As technology becomes more advanced and the awareness of social media grows incredibly fast, most companies rely on social media as the medium of branding, marketing, and even selling. However, it is harder to gain attention in a crowded place hence, some business owners decided to seek alternatives to social media marketing.

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How can a business owner market without social media? Where else aside from social media can you market a product service? Get the answer to your question by reading through this article.

How Can I Market without Social Media?

When looking at the title of this article, you might think about how to run a business without social media in the modern days? Well, the fact is, that social media is not the only option to market your product services digitally. It is just one of the options.

Besides, heavily relying on one direction for business strategy will be a boomerang as you are putting too much risk by continuing to do it. To help your business grow, you will have to look for a way to reach out to more audiences not only from one direction but as much as you can manage to reach.

As we have said before, technology is advanced. You have more than one option to plan your marketing strategy and apply it to reach more audiences Quoting Deb Kwiatt, said that building a brand from the inside and outside requires the use of a variety of marketing tools. He also said that there are many creative ways of reaching an audience, for example:

  • Growing a company website.
  • Digital advertising.
  • Applying for the email marketing program.
  • Word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Production of useful content, and many more.

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What Can I Replace Social Media with?

We have mentioned a few alt social media that business owners can try instead of heavily depending on the social media. Here is the detailed explanation:

Growing Company Website

When someone is doing an online business, it is just common for them to have a company website. A company website is the digital real estate owned by the brand or company and the person who runs the company has the final say about what they want to display on their site.

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By this saying, it is clear that you, as a business owner, can set a goal to drive more traffic to your company’s website. You can ask your website developer to set up a live chat program on your website and hire a specialist to assist your audience, interact with your page visitors, and convert them into customers.

Digital Advertising

When it comes to budget, we have to admit that social media advertising can be relatively affordable. However, the managing director of National Stem Cell Centers Mac Fadra discovers that most social media advertising requires retargeting, nurturing, and other enabling mechanisms to evolve the leads into paying customers. 

Instead, you can look out for another option like Google Adwords or go for non social media websites advertising such as attaching ads on other people’s blog panels or consider advertising on digital radio like Spotify and Pandora.

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Email Marketing

Do you know that an email marketing program that has been consistently running performs better than an organic reach of your social media post? Through email marketing, you can deliver news, offers, and any other information you wish to tell your base customer. In other words, through email marketing, your brand and product is the main character and gets the full spotlight they need.

Not only that, email marketing is one of the types of marketing which allow a business to keep in regular and more direct contact with the customers more than social media can usually do.

Word-of-Mouth Referral

When it comes to selling a product, customers’ testimony holds the highest value among any other marketing method. The review left by the customer often affects other audiences’ buying decisions. Since the value of word-of-mouth is so high, why don’t you make use of it?

You can offer commissions, discount vouchers, or free products for any customers who can bring new customers so you can grow your business. Just thought about affiliate marketing, it is kinda the same thing.

Produce Useful Content

Instead of hard-selling, why don’t you try to direct traffic to your website by creating useful content and making your website the perfect site they can go to whenever they need to find information about something. SEO writing combined with advertorial articles will help you to gain an interactive audience.

What Are Marketing Alternatives?

When the other brands and business owners think about how do social media support relationship marketing for a business, alternative marketing suggests you do the opposite. Forget about focusing on the growth of your social media—the likes you gain on your Facebook page and the followers you gain on your Instagram business account will no longer be your focus.

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There are over thousands of posts being sent on the famous local social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can’t ensure your post and its message reach the audience and give you the feedback you wanted. Hence, it will be wise to change your strategy.

After all, social media marketing is one among so many types of marketing. There are a lot of other ways to escalate your business and reach your audience aside from relying only on social media.


If you are wondering what other social media platforms are there that will do the job of spreading awareness and increasing sales like Facebook and Instagram, you might automatically think of TikTok. The growth of these China developer apps is indeed fast and promising, but anyway, the way business owners promote TikTok is slightly different from Facebook and Instagram where you focus on your page growth.

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In TikTok, brand owners often pick up the person with huge exposure and collaborate with them to shout out their brands, known as sponsorship. This is kind of having people do the real-time preview of your product services and other audiences can make their judgment based on what they see.

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