How do you know if the stuff you publish is even being sought after by those who might be interested? And, if they do find it, will they bounce or will they read it all the way through? One strategy to sway the scales in your favor is to examine the demand for your topic on search engines (starting with niche keyword research).

This article offers a method for identifying the most relevant subjects for your niche site that people are looking for on the internet (and will want to read).

You’ll learn the following things in this post:

  • What exactly is specialized keyword research?
  • What exactly are specialty keywords, and why are they important?
  • How to identify the most relevant keywords for your niche
  • The most effective tools for specialty keyword research
  • We should first make certain that we understand one another before proceeding.

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What is Keyword Niche?

Niche keywords are extremely precise keywords that are used to promote a specific area of business or industry. These are long-tail keywords, which are defined as those that comprise three or more words. Because they are specific, niche keywords tend to have a smaller search volume than broad keywords, but they generate more qualified traffic to your website.

Consider the following scenario: you own an organic cleaning firm. Examples of fantastic niche keywords for your business might be “green cleaning products for homeowners” or “eco-friendly commercial cleaning products,” among others. It’s important to note that these are highly precise keywords that appeal to limited subsets of people who are interested in organic cleaning products in general.

When you look at a keyword such as “eco-friendly commercial cleaning products,” you can tell that the average consumer isn’t searching for that term in their search. People wishing to purchase environmentally friendly, commercial-grade cleaning goods will be the only ones who search for that specific niche keyword.

What is the Difference Between Niche and Keyword?

People are not looking for a solution even if they are experiencing a problem, so no matter how passionate one is about a particular firm, there will be no niche. It is necessary to identify a need in the market in order to establish a niche, and people must be actively hunting for solutions to fill that gap. 

As a result, a niche is defined as a group of people who are looking for a solution to a problem. A niche is defined as something that is both targeted and focused at the same time. Now, in order to avoid confusion between a niche and a targeted market, let us establish a target market.

The target market is the precise group of people to whom you provide services, such as dog owners, antique collectors, and so on. A specialty, on the other hand, is a service that you specialize in providing, such as dog owners training, dog owners’ discussion and consultation groups, and so on.

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What is Niche and Keyword Research?

Niche keywords are long-tail keywords that are particularly unique to a specific industrial vertical and have a low competition. It is critical to optimize your website and pay-per-click ads for specialist keywords rather than broad, popular ones, which are sometimes too difficult to rank for, especially if you are a new business.

As a new affiliate marketer, new to an industry, or releasing a new product, it can be difficult to forecast the impact of a new search campaign, as well as to develop an attack strategy for your industry niche when you’re just getting started with search marketing initiatives.

It goes without saying that you must first choose a certain niche before you can get started in earnest. Consider the following scenario: you’ve decided to create an affiliate website that will provide reviews of organic baby products. Regardless of how much knowledge you have about infant items, it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict in advance which keywords will be beneficial for you.

In-depth keyword research will assist you in identifying a diverse variety of potential keyword opportunities, including less obvious terms that have the potential to increase traffic and sales. This is a new venture, and hence there is no past data to use as a prediction of future performance on this site just yet. As a result, you’ll need a solid collection of prospective keywords to dig down on.

What are Tactics of Keyword Niche?

Here are tactics that you can use for Keyword Niche!

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Concentrate on These 2 Types of Content

In terms of content genres, informational and commercial investigation should give you a plethora of keyword suggestions (and are also the ones where you’ll have the greatest success). Informational Material Informational content aids in the development of trust and authority among your target audience. Typically, a modifier will be included in the title of this type, such as:


For example, the following affiliate links are used in this “how-to” post about bleeding a radiator (please see the Amazon affiliate notice below):

  • placement of an affiliate link into a how-to article

Alternatively, check out this men’s fashion website that explains what an Oxford shirt is:

  • placement of affiliate links on a men’s fashion blog

After you’ve read a thorough explanation of what an Oxford shirt is, you’ll notice affiliate links at the end of the article. Writing “what is” definition-style posts is similar to how old-school direct response copywriters would take you from being unaware to being aware of a solution in a single page (i.e., you’d take your reader from the top-of-funnel to the bottom-of-funnel in a single blog post).

