Maintaining your Shopee Account Health is very important when you are a seller in Shopee. It is one of the most important things to take note of. You need to manage and maintain your account health in Shopee by avoiding Shopee’s Penalty system. When you do so, your reputation will be good and your operations will be stress-free.

When you start selling on Shopee, there can be a lot of things to consider and you want to make sure that you’ve got it all covered. It’s pretty normal to see Shopee support local campaigns for stores on the platform, to really make the most of this, you really want to pay attention to your store’s rating even if your store is just part of a Shopee miscellaneous category.

This article will also go over things like what a good buyer rating sample and a good Shopee review sample look like. It will also address questions like “can i delete my review on shopee?”,whether or not you can or cannot edit Shopee rating and, if ever, how to edit rating on Shopee or how to hide seller rating on shopee.

What is Account Health in Shopee?

When you track your present and historical performance, Account Health gives you a comprehensive picture of your overall performance. This is determined by your ability to satisfy Shopee’s seller performance criteria while avoiding the accumulation of penalty points on your account. Your overall performance rating will be displayed as either Excellent, Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor, depending on how well you performed. 

This grade is generated based on how successfully you have completed performance objectives and the number of penalty points you have accrued over the course of the previous twelve weeks. With exceptional operational and commercial success, you can quickly rise to the top of the sales rankings and qualify to join Shopee’s Preferred Seller program, which offers additional perks.

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Accessing Your Account Health in Shopee

There are two main ways to access account health in Shopee. You can access it through the Shopee App or the Shopee Website. Below are the different ways to access your account health in Shopee, as a seller.

Accessing Account Health in Shopee App

Account Health can be accessed via the My Shop tab on the Shopee App, which is convenient for getting a fast summary while on the go. Among the information displayed are your Account Health rating, penalty points, Ongoing Punishment, and performance for important criteria that contribute to the accumulation of penalty points.

In the Penalty section, click on Penalty Points or Punishment to learn more about connected listings or orders, as well as information about past and present sanction, so that you’ll be better prepared to deal with these difficulties in the future.

Accessing Account Health in Shopee Website

You can also reach the Account Health page on the Shopee website by using the Seller Centre sidebar menu located at the top of the page. It is divided into three major areas on the Account Health page: My Penalty, Issues to Improve, Metrics. 

Note that account Health is available in the App for a fast snapshot of your performance, and in the Seller Centre (Website) for further information on various indicators and actions you can take to remedy any issues that have occurred.

Reviewing the Performance for Account Health

The My Penalty section provides a concise overview of your Penalty Points earned this quarter, as well as any Ongoing Punishment you may be subjected to. More information about your penalties can be found on the Penalty Page, which can be accessed using the More option. There are three major areas on which you will need to concentrate: Penalty Points this Quarter, Penalty Point, Punishment. 

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Penalty Points This Quarter

Here you will find a list of your current penalty points, an overview of your penalty points in each category, and a graph that depicts the trajectory of your penalty points for the current quarter.

Penalty Points

You will find a list of violations, as well as the number of penalty points you’ve accrued as a result of each violation, under this page. Using the two dropdown choices on the right, you may narrow down the list by time period or violation category. Using the View Details button will provide you with additional in-depth information on each penalty.


You’ll discover a list of the punishments that have been issued to you under this category. You can use the two dropdown menus to filter the list depending on the status of the punishment (current/completed) or the Tier of the penalty.

Metrics for Reviewing Performance

The Metrics section of the Account Health page in Seller Centre provides a summary of four categories that are used to monitor your performance against your objectives: Listing Infractions, Fulfillment, Customer Service, and Customer Satisfaction are all topics covered.

Based on the indicator beside each measure, you’ll be able to see how well you’re doing in each category with just a glance at your dashboard. You will receive a green ‘thumbs up’ sign if all of the performance targets for the category have been met, while you will receive a red ‘exclamation mark’ icon if you have failed to fulfill at least one performance target for the category.

There are a variety of measures that may be used to evaluate your progress toward meeting your goals in each category. To find out more about each metric, hover your cursor over the ‘?’ icon next to the metric name. A pop-up window will appear, displaying the definition of the metric as well as suggestions for how to improve your performance.You can track your progress over time by referring to the information supplied for each metric:

  • The My Shop column displays the current performance of your business.
  • The Target column displays your desired level of performance.
  • The performance you demonstrated in the last assessment cycle is displayed in the Previous Cycle column. The length of each evaluation cycle varies depending on the statistic being evaluated.
  • The Penalty Points column displays the number of penalty points that have been accrued.

Tips for Good Account Health in Shopee

Here are tips that are useful when maintaining a good account health in Shopee:

Avoiding Listing Violations

Comply with Shopee’s policies on forbidden listings, counterfeit and intellectual property infringement listings, and spam listings to avoid being charged with a violation.

Order Fulfillment

Ship your orders on time and in good condition in order to avoid order cancellations and returns from customers.

Customer Service

Respond swiftly while treating each and every shopper with dignity and consideration.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by providing them with an optimal shopping experience in order to earn excellent ratings. 

You might be wondering “which of the following are possible reasons for incurring penalty points?” well generally just try to follow these tips and you should be on the right track.

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