Online Shopping is now a hit in the Philippines. In many e-commerce websites in the Philippines, Shopee is one of the top. It is very beneficial to now sell on Shopee especially because of the amount of attention that it has been getting from both sellers and buyers. 

Customers should also know how to file a formal complaint. Clearly outline the actions you will take in handling complaints, both addressing and resolving them. Make your customers aware of your dedication to ongoing development. If you do not resolve these, you might be subject to the Shopee Penalty System

So to prepare for this, you need to optimize your Shopee store to handle these complaints. For this, you’ll need to prepare and set-up things like your Shopee complaint email, Shopee customer service chat, complaint handling procedure template, and your Shopee corporate email. Don’t worry though because this article can help you do exactly that and more by guiding you to optimize your Shopee customer service Philippines.

What are Customer Complaints?

A consumer complaint, also known as a customer complaint, is defined as “a statement of discontent on the side of the consumer to a responsible party.” When used in a positive context, it can be defined as documentation provided by a consumer regarding an issue with an item or service.

Consumers’ complaints indicate that there is a problem, whether it is a problem with your product, staff, or internal processes, and by hearing about these difficulties directly from your customers, you may investigate and make improvements in order to prevent additional complaints in the future.

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7 Effective Ways to Handle Shopee Customer Complaints

Set up a policy for handling complaints. Make sure you let customers know that you care about their feedback and that you are dedicated to dealing with their issues fairly, expeditiously, and thoroughly.

To administer complaints, you will want to build a protocol once you have drawn up a policy. Having a policy in place to make sure that all complaints are handled the same manner, each time, would improve consistency. All your staff members should be able to comprehend and follow the method. A list of ways you can handle complaints will include the following.

Hear Your Customers Out

Express your gratitude to the customer for bringing the problem to your attention. Say you’re sorry and take responsibility, don’t pass the blame or be rude.

Note the Details of Your Customers’ Complaint

Make sure you fully comprehend the complaint so you can fix the problem. Maintain records of all grievances in one centralized location or log. This will assist you in recognizing any patterns or problems. Sometimes, it can be wise if you know how to handle a Shopee Return Refund. 

Make Sure that the Complaint’s Information is Complete

It is important to verify that you comprehended and recorded the complaint data correctly. If you have any questions, just ask.

Go Through Possible Options in Addressing the Complaint

Ask the consumer what they want as a reaction; it could be an exchange, a refund, an apology, or a repair. It’s good to ask the question “Is the request reasonable?” Decide that.

Resolve the Complaint Immediately

Try to resolve the issue in a timely manner. They tend to increase in severity if you don’t attend to the issue in a timely manner.

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Don’t Commit What You Can’t Provide

Be sure to let the consumer know if there are any issues with fulfilling their request. Make sure that what you promise can be delivered.

Follow-up with the Customers

One especially important part of handling customer complaints. Find out if the consumer was happy with how their issue was dealt with by contacting them. Make them aware of your plans to keep the situation from happening again. It is important as well if you have Customer Service Scripts. 

Aside from the earlier tips, you need to take of two important things. First, ensure that you, or those assisting you, are well prepared and well-equipped to handle the complaints from your customers. This can be done by preparing a “knowing how to handle customer complaints script” for your staff or just having a set complaints handling policy. This will prevent you and your store from getting caught off-guard and unprepared, saving you from a lot of stress.

The second thing for you to take note of too is to constantly encourage your customers to provide feedback on your products regardless if they are compliments or complaints.

Goin beyond simply knowing how to handle customer complaints in retail or knowing how to handle customer service, just encouraging formal and organized feedback from your customers can really do a lot for your store. Doing so will help you optimize your business and prepare your store for long-term sustainability. 

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