Begin by asking your readers what terms they are looking for (or what they would like to learn) and then creating content around their answers. Next, utilizing a keyword research tool, eliminate phrases that receive little to no traffic (more on that in a minute).

Create a Resource page with links to your preferred tools in order to increase commissions (or products). With the use of a tool such as Lasso, you can organize your affiliate links into groups and build a page specifically for each category. Approximately 10% of our affiliate income is generated via our Resource page. And that’s just the first page.

Learn how to create a resource page in less than 10 minutes by watching this video. Using the Lasso Commercial Investigation Methodology. When someone is close to making a purchase and is in the process of investigating the potential product(s) they wish to acquire, this is referred to as commercial investigation.

This person is often looking for the following things:

  • Testimonials about products
  • Product contrasts and comparisons
  • Lists of the best

So, whatever your niche, think about the things that are popular among your target audience. After that, brainstorm for keyword ideas by using one of the modifiers listed below:

  • Best
  • Review(s)
  • Compared to / in comparison to
  • Try the following search terms:
  • [niche product] is the best of the best.
  • [Specialty product] + customer feedback
  • in comparison to

For example, if you work in the electronics industry, you can look for terms such as “best internal hard drives,” “seagate internal hard drive reviews,” or “seagate vs. western digital” when searching. An interesting side note: We’ve discovered that including product displays in our reviews, how-tos, and best lists to promote affiliate links has increased our affiliate earnings by as much as double or triple.

The process of including displays in your posts is straightforward with Lasso. Simply select the Cactus icon from the menu bar:

  • by selecting the cactus symbol

Select the type of display you want:

  • In lasso, selecting a display type is a simple process.

Lasso will automatically insert the following shortcode into your post:

  • lasso shortcode is an abbreviation for lasso.

If you have an affiliate partnership with WP Rocket, the following is an example of a Lasso single product display you might make for your site:

  • WP Rocket is the most effective caching plugin for WordPress.
  • WP Rocket is the most effective caching plugin for WordPress.
  • In only a few clicks, you can make your website load faster. WP Rocket is widely regarded as the most powerful caching plugin for the WordPress content management system. It utilizes WordPress because of its picture lazy loading capabilities across all of our affiliate websites.

Increase the Efficiency of my Website’s Affiliate Program

If you make a purchase through our link, we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. If you start out with a simple search that includes the modifiers stated above, you should be able to come up with a nice list of keywords for potential articles to write. Create a list of all of the prominent companies in your niche and then decide which of them are worthy of being reviewed, compared, or included in the finest lists available.

Read on for more information:

  • How to Make Long Blog Posts More Readable (and Interesting)
  • This Will Help You Increase Your Affiliate Earnings
  • Make use of the ASP method
  • ASP is an abbreviation that I use to remind myself to “Assess Skills & Processes” whenever I’m having difficulty coming up with new ideas

The way it works is as follows:

  • Consider the abilities you possess (or the processes you’ve developed to make your life easier) and how they translate to servicing your target audience (or audience members).
  • To provide you with an illustration using an example: a personal finance website publishes a large number of product reviews, and the majority of its money is generated through affiliate marketing.

When we first started writing them, the process was a shambles. They lacked consistency in their approach. There was no uniformity in the ratings from one review to another.

With the benefit of time and expertise, we were able to develop a structure that was effective.

Following that, we documented it so that anyone writing a product review in the future would have a clear path to follow.

a summary of the product review a google docs document

Both writers and readers would be aware of what was to come. Furthermore, because this applies to anyone who writes a product review, it might be used by other affiliate marketers.

As a result, we entered a few phrases into Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer and were presented with several potential keyword suggestions.

