Online food business ideas? Do you love food? Are you looking to put your cooking skills to good use? Do you want to make money out of selling your best food finds? Then you might want to give starting an online food business a try. Though you may have to work around certain limitations, it can still bring you a decent income when done correctly. 

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Online food business ideas Philippines? For all of these businesses, you’ll need to set up a Facebook and Instagram account to help promote your business and facilitate taking orders. You can even create a website if you’re feeling fancy. There you can post your offerings, ordering instructions, and other relevant details. Here are some online food business ideas you can try.

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Ice Cream Shop

Food business ideas Philippines 2021? Ice cream cones have come a long way, but are still limited to a few choices. Provide gourmet cones for ice cream parlours that are too busy to create their own.

Differentiate your cones by providing unusual flavour profiles, colours and shapes. This is a business you can easily start at home and scale as needed to supply local ice cream parlours.

Cooking Classes

Food business ideas from home? One of the greatest features of the internet is you can be anywhere and provide a service. If you are a professional cook or simply someone who loves to cook, you can launch your own online cooking school.

With video or other technology, you can offer online classes one-on-one or to multiple people at the same time. Best of all you can do it from the comfort of your own home. No need for a commercial kitchen.

Personal Chef

If you are trained as a chef, becoming a personal chef is a great way to get your career going. It can also work if you are a well-established chef.

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, this career provides flexibility, creativity and great pay. It has very low startup costs.

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Coffee Shop

Turn your love for coffee into a money-making opportunity. You can either sell coffee beans and blends that you’ve thoughtfully sourced and selected or put your barista skills to the test by selling artisan coffee. 

Meal Kits

Small food business ideas? A professional meal planner helps people eat healthily over a set period of time. This works especially well for people on a diet who are trying to lose weight. The planned schedule for their meals can minimise snacking and unhealthy impulse eating. This role is similar to a dietitian.

Baked Goods

Expanding on the concept of the ube-cheese pandesal, if you have enough baking know-how, why not offer an entire bakery selection. Just make sure to provide your customers reheating and storage instructions so they can enjoy your good at their freshest state possible. 


You’ve probably seen a hot sauce challenge on YouTube. In fact, one of the more popular shows on YouTube is Hot Ones, which has a whopping 8.7 million subscribers in 2020.

The show has celebrities eating increasingly hot chicken/vegan wings. Some of the hot sauces they use are unique brands using unusual peppers and herbs. This is another one of those small business ideas you can start at home.

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Pre-Packaged Snacks

With the ever growing demand for convenience foods, potato chips are riding the wave. Fried potato chips are popular ready to eat snacks for those on the go.

Healthier alternatives are also cropping up. For example, in demand are chips that are not fried as well as those without artificial flavours or colours. With the right supplier, your profit margins can soar by making potato chips.

A snack business is easy to set up and comes with low startup capital. By some estimates 94% of adults in the U.S. snack daily. This is because snacks are faster, easier and efficient ways of consuming food on the go.

Snack food producers can work towards building a profitable business as well as help provide the nutritional needs of busy consumers.

Baby Food

The global baby food market is enticing, as it is set to reach $76.48 billion by 2021. In addition, parents are looking for consumables made with natural recipes free of preservatives, sugars, salt, fillers and artificial colours.

Experiment with producing your own baby food through a combination of steaming, roasting and pureeing. Before launching your product, test your recipes on family and friends with children to get feedback.

Homemade Jams and Jellies

Jam jelly-making business is a profitable enterprise as they are the staple of most breakfasts. The business allows you to experiment with different flavours from fruits to make a wide variety of jam and jelly.

The key to success here is getting noticed. Offer samples to local networking meetings, grocery stores, and mixers to get your name out. Creating unique flavours is the key to differentiate yourself.

Organic Foods

Innovative ideas for food business? People are more aware of what they eat today; health food stores are for everybody. The good thing about this industry is it continues to grow.

You can further specialise by providing unique natural products grown locally as well as herbs and spices from around the world.

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of organic items in recent years, so an organic food shop could be the perfect business idea for you.

Yes, supermarkets and chain stores sometimes have small organic food sections or offer a few such items on their shelves. But a store dedicated to such products will always be more attractive to shoppers seeking organic groceries.

Wine, Beer and Spirits

The total wine market value in the U.S. was $70.5 billion in 2018. This is a huge industry that supplies consumers and eateries.

As a licensed operator, you sell directly to consumers as well as businesses in the industry. You can hold wine classes and wine tasting to supplement your income in a very substantial way.

Business Plan: How Do I Start a Small Food Business?

Food business ideas with low investment? You may have noticed from the examples above that food businesses thrive on cross promotion. Any product can be a jumping off point for a more involved brand, but it’s best to start with a singular goal in mind. 

For example, your food truck could double as a catering business. You might sell baby food specifically for babies with certain dietary restrictions. Or, like the Snaffling Pig, you could sell a pre-packaged snack alongside a complimentary beverage.

Start by identifying an idea that appeals to you. Research the market to see if there is demand. Develop a menu. Check regulations and obtain any required certifications. If starting a restaurant, kiosk or food truck, make sure to research and choose a good location. Or determine your distribution channels.

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Any food can make money, but if you’re unsure if your idea has legs, it’s best to validate your product ideas by meeting directly with potential customers, addressing their pain points, and researching the audience around your product to see if there’s potential.

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