It is important that your Shopee store looks presentable and well-decorated on Shopee’s application and website. This will allow traction and traffic to come to you and will eventually lead up to an increase in sales plus a whole army of loyal customers. 

Make sure that your seller profile or your store page is not only aesthetically pleasing but also trustworthy in appearance. Looking legitimate and authentic instead of shady and sketchy can help you achieve the amount of sales that you have been longing for so long. 

How to be a seller in Shopee Philippines?

Wondering how to be a seller in Shopee Philippines? It is not as hard as you might be thinking. You need to  have an account via Shopee seller center Philippines sign up. 

Being a Shopee vendor in the Philippines is a piece of cake. It is simple to begin your online selling experience on Shopee if you follow the correct procedures. Read on to find out how you may become a seller and participate in the Shopee Seller Center by following the steps outlined below. Only a few steps are required: creating an account, properly publishing and finalizing your listings, and committing to provide high-quality service to your clients.

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How to Prepare Your Shopee Stores?

So, how to be a Shopee seller Philippines? Preparing your Shopee store is crucial to make sure that you will not be caught off-guard by sudden unwanted events that will hinder a smooth operation on your Shopee career. Make sure that from product name to customer service, you are well ready and well equipped to start selling. 

There are certain things to consider when preparing, such as your Shopee username, Shopee decoration and Shopee badge. Read below to know more about the preparation you need in order to be good as a Shopee seller. 

Display Your Store’s Name, Product Descriptions, and Item Images

Pick a good creative and unique store name that accurately depicts your shop and items, while adhering to Shopee’s Shop Naming Guidelines in order to maximize your sales. To lend your store a great reputation, you can post up to five photographs and videos. Compose a brief and clear description of your store in order to entice customers. 

You can also include details about your shop’s background and other Shopee shop description, the types of things it sells, and the dates it is open for conversation. Don’t ask customers to perform transactions beyond the Shopee, and to include private details such as contact addresses or telephone number in your message. Of course these are important because it would be pretty hard if you find out how to sell in Shopee without product. 

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Your Store Appearance on Shopee is Important

Just like normal and physical stores, the way that your shop looks is also important on Shopee. This detail, no matter how basic or simple it may sound, can do a lot to your sales and interactions as a seller. It does not only build trust but it also attracts customers who will give better comments and reviews. 

For this, you need to Shopee Decoration. In the Shopee Seller Centre, there is a feature called Shop Decoration that allows you to personalize your store front page with a range of elements in order to generate a beautiful shop front which accurately and efficiently displays your merchandise.

You may utilize the elements to draw attention to specific items or specials among your customers, pique their interest, and encourage them to investigate deeper.

Know and Display Your Shopee Badge

In order to verify legitimacy and reward good store performance, Shopee Badge is introduced as part of the Shopee’s Preferred Seller Program. Sellers who are chosen purely by Shopee in acknowledgment of their outstanding sales and process efficiency will be eligible for perks under the program. Get to be a Recommended Seller and you’d have a Preferred badge displayed on your store and advertisements for the duration of the program.

This program is really only open to those who have been invited. Sellers will not be able to submit their registrations. Sellers who are recommended are not subject to any increased fees. Make sure you follow Shopee seller requirements as well, and review Shopee seller fee Philippines. 

There are three different tiers to identify a merchant in Shopee Philippines. There are Marketplace Sellers, those who are non-mall and non-brand sellers. There is also the preferred seller, those who are selected because they have met a particular performance demand. Lastly, there are Mall sellers who are verified to sell in the Shopee Mall. 

The Preferred badge is a symbol of confidence in the overall advantages of the business and performance. Preferred Sellers appear higher in searching outcomes and connect a greater number of buyers. Customers are encouraged to spend from Preferred Sellers since they can receive Shopee coins that can be used to make planned payments from the same seller.

Additional Tips for Preparation in Shopee

Your things should be priced appropriately and attractively. Examine the pricing of your peers’ products to provide a baseline for how your own products should be sold. Produce product listings that are precise and thorough. In the perspective of online consumers, your business and items appear more genuine as a result of this practice.

Consider the potential questions that buyers may have and then provide the solutions in the description to avoid confusion. Draw up a list of features and benefits for your product. When contrasted to goods with blank spots, your products have a two-fold increase in the likelihood of being discovered by customers.

How to sell in Shopee cod? Showcase your products from a variety of perspectives. Customers will be able to more easily imagine what your result exists like as a result of this. Even better, include a video demonstration of how an item operates. This is a sure way on how to make Shopee checkout. 

Discounts and other appealing offers should be made available. You can participate in Shopee’s promotional programs in order to increase your sales. You should connect your digital merchant account to your social media accounts. You will be able to share your product pages with an even larger audience as a result of this.

You must provide nothing other than exceptional client service. This will assist you in gaining customer trust and avoiding dealing with unsatisfied or enraged clients. It is best not to do transactions outside of an e-commerce platform in order to protect oneself against impersonators and scammers.

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