Scores for both terms were low to medium in difficulty:

keyword words in a specific niche and kd score

As a result, we decided to turn our Google doc template for writing product reviews into an article. The following is the Parent Topic in Ahrefs for that phrase as a result of this:

The product review template is a subtopic of the main subject. In addition, the following blog receives the most monthly page views:

  • metric page visits for an analytics product review

This is an example of how you can model it:

Ideas for keywords should be brainstormed. Consider the abilities you currently possess or the documentation you’ve generated to make your life more convenient and stress-free (e.g., Google docs or spreadsheets) Improve your process to produce useful material that will assist them in solving their difficulties. Read on for more information:

A Straightforward Product Evaluation Template 

Make use of a keyword research tool or search engine hacking techniques (Free & Paid). There are a variety of tools available to you to assist you with keyword generation (including search engines). Here’s what has worked for us in the past.


Ahrefs is our go-to all-in-one search engine optimization tool. It is really valuable for assisting us with keyword research and provides other useful stats, such as the following:

  • A keyword’s traffic potential and search volume A keyword’s purchase intent Whether or not we have a chance of ranking for a particular keyword
  • Using Ahrefs’ Phrase Match and Having Same Terms reports might be a useful trick when optimizing your website.

Try using Phrase Match in the following way:

  • Begin with a broad seed keyword that is easy to remember.
  • Select “Phrase Match” from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the KD filter to a value between 0 and 10.
  • Set the “volume” filter to (1,000 – maximum) and click “OK.”
  • Note: Using the filters is completely optional. It is dependent on the type of keywords you are targeting and the niche you are in. Example: A low keyword density (KD) filter indicates that you’ll have an easier time ranking, whereas the volume filter indicates how many monthly searches the word receives.

Let’s go back to the “cameras” example from earlier. After entering “cameras” into the search form and selecting Phrase Match, Ahrefs will produce a list of all the particular keywords that correspond to the exact phrase. Using kd and volume filters in ahrefs is recommended.

You may see the results, which include:

  • Cameras that are meant to be thrown away
  • Security cameras that operate at night
  • Cameras in the color red (below the fold)
  • Make use of the Having the Same Terms report for the query “best cameras” to spice things up a bit.

You can see terms such as the following:

  • What are the best cameras for YouTube?
  • The best cameras for first-time photographers
  • Outdoor security cameras that are the best
  • After that, adjust the filters to the levels that make the most sense for you and browse through the results.

To locate specific queries, use the modifiers previously indicated (e.g., reviews, how, what, best) in the “Include” filter and change the “Any Word” setting to the “Any Word” option. Use the word count filter on three or more keywords to see what you come up with when looking for long-tail keywords.

Moreover, the CPC metric is an extremely valuable feature. Let’s see what comes up when we search for the term “best film cameras.” The cost per click (CPC) is a measure of the average amount that marketers pay for each ad click. The greater the quantity, the greater the likelihood that a potential buyer will search for the keyword.

Note: When making a decision, this measure should not be the only one considered. Consider the following scenario: If you find that your keyword receives more paid clicks than organic clicks, it can make sense to include it in a PPC campaign (if you’re employing such a strategy). Ideally, while optimizing for SEO, you’d want a phrase that includes the following words:

Keywords Can be Found Anywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that allows you to search for keywords anywhere. It returns keywords that are not just connected to your search query, but also terms that are completely unrelated to your search term (e.g., it pulls the People Also Search For and Related searches from Google and Bing).

For example, the following is what you get when you input the query “snowboarding gear” into Google:

  • Keywords can be found everywhere in the search results.

There is a commercial version of this tool that allows you to view volume data in a variety of attributes, such as the following:

  • Google Trends is a search engine that provides information about what people are doing online.
  • Keyword Planner Search Console is a tool that allows you to find keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google.
  • You can also view data from eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, which you may find relevant in your research. According to my observations, the free option should be sufficient if you’re looking for keyword suggestions.

Search Engine Autosuggest

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can always take advantage of a search engine’s auto suggest feature. This works with Google and YouTube (which are owned by the same company), but not so well with Amazon. As a side note, Amazon’s auto suggest feature does function, but I was unable to get it to operate when I used the wild card (*) operator. 

Most likely, this is due to the fact that Amazon’s search engine is different from Google’s. When using the wild card search operator (asterisk [*]), Google sees it as a “fill in the blank” and will produce contextual keywords based on the results.

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