What is a content optimization system? Anyone who spends a fair bit of time in the marketing world is probably familiar with acronyms for ‘complex’ marketing jargon like customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), and search engine optimization (SEO).

But what about a content optimization system (COS)? More specifically, what about HubSpot’s COS? While other acronyms have been popularized through technology like WordPress and Salesforce, HubSpot seeks to distinguish itself from the norm by creating its own terminology to define its utility. 

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What is a Content Optimization System?

A content optimization system (COS) is an exclusive facet of HubSpot. In one sense, it is an extension of a traditional CMS. In another sense, it is another thing entirely. 

HubSpot calls itself an all-in-one inbound marketing tool. This is because, in contrast to regular CMS software, HubSpot offers every element needed to market your blog and/or website.

Features such as automation, email marketing, social media management, and a free CRM tool are included off the bat. Other CMS software relies on the user to add this as additional software, often in the form of plug-ins.

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How Does Content Optimization Work?

Content marketing optimisation works by making changes to your content’s copy, structure and metadata so search engines receive strong signals that it’s useful. 

For example, to separate an article into different sections, you might make section titles bold. Alternatively tagging them as an actual header provides stronger signals to a search engine, and will move it up the ranks. 

There are many technical examples like this one, but each of these small tweaks makes an impact on your content’s visibility.

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How Do I Optimize Digital Content?

The term “digital marketing” typically refers to procedures that make use of technology. you use it to spread the word out about a product and service. 

By utilizing all the tools at your disposal, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy and succeed in the online world. Here are tips on how to optimize digital content.

Highly Personalized Smart Content

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding ways to tailor website copy and landing pages to each individual user. The more you can personalize web content optimization, the better a chance you have of a conversion. 

HubSpot COS allows you to direct content to customers at different stages of the buying lifecycle, and to customize content based on an audience’s industry, job title, or previously expressed interest. Then, you can quickly design and add landing pages for follow-up campaigns and CTAs, and segment them for different user groups. 

Integrated SEO

HubSpot COS offers keyword recommendations right in the platform, so marketers don’t need to look elsewhere to optimize basic SEO meaning. Plus, all sites built using COS take advantage of HubSpot’s content delivery network, meaning they are delivered and loaded as fast as possible, boosting SEO in the process of cost per action.

Consolidated Analytics

Using HubSpot COS means being able to track analytics and consolidate them in one place, allowing you to easily update your strategy as needed. It makes this process as efficient as possible by giving marketers suggestions for improvement in areas where their data is weakest.

For example, it will let you know when keywords are no longer effective and will make recommendations for new targets.

Mobile Friendly

Many easy-to-build website platforms don’t use responsive design to make mobile-friendly versions of sites, which doesn’t take advantage of the fact that more and more people are accessing the internet on-the-go. 

HubSpot COS scales websites to mobile and tablet-friendly sizes automatically, without compromising look or substance.

Easy Blogging

HubSpot’s integrated blogging software allows you to create blogs with optimized keywords and layout. You can add recommended CTAs to posts, and easily cross-promote them within your site. 

Plus, the COS is integrated with social media networks to share posts automatically, and it helps you track your content’s performance on these platforms.

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Boosted Security

In the days when even major corporations are sensitive to hacking, added security to your website will help protect you and your customers. 

The HubSpot Content Optimization tools System makes sure every site has SSL encryption and the backing of a world-class security team.

Take Advantage of Data and Analytics

Marketing analytics and analysis is one of the essential technologies every brand should incorporate into their marketing tactics. For example, Google Analytics is an affordable and accessible way to track how your website is performing.

How to Optimize SEO Content?

Keeping your website up to date is essential for your success. The right optimization of your existing content can generate more organic and social media traffic, as well as to improve the overall user experience.

The key is to incorporate the right keywords, readable copy, and eye-catching visuals. Optimize your content, Analyze, Repeat. Your content is never done.

There are 2 step process for optimizing your content and getting better returns.

Content Inventory

Before you can optimize, you need to know what content you have and what state it’s in. Put all your website’s content in a spreadsheet, and for each page fill in:

  • Goal(s) you want to achieve
  • Target audience
  • Keywords you want to incorporate

Your web analytics suite should be able to give you the traffic and conversion numbers.

How do you actually map all your website’s content? A tool such as ours can do this for you. It lets you build an overview of all the content on your website, which you can then export to a CSV file.

Content Optimization

It almost goes without saying, but let’s emphasize it anyway, if you don’t incorporate the right keywords in the right pages, these pages will not rank well for these keywords. But how do you do that effectively to increase the findability of these pages? Make these elements your priority.


Incorporate keywords at the start of the title. Aim for a title length of between 30 to 60 characters (pixels: between 285 and 575).

Meta Description

Incorporate keywords into the meta description. When people are searching for these keywords, they’ll be bolded in the snippets. This makes it more eye-catching, which in turn leads to more clicks. Keep your meta description length between 70 and 150 characters (pixels: between 430 and 920).

H1 Heading and H2 Heading(s)

Incorporate the keywords into these headings.

Body Content

Incorporate the keywords into the body text as well.

Internal Links to Pages

Build internal links to the page in question with important keywords as anchor text.

Image Optimization

Images are content too. Make sure you incorporate your keywords in the image’s filename, alt tag, and title tag


HubSpot COS is not just your run of the mill CMS. It’s an ecosystem that works within itself to provide you the tools you need to amplify your online presence. With it, you can design a user-tailored experience to attract and convert leads and measure your performance as this happens in real-time. 

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