How to use COD on Shopee? One of the explanations why a customer chooses your shop is that if you have got a COD option. Why? COD allows the payment period to be shorter, and there’s no delay within the receipt of money.

COD also protects businesses from the danger that a customer won’t pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable income. On the opposite hand, COD gives them extra time to fund the complete payment for consumers.

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Why Can’t I Pay by COD on Shopee?

When starting a brand new firm, one amongst the primary jobs you want to understand is sales invoicing, and particularly, the various forms of transactions. Choosing the foremost appropriate transaction for your company can facilitate your being paid on time and minimise income problems. COD (cash on delivery) is an example of a transaction that’s often used.

Examine what cash on delivery (COD) is, why it’s going to be beneficial for your company to supply COD, and therefore the advantages and disadvantages of adopting it.

COD (Cash on Delivery) could be a transaction during which a buyer pays for a goods at the time of delivery instead of at the time of ordering. COD may be a term that’s most ordinarily heard in online sales, but it also can ask to collect on delivery or cash on demand.

Purchases made through cash on delivery don’t necessitate any payment from the client until they receive their goods. At that time, the customer is answerable for paying the entire sum owed. The bulk of service providers don’t accept partial payments for cash on delivery transactions.

Despite the very fact that it’s brought up as “cash on delivery,” payment doesn’t necessarily have to be made in cash. Most service providers also accept checks and electronic payments, which are accepted by the overwhelming majority.

When a consumer chooses a COD transaction, the delivery person is instructed by a singular tack on the box to gather payment at the time of delivery.

The cash-on-delivery (COD) payment method is also currently unavailable for your Shopee account because:

  • Within the last 90 days, you’ve got rejected COD packages delivered to you 2 times or more. This payment option is suspended for 90 days.
  • Suspicious activity was observed once you made an order with COD payment. Contact Shopee Customer Service if you are not sure why this happened.
  • Non-Serviceable location/Unsupported Address the supply of COD depends on the courier’s delivery matrix.
  • Sellers don’t have a COD option or it’s not enabled. ensure to ask the vendor to enable their COD.
  • Checkout of multiple orders with different shipping options isn’t available. For multiple orders in one check-out, all products must have the COD option. Otherwise, the COD payment option is going to be unavailable.

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How Do I Choose Cash on Delivery as a Payment Option?

Shopee customer service supports several payment options for patrons like cash payment at retail stores, COD, mastercard, Debit Card, Online banking, Shopee Pay, instalment Plan and also Shopee Pay Later. So what’s Cod in shopee? COD is additionally called Cash on delivery.

Cash on delivery is Shopee’s new payment method aimed to supply buyers with a further payment option that’s convenient and reassuring. During this form of payment, you simply buy your orders in cash when the products are delivered to the doorstep and you’ve received them by selecting cash on delivery during try.

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Buyers can value more highly to pay via Cash on Delivery (COD) to sellers that enabled COD using Shopee’s logistics partners.

  • After you checkout, tap Payment Option.
  • Choose Cash on Delivery as your payment method, and tap Confirm.
  • Proceed to put your order by tapping Place Order.

How Do I Pay for My COD Orders with ShopeePay?

How to use Shopeepay? The seller can get the CoD money and CoD pending review by the Shopee seller if the order has been received by the client. That’s how cash on delivery works for the vendor.

If you would like to use Shopee seller cash on delivery within the Philippines, you would like to grasp several things, including its process flow. the primary is you want to confirm that you simply are located inside the covered area of the courier. If no CoD option Shopee seller, which means you’re located outside the covered area.

CoD payment option is offered for sellers who are already participants on LBC and Black Arrow free shipping integrated promo with devour address located inside Metro Manila, Rizal.

So, if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, which means you qualify for CoD transaction. Shopee will notify you if you once you qualify for the COD transaction.

Shopee is a web marketplace for buyers and sellers. Shopee also offers CoD payment for you. One advantage of CoD is it protects businesses from the danger that a customer won’t pay or pays late for goods and ensures reliable income.

To use Shopee cash on delivery sellers within the Philippines, you want to confirm that you simply are located inside the covered area of the courier. if there’s an option for Black Arrow or LBC integrated shipping for you, which means you qualify for CoD transaction.

Pay with ShopeePay upon delivery by selecting Cash on Delivery (COD) because the payment method and find an extra 20% cashback. This feature is just available for COD orders serviced by Shopee Xpress (Standard Local – Standard Delivery).

  • Choose Cash on Delivery as a payment option during Checkout.
  • Once the rider delivers your order, inform your rider that you simply would really like to pay your COD order via ShopeePay. move to your ShopeePay Wallet and tap Scan.
  • Scan the Shopee Xpress rider’s QR code. The precise amount for the COD transaction is reflected in your Shopee app. Enter your ShopeePay PIN.
  • Get 20% Cashback automatically once you complete your payment.

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