If you have decided to open a business in the culinary field and finally get the means to run a small cafe, it will be best for you to pour all of your thought into a small fast food business plan.

The business plan is a framework that will guide you to plan and forecast every element of your business management and operations starting from the menu design, the location of your food stall, financials, employee training, and many other essentials that will help to bring your idea into reality.

A business plan is needed, even for a small fast food restaurant as it can help you to keep track of what you are doing and make it easier for you to secure investors that are willing to fund your ideas and make your dream of running a culinary business to happen faster. 

Creating a proper business plan can be a little bit confusing if you haven’t got the experience to do so, therefore, this article is written to be your aid. Here is some business plan example for your small fast food restaurant that you can look after and modify to suit your needs.

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How to Write a Small Fast Food Business Plan?

First of all, you will have to understand that despite using the same theme, there won’t be two businesses that are alike. By means, you and your friend can both open a fast-food restaurant but the business plan will be completely different. This is because both of you may have different ideals, different goals, and different marketing approaches.

When creating your small fast food business plan, remember to keep it short yet cover clear information regarding your business. You might want to include a few elements into your business plan:

Company Overview

On this page, you will be required to explain the details of the fast-food restaurant you are operating. For example, you want to focus on running a restaurant that serves smoothies, low-fat meals, juices, and any other type of food that is health-conscious and calculates the calories in a plate of food. From here, you can start to write a healthy fast food business plan in your company overview.

Aside from explaining the type of business you are going to operate, you are also required to provide the background of your business while including the answer in regards of the following questions:

  • The exact timing you are operating or starting the business.
  • The milestones of your business that you have successfully achieved to date include the sales goals or new branch opening.
  • The legal structure of your fast food business.

Industry Analysis

To make your fast food business plan look well-prepared, you can include an overview of the fast-food business itself. Do your research and provide an answer to the questions like:

  • The scale of your fast-food business in US$ (or PHP if you are looking for a local investor).
  • Research of whether or not the market for this type of business potential (the decline or increase in interest in this specific market should have been written).
  • Analyze your business. Who are your business competitors? What trends that going to affect the industry you are going to start, and what is the industry’s growth process within five to ten years.
  • Explain the relevant and potential market size of your fast food business plan.

Customer Analysis and Competitive Analysis

This section mostly covers your planned target customers. Is your business more suitable for college students, sports enthusiasts, groups of aerobic moms, baby boomers, gen Z, or millennials? Despite looking simple, this certain segment will help you to determine how your cast food business is going to operate.

If your targeted audience is middle-aged audiences or elderly folks, they will care more about the environment of your restaurant, the product options, and the pricing. The marketing plan for fast food restaurants that are expected to serve college students will also use a different approach in comparison to restaurants that are expected to serve elderly customers.

You can also make an analysis and identify the direct and indirect competitors your business is going to face. By identifying your business competitor, you can also prepare a more focused plan to get the upper hand in the market. List out the strengths and weaknesses your competitor has from the customer perspective.

Once done, you also have to cover the area of your competitive advantages, such as:

  • Whether or not you are going to serve a menu that your competitors don’t serve.
  • Will your customers’ service be more excellent or not.
  • Is your product going to be superior (in terms of quality) compared to your competitor.

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Marketing Plan and Management Team

If you are studying management, the term “Marketing Mix” introduced by Neil Borden is no longer a strange word to you. Consider the 4P (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) in your fast food restaurant business plan. On the promotion part, you should’ve been explaining what type of marketing approach you will use to drive the customers to come and visit your restaurant.

Is the advertisement of your business going to take place more on conventional media such as newspapers and billboards or you are going to rely more on social media marketing? Are you going to hire local food bloggers and content creators to promote your business or not? List all of your plans on the business plan.

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You can also highlight the key players in your management team’s background. Briefly explain the area of expertise each individual of your team excel in, the year of experience they are having in that field, as well as the achievement they have gained if there are any. 

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Financial Plan

The most crucial part that is often being looked forward to by a potential investor is the financial plan for fast food restaurant that you can provide. In your financial plan report, you will have to include the financial statement for at least five years and break it down into monthly or quarterly for the first year and annually for the rest. 

The financial report usually displays the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. The income statement is used to forecast the financial aspect of your business. The balance sheet will give the investor insight into how healthy your business finances are. The cash flow statement showcases how much money you need to start and expand your business.

Executive Summary

This section provides an introduction to your business plan. The goal of the executive summary of fast-food business plan is to quickly engage the reader and explain what type of fast-food business you are going to start as well as the status of the business. Hence, this section is always shown on the very last page of your business plan. 


You might want to attach your full financial projections in the appendix, including your store blueprints, or perhaps your location lease as a supporting document to make your financial plan looks more compelling and trusted.

Small Fast Food Business Tips to Manage

You have already gotten the insight into a small restaurant business plan example by knowing which to include/present on the paper and now it’s time to discuss tips to manage your small fast food business so it can grow over the time and draw investors to be interested to join your business, you should:

  • Defining the right management levels that are responsible for the field. For example, the General Manager will be responsible for the overall management of your restaurant, the Kitchen Manager to supervise the performance in the kitchen, the Floor Manager to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, and many more.
  • Hire people who are capable of the positions so the turnover rate will be toned down. This also affects the performance of your small business. It will be best for you to provide a clear path for growth and development for each employee to keep them motivated.
  • Give your staff proper training to build a more competent team. This will increase the efficiency to run your business, reduce turnover, and elevate your business value when people looked at the managing team profile as we talked about before on the fast food restaurant business plan sample making.
  • Hygiene is the key when it comes to the fast food or food and beverages industry in general. Make sure you keep your restaurant clean and put attention to your employees’ and customers’ safety. Investing in proper cleaning supplies is non-negotiable.
  • Remember to cut down on food waste and your food cost can be managed more efficiently. Train your kitchen staff about how to make the dishes with the proper portion of ingredients. You can provide regular scaling on ingredients if needed.


You have now gotten your example of a business plan for a fast food restaurant. Just remember to keep them as simple as you can. You don’t have to go storytelling by writing hundreds of pages about your business plan, but you will be required to highlight each important aspect to gain trust from your future investors so they are willing to join your business.

You can choose to write the business plan in your style based on the guide above or you can also look for the small fast food business plan PDF Philippines through business forums and have them downloaded and edited according to your planning. We will be strongly encouraged to do the former though.

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