Shopee seller ratings are very good determinants of your account health in Shopee. This helps your reputation as a seller and business person because feedback and ratings reflect publicly on Shopee pages both in the app and website. This information can either help or break your shop depending on whether or not they are good. 

Make sure that as a seller, you get to earn good ratings from your customers because it will not only show, but also will help you establish loyalty among your buyers. It also has the potential of attracting new customers to buy what you sell. There are many factors to consider to have good ratings like fast Shopee response, your interactions, and more. 

Product Rating

Product ratings are a compilation of customer ratings and reviews of a product after an order has been placed. Customers’ satisfaction with their purchases and their shopping experience at a store is indicated by their product ratings. As a result, it serves as a key reference for prospective consumers who wish to determine whether or not the product satisfies their expectations. 

Product ratings are given from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest possible rating.  Shoppers can see these ratings whether they browse through search results or on the product detail page of the website. On their listings, the total product rating of the seller will be displayed, but the actual remarks and accompanying photographs and videos will only be viewable three (3) months after the ad was originally published. 

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Shop Rating

The average of all product ratings inside a shop is used to calculate the shop rating. It assists prospective customers in determining whether or not the shop is reputable. On their listings, the total product rating of the seller will be displayed, but the actual remarks and accompanying photographs and videos will only be viewable three (3) months after the ad was originally published.

Customer service representatives will contact them within 15 days of order fulfillment to ask them to rate each item received. They will be given the opportunity to change their ratings once within 30 days of the date they initially rated the item. For additional Shopee coins, shoppers are advised to give a description of the purchase as well as images of the product in their review.

Improving Your Product and Shop Rating

Some pointers to help you enhance your product and shop ratings are as follows:

Performance Cause of Low RatingSuggestions

Out-of-stockTrack your inventory carefully and make sure your stocks are up-to-date.

Long waiting time
Activate Vacation Mode if you are away. If more time is required to ship your products, list them as pre-order items. Sort pending orders by ship-by date, and handle orders with the nearest deadline first.

Wrong item
Double check that you have packed the correct item and labelled it for the correct address.

Damaged item
Make sure that all orders are packed properly. Fragile products should be labelled and packed with extra cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or foam paper.

Product not as describedProvide detailed descriptions of your product and fill in all attribute fields. Include multiple images of your product taken from different angles to help shoppers visualise the product better.
Poor product qualityRemove products that consistently receive low ratings. Ensure product descriptions are relevant. E.g. Avoid using “best quality” when “low price” is the product’s unique selling point.

Customer Service
Slow response to chatRespond promptly to shoppers’ chat messages and ensure questions about products are clarified.
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Review Your Ratings

On the Shop Rating page, you can see how your ratings and reviews have been received. To find a specific product, use the filters on the left. Your shop rating can also be checked on the Account Health page, under the Customer Satisfaction section of the menu bar. Aim for a rating of at least 4.5 in order to have a successful selling performance.

Responding to Your Reviews

The Shopee Rating page provides an opportunity for you to respond to customer reviews. Responding to reviews demonstrates to buyers that you are interested. Express your gratitude to those who have done well, and follow up with those who have done poorly in a kind manner.

You should conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner in all of your responses. It is possible that sellers who are reported to have used abusive language in their responses will be penalized with penalty points. You have the ability to respond to reviews at any moment. However, please keep in mind that you can only submit one response at a time and that you cannot change it.

If you receive favorable feedback, thank customers for purchasing from your shop and taking the time to leave a review. If you receive negative feedback, explain what you’ve done or intend to do to remedy the situation.

Reporting an Abusive Reviewer

At Shopee, we endeavor to create a safe environment for both buyers and sellers to conduct business. In spite of the fact that we expect all vendors to deliver a positive buying experience, this does not imply that we condone difficult shoppers. If you receive product reviews that are unjust or improper for the product, you can report them to Shopee for review moderation. 

There are several examples of this, including comments intended to deceive other buyers, the use of improper or vulgar language, and the sharing of personal information. You can report abuse by clicking on the Report Abuse button located on product pages.

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