Online food business is an emerging market where people can sell food on the internet rather than have a physical store where people buy food or dine-in. Food can be sold via different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, your own website, or even on online shopping platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. 

Food items sold can be anything from frozen meats to pre-packaged meals to different kinds of dishes. While online food selling is something that is not new, the advent of the pandemic has given rise to a lot of food deliveries and selling food online is definitely the way to go.

Online Food Business Ideas

Do you love food? Are you looking to put your cooking skills to good use? Do you want to make money out of selling your best food finds? Then you might want to give starting an online food business a try. Though you may have to work around certain limitations, it can still bring you a decent income when done correctly. 

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If you’re keen to start selling foods online, you’re probably wondering how much initial investment you need. As mentioned previously, the costs of starting an online food business plan will depend on a lot of different factors. 

If you do start your small business from home and found best food to sell, make sure you check up on how to get inspections done for your kitchen. It’s also worth working with an accountant to help you determine what you can claim back as a home worker on your tax returns. 

Don’t want to run your entire company from home? You could consider hiring space for when you’re making your batches.

For all of these best online food business Philippines, you’ll need to set up a Facebook and Instagram account to help promote your business and facilitate taking orders. You can even create an online food business website if you’re feeling fancy. There you can post your offerings, ordering instructions, and other relevant details. Here are some online food business ideas you can try.

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For the first online food business examples, turn your love for coffee into a money-making opportunity! You can either sell coffee beans and blends that you’ve thoughtfully sourced and selected or put your barista skills to the test by selling artisan coffee. 


Expanding on the concept of the ube-cheese pandesal, if you have enough baking know-how, why not offer an entire bakery selection. Just make sure to provide your customers reheating and storage instructions so they can enjoy your good at their freshest state possible. 

Frozen Food Items 

From frozen dim sum, ready-to-cook meals and snacks, or pre-cut meat, there’s no limit as to what frozen items you can sell. These ideas are one of the best food to sale as well. Invest in proper storage units and packaging to maintain the quality of your food while in storage or transit. This is one of the online food business during pandemic.


A staple in an average Filipino’s diet, another food item you can sell is rice. Like all the other food items in this list, just be prepared with adequate storage for your stocks and establish a delivery system to make ordering convenient for your customers. 

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Try to go for not just ordinary sandwiches, but sandwiches with a flair. Take the Japanese and Korean sandwiches in Kdramas and ASMR cooking videos on YouTube, for example. They look delicious and, dare we say, IG-worthy but require minimal ingredients and effort to make. 

All it takes is finding the perfect recipe and being a bit creative with your presentation. Of course, proper packaging and handling are crucial in retaining its appeal from when it leaves your home to the time it reaches your customer. 

How to Sell Food Online in the Philippines?

How to start an online food business? There are a variety of reasons but it’s mainly because of lower overhead costs. Traditional food businesses require you to have space where you can prepare, package, process food and then serve it like in a restaurant or deliver it to one’s doorstep.

Online food business Philippines is different because you can literally start it right at your home. You don’t need to buy any fancy restaurant equipment or rent out a space. With the online food business, you only have to spend on your cooking ingredients and your packaging, reducing costs significantly. 

This means you can start with just a little capital and you can well be on your way. There are also packaged food items available in the market such as Holiday that you can cook and prepare for your food business.

One of the first things you need to figure out is what kind of food that you want to start selling. For example, how to market a food product online? First thing is you have the option to come up with recipes or work with ready-to-cook items that you can buy in bulk and sell online.

Holiday provides you with a wide array of food items that you can use for your online food business ideas: hotdogs, bacon, dimsum, street food and even pizza crust. You can find more information about holidays such as products and recipes here.

You then calculate your costs which is the cost of raw goods, cooking oil, packaging and maybe even delivery. This should give you a ballpark range on how much to sell your items.

Once that is settled, all you need to do now is to advertise your products by posting pictures of them online, with the price, a brief description of the dish and how they can order your food. You can even create your own social media page that features your food for better branding. It’s really simple

The amazing thing is that Holiday is with you every step of the way. Holiday is a great source of food items that you can sell for your online food business that is not only affordable and easy on the budget, but has high quality taste that’s wonderful for any discerning taste palette. Holiday is definitely your go to partner for success.

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Running your own online food business is an exciting and often profitable way to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. If you’ve got the right ingredients, like a great website, a fantastic product, and a good pricing structure, you’re already on track to a reliable business. 

Just remember, you’ll need to be extra cautious when choosing suppliers, following health and safety rules, and creating food packaging. The food industry is a highly regulated one, and a small mistake could wreak havoc on your business. Be cautious, and always do your research before you jump in. Try to find online food business research paper or simply read Ginee articles to get more tips in doing business!

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