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How Do I Add Money to ShopeePay?

As the official payment system  of Shopee App, ShopeePay’s purpose is to serve a faster and more convenient way of shopping without having to register a card or using the COD options. ShopeePay is also a legitimate e-wallet as its already licensed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Besides, in case there’s any transaction that requires a refund, the amount of money will directly go to ShopeePay instead of Shopee Wallet.

Before you can add credits / money to your ShopeePay, first you need to activate this feature. The activation of ShopeePay is also as simple as the followings:

  • Launch your Shopee App;
  • Tap on the Wallet Bar that shown on your homepage;
  • You will need to register your personal information such as your name, ID number and creating your personal PIN which will be used for every payment authorization;
  • Your ShopeePay account will then be activated and ready to use.

After having your ShopeePay activated, unlike the previous Shopee Wallet which could only get the balance if there’s any refunds being made, with ShopeePay, you can now add money inside by doing a top-up. The balance in ShopeePay could also be used to purchase products on Shopee. ShopeePay works basically just like your wallet, but in digital form.

In order to add balance on your Shopee Account, please follow these steps below:

  • Tap on the Wallet Bar on your homepage;
  • Then tap on “Top Up” and select the amount you want to add on your balance;
  • You have various options to pay your top-up such as by remittance / payments Center, Over-the-counter, or by online payment;
  • Click “confirm” once you’ve choose the payment method you want to use for finishing the top up;
  • Shopee will then direct you to a page where they give guidance of payment instructions;
  • After the process of your payment is down and the payment has been verified, your proceeds will enter the amount of your ShopeePay, after that your ShopeePay is ready to be used as your payment method.

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Can You Top Up Shopee using GCash?

There’s a multiple way you can use if you want to top your ShopeePay balance in Shopee. Few payments methods accepted by Shopee includes:

  • Payment Center;
  • E-wallet;
  • Over the counter;
  • Online Payment;
  • Touchpay;
  • Shopee Top Up debit card; and,
  • Linked to bank account.

In order to cash in some ShopeePay to your account, follow this steps:

  • Tap on the ShopeePay balance on your homepage;
  • Click the “Cash In” options;
  • Choose the nominal you want to cash in;
  • Choose your preferred payment methods;
  • Complete the payment.

If you want to make a Cash In / Shopee Top Up GCash, during the section of choosing your preferred payment methods, choose Payment Center / e-wallet. Shopee’s system will immediately show a list of payment centers and e-wallet options right in front of your screen. Choose GCash and click confirm. Tap “Pay Now” to proceed with the payment.

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Top Up Using Another Method

Aside of GCash, you can also do a Cash In / Top Up to your ShopeePay account using online banking by following this steps:

  • Access ShopeePay Wallet;
  • Select “Online Banking” as payment method;
  • Choose the preferred bank;
  • Click “Confirm”;
  • After selecting the preferred bank under the online banking method, verify your email;
  • Click “Pay” then follow the instructions based on the selected online payment channel.

To top up using BDO, you have to connect and change into Dragonpay Shopee Top-Up in order to finish the payment process. 

Usually your ShopeePay balance will automatically be accumulated with the amount of your Cash In immediately after the payment is being verified. However, in some special cases, due to high traffic or poor internet connection, you might encounter a ShopeePay top up in progress that will take a moment before finally input the right amount into your ShopeePay balance.

If the reload status after 24 hours becomes “Shopee Pay Top Up Failed”, kindly report the problem for a troubleshooting by Shopee Team according to your selected top up method by sending proof of payment along with transaction ID.

Is There Any Admin Fee for ShopeePay Top Up?

The good news is, as Shopee and ShopeePay both keep improving and trying to make the financial services as convenient as possible for all of their users, any cash ins/ top ups including top up shopeepay using bdo fee is no longer being charged. 

Philippines ShopeePay users can now enjoy the free cash ins and bank transfers in real time within more than 35 banks and e-wallet partners as ShopeePay dedicated to create and enable easier and more seamless digital transactions to all of their users.

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Can I Withdraw from ShopeePay?

As long as you have a verified ShopeePay account and a verified bank account, you can easily withdraw balance from ShopeePay. To do so, you only have to follow this steps:

  • Go to your Shopee App;
  • Tap on the Shopee Wallet;
  • Tap “Withdraw”;
  • Select a bank account, then enter the withdrawal amount then click “confirm”;
  • Key in your ShopeePay PIN;
  • The amount will be transferred to your registered bank account.

Verifying your account is highly encouraged because it comes with more perks you can enjoy aside from allowing you to withdraw your ShopeePay balance such as the monthly inflow limit, balance limit, and daily purchase limit will increase by two times from 50,000 PHP into 100,000 PHP.

To verify your account you need to go to settings on the Shopee Page and choose the ID Verification. Fill in all the needed information including your ID picture and a selfie picture of yourself holding your ID. Then you will have to wait for 2 up to 3 working days for the verification process to be done.

If you’re also a Shopee seller, you will automatically have access to new Shopee’s feature called Seller Balance upon activating ShopeePay. This feature separates your refund with your earning as refund will still go to Shopee Wallet and revenue will go to Seller Balance. 

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