How to Use a Promotion Template, you can check to the following steps:

  1. Add promotion in Bulk

The first step to add promotion in bulk, you can select “Promotion Management”, then visit the list of promotions and click “Add bulk”, then select a promotion template, then you can apply the promotion template for bulk addition of products under a specific product category on Shopee or Bukalapak.

Updated Version:

You can use Promotion Template to make a promotion with some methods:

  1. Add Promotion in Bulk
    Select “Promotion Setting” on promotion list page, then click “Add in Bulk” and ensure you have chose Marketplace you want to add the promotion, then select Promotion Templates. You can apply the template to add products in bulk with certain product categories.


a. You can see the add product status and detail of the number of products in a particular category via Bulk Addition History.

b.When adding a promotion for Shopee, even though there were some products that were not successfully added, the promotion was still successfully created.

  1. Add New Unit Promotion

To add a unit promotion, you can select “Promotion Management”, then visit the list of promotions and click Add. After selecting a channel, you can implement a previously created promotion template to create a new promotion on Shopee or Bukalapak. Basic and discount information from related promotions don’t need to be filled in anymore, just select the product you want to promote.

Done, You have successfully use promotion template with Ginee!

Updated Version:

  1. Add Unit Promotion

To add a single promotion, you can select “Promotion Settings”, then click “Add Promotion” on your promotion listing page. Then select the Marketplace channel you want to run the promotion. You can use the Promotion Templates you’ve made before to create new promotions. That way, you no longer need to fill in basic and discount information, just select the product that you are going to promote.