Please login to Magento system as follows:

1. Go to Magento backend and login to Magento account

image 2 1

2. Click “System” and select “Integration” in the menu

output 5

3. Click “Add New Integration” button

output 6

4. Input “Ginee” in [Integration Info – Name] column, and enter the Magento password to confirm this operation

output 7

5. Select [API] in BASIC SETTINGS menu, then choose “All” from the [Resource Access] drop down menu, and then click the Save button.

output 8

6. Find 【Ginee】 that you just added and click “Activate”

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7. Click the “Allow” button and copy the generated 4 messages

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52f8d669 c4be 432c 9130 f6b85b4fcb9f

8. Go back to Ginee and add a Magento store, enter 4 Token information that you just obtained, and the authorization will be successful!

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