Shopee checkout seller? Online shopping is getting more and more convenient. There’s no need to move out of the house, no having to walk around for a protracted time trying to seek out what you’re trying to find and no having to carry all the things you acquire because it’ll be delivered straight to the doorstep.

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But despite the convenience, there are some things that worry. the most important of them is maybe not receiving the item that you just already pre-paid for. This is often why the cash-on-delivery (COD) payment method became a well-liked option for lots of internet buyers.

What is Shopee Checkout Only?

Shopee checkout shipping only? In order to confirm that the Shopee platform is secure, that may suspend accounts automatically flagged by our system for violating our terms and conditions. You’ll not be ready to take a look at your items if there’s no available shipping option.

Shopee checkout link? There may be some reasons why you may not be able to try your items:

  • Your account is listed as “Limited” so as to confirm that the Shopee platform is secure, that may suspend accounts automatically flagged by our system for violating our terms and conditions.
  • You may not be able to try your items if there’s no available shipping option.
  • If you’ve got issues together with your payment, you’ll be able to try using another payment method available to get your items.
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Shopee checkouts are going to be strictly monitoring ‘Checkout Only’ listings. Shops detected with Checkout Only listings are frozen. These listings are considered as junk and spam listings.

Shopee listings mustn’t be used for shipping only because Listings uploaded to use Shopee as a courier are deleted and sellers will incur penalty points. Example: Listings indicating “For Shopee check-out only” or “Checkout Lane”

Shopee checkout shipping only? Shopee’s system may detect these listings without sellers explicitly stating that their listings are for ‘checkout only’.

  • “Payment first” instructions and directing transactions outside Shopee aren’t allowed. Asking buyers for payment first before testing or directing transactions outside Shopee aren’t allowed. Including these details in your Product Name and/or Description will lead to listings being deleted and violators penalised.
  • Declare item price in listing that Listings must reflect the particular prices at which the things were sold. This is applicable to items sold during livestream sessions. Failure to declare item price will lead to listing deletion and penalty points.

How Do I Use Shopee Checkout as a Seller?

How to sell on Shopee PH? How to order in Shopee for beginners? You can buy a product easily via Shopee’s website or Shopee App. Before you do so, ensure you have signed up for a Shopee account and added a local delivery address. 

How to order in Shopee step by step? After searching for a product and deciding on what to buy, you can proceed to purchase in the following 3 ways:

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Buy and Checkout Immediately

On the merchandise page, select Buy Now > Select preferred variation option (if applicable) > select Buy Now > Select preferred Shipping Option (if necessary) > Use Shopee Voucher and Shopee Coins (optional) > Select preferred Payment Option > Place Order.

Add to Cart and Checkout with Other Items

On the merchandise page, select Augment Cart > Select preferred variation option (if applicable) > Select raise Cart > Select products to buy > Use Shopee Voucher and Shopee Coins > Select try > Place Order.

Chat with Seller to Make an Offer 

On the merchandise page, select Chat Now > Select Make Offer > Select preferred variation option (if applicable) > Enter Price to supply > Make Offer > attend handcart once offer is Accepted. you will proceed to checkout from the handcart.

How Do I Register as a Seller on Shopee?

Shopee seller training? Here some steps how to create a Shopee checkout link:

  • Create a Shopee account or Login to Shopee – ensure to feature and verify your number and email address.
  • go to Me tab > select My Shop > Seller Assistant > Shop Profile to finish your shop profile.
  • Add your pickup address.
  • Create a product listing, visit Me tab > Start Selling > Add Products > Add Photo > Fill within the product details > Publish.

First things first, the COD option isn’t always available for all sellers or customers in the Shopee seller centre. Whether or not the COD option will appear depends on a lot of factors. It is usually available unless:

  • The seller didn’t enable the COD option. Not all sellers accept COD, actually because they’re located outside the covered area of the courier. you’ll ask the vendor to enable their COD option.
  • Your location is non-serviceable. Some areas don’t seem to be a part of the courier’s delivery coverage. during this case, you must get a miscalculation saying “Unsupported Address.”
  • The seller failed to choose a courier that enables COD. This is often the foremost likely reason. As you would possibly have already noticed, Shopee has several partner couriers that you just may choose when testing. But not all of them accept COD.
  • The product you wish to shop for isn’t available for COD. Sometimes, it’s a selected item. It’s possible that COD doesn’t apply to the merchandise you wish to shop for.

As one of the leading online buying and selling platforms in SouthEast Asia, Shopee can help you attract customers during the initial phase of your business. Visibility is an important aspect when generating sales online. 

Shopee can help you with that through their ever-growing marketing and promotional activities that give seller products the attention they need to generate sales. To help you get started, they’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how you can set up your Shopee Seller account.

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Download The Shopee App

You can of course also decide to connect to the Shopee sign-up journey through your desktop but Shopee works hard to position itself as a mobile-first platform so we recommend just getting started by downloading and installing the app right away.

Sign Up

Shopee seller requirements? Open the app and tap on the Me tab at the bottom of the screen. A profile page will appear with a Login and Sign-Up option at the top. Select Sign Up.

If you decide to register through the website, simply click on the Sign Up tab found at the Home Page. You can create an account by inputting your phone number, email address, Facebook, or even your Google account. 

After you verify your account through the sign-up method that you used, you can log-in to Shopee. 

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Set Up Your Shopee Seller Account

Open the Shopee app, tap on ‘Me’ and then select Start Selling. Now you need to set up your Shopee wallet so you can safely accept orders and receive your payment. 

When you tap on the Start Selling tab, a profile menu will appear. Select Seller Balance. A Create Wallet Pin window will open. Copy the verification to the text box and tap Continue ( The verification code will be sent to your phone number). 

Create/List Your Products

Go back to your profile menu by tapping the Me tab. Choose Add New Product. You can use Instagram or your phone gallery to upload images of your product. You can also take a new photo right at that time. 


Shopee seller is an ecommerce platform which will facilitate your in such a large amount of ways. If you’re an internet entrepreneur, Shopee’s widely popular ecommerce platform additionally as its effective merchant tools can facilitate your business success in no time. 

Because it is the nearly go-to site for sample Filipinos, it’s pretty obvious that Shopee can facilitate your manifest online success.

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