How to top up ShopeePay using GCash? More and more Filipinos have started to shop online instead of going to their favorite malls. People have started to realize that online shopping is easier, more convenient, and sometimes cheaper than traditional “brick and mortar” stores. One of the more popular online shopping destinations in the Philippines is Shopee.

ShopeePay is Shopee’s electronic wallet wherein you can pay for your purchases, buy load, pay your bills or withdraw cash. In short, it’s an e-wallet that holds money for transactions within the Shopee platform. 

How to pay shopee using gcash? Shopee has several payment options like credit/debit card, cash on delivery and online banking, but Shopee is encouraging its customers to use ShopeePay. When you use ShopeePay, you can avail of free shipping vouchers, cashback vouchers and other perks exclusive to ShopeePay users.

How to use shopeepay and how to pay using shopee pay? In order to use ShopeePay, you must first top it up via payment center, e-wallet, online banking or over-the-counter banking. You can use GCash to top up your ShopeePay wallet. You’ll realize how easy it is to transfer money from GCash to ShopeePay with just a few taps on your smartphone.

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Why Use ShopeePay and GCash?

How to use gcash? GCash is a staple app for every Filipino. In this era of pandemic, you can hardly survive without electronic wallets. Electronic wallets or e-wallets help us pay utility bills online, buy groceries or merchandise, transfer money and order food delivery services.

How to cash in ShopeePay? When shopping online via Shopee, it is efficient to use Shopee Pay to pay for the items that you want to buy. Perks like free shipping, cashback vouchers or coins are only available for Shopee Pay transactions so might as well take advantage of that to save even more money.

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How to Top Up ShopeePay Using GCash?

Before you transfer money from gcash to shopee pay, make sure that you have a verified GCash account and that you have enough balance to top up the amount you want.

How to pay in shopee using gcash? Shopee is one of the most widely used in the Philippines. And has ShopeePay, you can use it to pay for your purchases hassle-free. The app also offers vouchers that are exclusive for ShopeePay users only. Meaning, you can only redeem these vouchers if your payment method is ShopeePay.

There are many ways how to top up ShopeePay using credit card or add money to your ShopeePay account. You can pay through payment centers, online payments, over the counter, or you could also pay using other e-wallet services like GCash.

so , here are the steps on how to top up shopee pay to gcash.

Go to ShopeePay

Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed Shopee on your mobile phone. 

First, open the Shopee app. Click the ShopeePay icon and then Go to Wallet.

You can also go there by clicking the Me tab and clicking ShopeePay.

Click Top Up and Enter The Amount

The main page of your ShopeePay will show you your balance and the transactions you can do.

To add money to your ShopeePay account, select Top Up.

Enter the amount you want to add. You can choose among the amount options on the screen. But you can also input your desired amount by typing it in.

The minimum amount you can transfer from GCash to ShopeePay is 50 Peso. At the moment, gcash to ShopeePay fee transfers are free.

Choose a Payment method

After entering the amount you want to top up, click PAYMENT. Select Payment Center/ e-Wallet.

A list of payment centers and e-wallet options will appear. Choose GCash and click Confirm.

Once you’ve entered the amount you want to top up and selected a payment method, tap Pay Now to proceed with your payment.

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Verify Your Email

If an email address is connected to your Shopee account, it would automatically appear on the email field.

If not, you would have to verify your email for your Shopee account first before you can proceed with the top up process. If your email address appears on this screen, click PAY to proceed.

Log In Your GCash

You will be redirected to the GCash log in page to proceed with your payment :

  1. Enter the mobile number connected to your GCash account and click Next
  2. Check your phone. An authentication code will then be sent to your mobile number via text / SMS
  3. Enter the 6-digit code and click Submit Code
  4. Log in by entering your 4-digit MPIN for GCash and tap Next

Click Confirm and Pay

To finish the payment process, click Confirm and Pay. Wait for a few seconds to process your payment. Do not close the app or click the back button.

If your shopeepay top up in progress and successful, a prompt telling you so will appear. This will also show the amount you added to your ShopeePay.

You have now successfully added money to your ShopeePay. The amount will immediately reflect on your ShopeePay. You will also receive an SMS from GCash regarding the successful transaction.

To use ShopeePay for purchases, just select ShopeePay as the payment method and enter your ShopeePay PIN when prompted. If payment is successful, the amount will be deducted from your ShopeePay balance.


How to pay gcash in shopee? If you already have gcash sign up, you may encounter a situation where the GCash Buy Load is currently unavailable or under maintenance. And if you really need the load and GCash is unavailable, then that is going to be a very big problem. 

How to transfer shopee pay to gcash? Good thing, there is Shopee and ShopeePay. You can either directly purchase loads from different networks like Globe, TM, Sun, Smart, and TNT using your Shopee app and paying it using your GCash wallet, or using your ShopeePay Wallet. But, to be able to use your ShopeePay Wallet, you need to put money inside it (top-up).

How to refund ShopeePay to gcash? Using ShopeePay is necessary if you are shopping in Shopee. Aside from saving money for free shipping, you could also earn discounts on your next purchase. On the other hand, you are also saving yourself from credit card debt since you are obligated to only spend the money that you have, not with your credit card.

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