Chat Response on Shopee is very important. You need to have a fast response in order to rank up on your chat performance. This helps customers know that they can count on your customer service, and also a metric for Shopee to know that they should not put you under the Shopee Penalty system.  It’s important to know the fast response meaning as well as what fast response synonyms you can use can really step up your online store.

Customer service and fast chat response goes hand in hand with each other because you cannot have one without the other. As a Shopee seller, you want to have good engagement and interaction with your customers in order to establish loyalty and good riddance. This article will tell you all about how good and fast chat responses lead to good customer service. Shopee monitors how well you are with your customers. 

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What is Customer Service?

The ability to provide outstanding customer service via chat is a crucial tool in increasing your sales and increasing client loyalty. Shopee tracks your interactions with your shoppers, and you will learn how to use this information in this module. 

When it comes to whether a potential buyer will purchase from you, customer service is critical. In fact, for our top-performing sellers, developing a positive relationship with customers is one of the most important keys in their success.

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What is Chat Response? 

Chat response is a measure of how quickly you respond to shoppers who contact you through Shopee Seller Chat. Buyers can acquire their answers fast and make a more informed purchasing decision when you are responsive to their needs. For shoppers who can locate another store that sells the identical item, this is very crucial. 

The sooner you answer, the greater the likelihood that you will win the buyer over. Response times are important since they increase conversion and, ultimately, purchases. Additionally, your replies may assist shoppers in developing a more accurate anticipation of your goods, hence minimizing the number of returns or refunds. Long-term, buyers who are pleased with your chat responses are more likely to return to your site and make additional purchases.

How Can You Measure Chat Response? 

All sellers are required to respond to buyer inquiries as quickly as possible in order to maintain a high chat response rate. Another condition for being a Preferred Seller on Shopee is to maintain a customer retention rate (CRR) of at least 70%. As previously stated, the chat response performance consists of the chat response rate and the chat response time. These are updated on a daily basis. 

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Chat Response Rate

This statistic measures the percentage of new chats and offers received (as a percentage of total chats) that a seller reacts to within 12 hours of receiving them. If you want to have an excellent chat response performance, you should respond to your potential buyers within 12 hours on a continuous basis. 

Chat Response Time

It is the average amount of time it takes for a seller to respond to a buyer’s chat message. Any message received after 12 hours of the previous message will result in the creation of a new chat thread.

Chat Thread

A chat thread is a series of messages that are exchanged between two or more people. Any message sent after 12 hours of the previous message, regardless of who sent it, will result in the creation of a new chat thread, regardless of who submitted the previous message. As a result, a conversation might be made up of multiple chat threads at the same time.

If the seller answers to the chat thread within 12 hours of receiving it, the chat thread is considered replied. Even if the seller answers to the chat thread after 12 hours, it will still be considered a non-responded chat thread by the system. 

Only responses to messages and offers received during the last 90 days are included in the calculation, which is updated on a daily basis. The most recent 25 percent of talks received are given a higher weighting than the rest of the chats.

Self-check on Your Chat Response

Checking your chat response rate and chat response time may be found on the Shopee Account Health page, which is located under the Customer Service section of the website. Under Conversation performance, shoppers who are reading your store profile will be able to view your chat response rate and length of time spent chatting.

What you can do is check Shopee Seller Chat on a regular basis to ensure that you don’t miss any conversation threads. Set up reminders for yourself to respond to potential purchasers at specific times throughout the day.

Tips on Having a Good Chat Performance

Below are three tips on how you can have a good chat performance in Shopee:

Activate FAQ Assistant

The FAQ drop-down menu will be automatically populated with all incoming buyer messages. These messages will not count towards CRR until a buyer selects the Chat with Shop Agent option, which will demand a response within 12 hours.

Increase Your Response Rate 

Check in on the threads you’ve received on a regular basis to ensure you don’t miss any messages and that you answer to possible purchasers in a timely manner. If it would be helpful, you may set a reminder for yourself.

Invest Time in Customers

Give your potential buyers the attention they deserve by taking the required time. In the event that buyers’ questions are promptly and appropriately handled, they are more inclined to commence and/or continue orders with the vendor.

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