Do you want to make a blog in Shopify and are confused about how to start? You go to the right articles. In this article, we will explain how to make the best shopify blogs app and the shopify blog examples for you. Are you ready? Let’s check these out!

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How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for SEO

Do you want to optimize your ecommerce store? Here are tips that can help you to grow your brand awareness of your products.

Know Who Is Your Target 

The first thing you need to determine is your target. Set your target. Who do you want to know and buy your products? You can set and determine whether your product is suitable for teenagers, adults or based on the age range or gender. Don’t forget to make a specific target.

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Understand Your Target Market Habits

After you know who your target is now you have to search what are they interested in, what are their habits, What apps do they spend their time on more? Which social media they preferred. To grow your brand awareness, you need to make the efforts to know more about your target audience. The more specific you know your target, the more out of each view you will get.

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Use the Right Keywords 

Keywords play an important role when advertising. You need to find a good and relevant keyword so that the searchers can find you. A good and relevant keyword will connect your ads to the searches. Using a good keyword means your ads are more likely to show up for your target market.

Get Creative with Keywords

Not only the relevancy of your keyword, you also need to create creative keywords for your brand ads. This is important when you are doing a brand campaign through PPC.

The SEO Strategy Behind the Best Shopify Blog Examples (Step-By-Step)

Shopify is one of the brand blog examples. As you can see, blogging on Shopify is a great way to boost traffic to your shop. What is the strategy for best shopify blogs? Here are the strategies:

  • Brainstorm seed keywords – The first step you need to take is finding the seed keyword to your products which can attract the customer. Try to find your customer interest and make the relevant topic and keyword to your products. This relevant keyword will make your products easier to find.
  • Put keywords into a keyword tool – You can use the keyword tool like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to help you to find the right keyword to your products. You just need to enter your seed keywords to get a host of related keywords.
  • Appraise keywords for volume and competition – The next step is you need to figure out which of the keywords you want to create as a blog topic. Try to find the keywords with the highest number of people searching for it and with the lowest amount of competition.
  • Keyword relevancy is important – The relevancy of your keyword is a must and important when you appraise keywords. It is important to consider the search intent behind each term because not all keyword will be valuable
  • Create a content calendar and start writing – After you have done all the steps mentioned above, now you have to create content and start writing your blog. You can try to search personal blog examples for your reference. It will help you to create and write your blog.
  • Get backlinks – A backlink is a link from another website that tells Google that your blog post is worth moving up the rankings. So get your blog backlinks. The more authoritative the website that links you, the better for your blog.

Is Shopify Bad for Blogging?

Is shopify good as a blog app? You can also do an online shopping blog post to help you with the customer relationship, generate inbound traffic and be the other way to promote your products and service to the customer.

Beside that by doing shopify plus blog, you will get more room to be creative with different types of contents you want to make, educate readers, target the product keywords and phrase to help your website rank. You can also do those things in Shopify. If you are a beginner, you have to find the student blog examples so you will understand how to make it.

Can You Use Shopify for a Blog?

Blogs can impact your business but many ecommerce platforms struggle with blogging because it takes time and effort to get it right. Blogging is not just posting things on your sites. It is not as simple as that. You need to find the shopify blog object you want to sell or discuss. Beside that, you have to know and understand about the Shopify blog engineering works.

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Shopify Blog Examples

Here are the Shopify Blog object Examples for you:

Digest by Great Jones

The Great Jones blog is called Digest and it is a creative approach to blogging whose design includes hand painted watercolors and mimics the look of folio style recipe cards. Digest has two main categories which combine to make for unique content. These blogs also create a sense of community for readers. Journal by Consider the Wldflwrs 

Consider the Wldflwrs is the fine jewelry shop in Nashville. You can find many jewelry in this blog from bridal jewelry to everyday essential jewelry. journal is a blog with a simple and well designed collection of articles. In this blog, you can find many tips and tricks about jewelry.

The Maudern by Maude 

Maude sell an essential for sexual wellness. Maude’s blog is a key part of delivering accessible and honest articles. You can get many information for this blog such as arts, history, culture, living, dating, people, health and also sex education.

Squeeze Magazine by Press

In this blog, you get the tips for living a healthy lifestyle. You can find many information like plant based diet, healthy recipes and also how to improve your digestion.

BioLite Energy 

BioLite sells outdoor energy gear like solar panels and camp stoves. In their blog, they make content which is relevant to the products they sell without making it too obvious. BioLite blogs usually give the guides and offer advice to the reader.


Blogs can give a big impact to your business but many ecommerce platforms struggle with blogging because it takes time and effort to get it right. You can try to look at the other blogs’ examples for your reference when making your own blog.

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