In the previous article we discussed how to order in shopee COD free shipping and How to register shopee express. Now in this article we will discuss about How to enable cod in Shopee Philippines. Are you curious about Paano magkaroon ng cod sa shopee? This article will help you to understand it. Let’s check these articles!

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What Is The Term COD In Shopee Philippines?

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Shopee supports several payment options for customers such as cash payment at retail stores, COD, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online banking, Shopee Pay, installment Plan and also Shopee Pay Later. So what is Cod in shopee? COD is also known as Cash on delivery. 

Cash on delivery is Shopee’s new payment method aimed to provide buyers with an additional payment option that is convenient and reassuring. In this type of payment, you only pay for your orders in cash when  the products are delivered to your doorstep and you have received them by selecting cash on delivery during check out.

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How To Enable COD In Payment Option For Buyers?

How to activate cod in shopee might be your question right now. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate Cash on delivery on shopee.

Step 1: Tap On Shipping Option On The Check Out Page 

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After choosing your products, now it’s time to check out. On the checkout page, you will see all of your purchase details. Towards the bottom is a section labeled Shipping Option. Tap or click on that.

Step 2: Choose A Delivery Option

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Not all the shops have a COD delivery options you can see which options allow it by looking at the note whether there’s written “COD is supported” but if the shop have the Shopee pay cod option, You will be presented with a list of delivery options along with corresponding price and COD availability. Some shops have more than one shipping option available like the standard delivery, J&T.

If you want to pay cash on delivery, make sure to choose the shopee shipping option that allows this payment method. You can also choose your preferred delivery time on this screen. Once everything is in order, click Confirm. This will take you back to the screen with your purchase details.

Step 3: Choose A Payment Method

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Click the payment option. You will be taken to a screen with a list of all the payment methods. Choose Cash on Delivery and click Confirm. If the Cash on Delivery option appears dim, shadowy or unclickable, this means that the seller or courier doesn’t allow COD for this product

Step 4: Click Place Order 

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If you have checked your purchase details already, then click place order. Your COD request will be up for review. If your COD request is approved, the seller and courier will carry on and process your order. Now you just have to wait for your delivery and make sure to ready your cash on the delivery day.

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Why Can’t I Pay By COD

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Have you tried to enable cod in Tagalog but it doesn’t work. There must be several factors that make the COD option isn’t available for you. The COD option will appear depending on several factors. It is usually available unless:

  • The seller did not choose a courier that allows COD. This is the most likely reason. As you might have already noticed, Shopee has several partner couriers that you may choose when checking out. But not all of them accept COD. For example, J&T does take COD orders. If the seller did not activate any of the couriers allowing COD, then it will not be available for their buyers.
  • The seller did not enable the COD option. Not all sellers accept the COD payment, usually because they’re located outside the covered area of the courier. You may ask the seller to enable their COD option.
  • The product you want to buy isn’t available for COD. Sometimes, it’s a specific item. It’s possible that COD does not apply to the product you want to buy. Or if you’re trying to purchase multiple items, one of them may not be allowed for COD. For the COD option to be available for multiple orders in one check-out, all items must be OK for COD.
  • Your location is non-serviceable. Some areas are not part of the courier’s delivery coverage. In this case, you should get an error saying “Unsupported Address.” The availability of COD is dependent on the courier’s delivery matrix.
  • You have a bad record. Sometimes, it’s not the seller, the product or the courier. Sometimes, it’s the buyer record. When the buyer has two or more failed COD transactions or rejected COD packages for two times or more, the COD option will be removed and will be unavailable for 90 days. Failed transactions include refusal to accept the product or failure to receive the product after two attempts by the courier.
  • Suspicious activity was observed when you made an order with COD payment. Contact Shopee Customer Service if you’re not sure why this happened.
  • Checkout of multiple orders with different shipping options is not available. For multiple orders in one check-out, all products must have the COD option. Otherwise, the COD payment option will be unavailable

Best Practices To Avoid Getting Cod Blacklisted

To avoid getting cod blacklisted from shopee, you have to do some tips below.

Set Proper Expectations As To When Your Order Will Arrive.

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Products have different estimated dates of arrival, especially products that will be shipped by overseas sellers will have longer days before arrival. Always check the estimated date of arrival at the product page.

Schedule Your Orders

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After knowing when to expect your orders to arrive, you can then schedule your orders according to your needs. Keep tracking your order status from time to time in the Shopee apps.

Be There On The Date Of Delivery

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On the tracking page in-App you will also see when the order will be in-transit for delivery. This stage is essential since there are times that you will not receive any SMS/call when your order is being delivered. In-case that you won’t be able to receive the order, make sure to have a representative to receive the order on your behalf.


Shopee has become a popular e-commerce item nowadays.  Shopee supports several payment options for customers to convince them. The buyer can choose several types of payment such as cash payment at retail stores, COD, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online banking, Shopee Pay, installment Plan and also Shopee Pay Later and COD become the popular payment method aimed to provide buyers with an additional payment option that is convenient and reassuring. 

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