at least 100 characters and one photo will reward you 0.2 Shopee Coins, and more detailed reviews will earn you more.

A review with at least 100 character texts and a video (5 to 60 seconds long) displaying your purchases will reward you 0.4 Shopee Coins. Because photographs and videos demonstrate what the product looks like in real life, including them to a product review makes it more complete and can assist potential customers during their purchasing process.


  • Review the product and/or seller’s service based on your honest impressions of the product and/or seller’s service.
  • If the goods (quality, quantity, packing) and/or seller’s service (shipping, attitude, customer support) do not meet your expectations and/or do not match the product description on the listing, please provide thorough feedback regarding the product and/or seller’s service. Check the audio quality of video reviews to ensure that they are understandable.
  • Evidence should include image(s) and/or video(s) of the actual product that was received. The video review can only be for a maximum of 60 seconds in duration. Goods photography should be taken from several angles to allow other potential customers to see a more accurate virtual portrayal of the product.
  • Respectful language and factual feedback should be used.


  • Use of language or media that is considered objectionable to other buyers or sellers is prohibited.
  • Use of language or material that is unrelated to the product’s quality, quantity, packaging, or the seller’s service is prohibited.
  • Uploading blank/blacked out photographs or videos that are irrelevant to the product, making disrespectful or negative comments about the seller (even if the seller is at fault), and writing explicit reviews are all prohibited.
  • Any product reviews that do not correspond to Shopee’s product review rules will be removed, and any coins that were given to the buyer will be taken away from them.
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Why is My Product Review Removed?

Your product review has been deleted from the site due to the presence of irrelevant or inappropriate remarks. If you receive a message that you have been flagged for being inappropriate, the Shopee Coins you have been awarded may also be revoked. The ability to manually delete reviews has been removed once they have been submitted. Instead, you have 30 days from the time you submit your review to make changes.

Content of the review and Content of the response to the reviewExamples

Not relevant to the product or service provided by the seller or buyer
Repetitive words, phrases, symbols, emojisRandom text not related to purchase experienceImage contains graphics, body gesture, blank content onlyVideo has no product or black screen onlyVideo contains animation, confusing objects, or motion blur only
Abusive, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable. Insulting or derogatory comments towards the seller (even if the seller or buyer is at fault)Cursing or swear words / emojis regardless if a positive or negative feedbackOffensive or hateful language directed to any personStating that other party is a scammer or bogus buyerWith intention to harass, threaten, or embarrass the other party

May contain personal information
Has personal info and exposing other’s personal infoIncludes account info of social media and external websites 
Excessively explicit content that promotes pornography or nudityReview contains text, symbol, image, or video that refers to sex or bodily functions

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