Exporting product will help you a lot to manage product information faster. Let’s follow these steps below to easily export product from Bukalapak Channel at Ginee!

  • Select Store to operate
  • Export Product per page
  • Click to check and export products
  • Check exported product information

To export product based on pages

  1. Open and register Bukalapak product
  2. Select the store to operate
  3. Sort export product, click Bukalapak product list -> Export based on pages
  4. Click “Export Based on Pages” and input product pages that will be exported in the related column. Only export a maximum of 1000 products each time. After information filled in, click “OK” to export.

To export product based on selected product

  1. Open Bukalapak product list
  2. Select store to operate, then select products you want to export
  3. Open Bukalapak product list -> Export – Select products that you want to export, and click “Selected Export” to get product table data in Excel.