How to enable product shipping settings Shopee? Shopee has become one of the biggest E-Commerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, it can also be found in countries like Korea and Taiwan. Thus, Shopee operates in Asian countries where Lazada currently doesn’t have a presence.

Increasingly more cross-border sellers wonder how they can start selling on Shopee. Often, they ask how they can fulfill and ship orders to clients in so many countries. If you’ve ever bought something online, you’re already familiar with the marketplace system. Like other platforms of its kind, sellers can register with Shopee to market their products on more attractive terms, with lower prices and free Shopee shipping, for example.

You can browse different product categories, from electronics to home furnishings to toys and clothing. Like other sites, Shopee has apps for Android and iOS, in addition to the official website.

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How Do I Enable Product Shipping on Shopee?

You can set up your shipping channel via the product shipping settings Shopee page on Seller Center or within the Shopee App.

To request for a Shipping Channel to be added to your options, kindly reach out to Shopee Customer Service or your respective Relationship Manager.

How to order Shopee? Use Shopee Supported Logistics for hassle-free shipping arrangements. It also allows buyers to track their orders, which helps to improve customer satisfaction.

If you are not able to see the requested shipping option in your account, your location may be non-serviceable or unsupported by the chosen courier. You can choose your own shipping via non-integrated couriers.

Here are the steps how to enable shipping option in Shopee :

  1. Tap Start Selling or My Shop under the Me tab
  2. Tap My Shipping
  3. Toggle on the available shipping options and tap Save

How Do I Change Shipping Charges on Shopee?

How to set shipping fee in Shopee? Before setting up the shipping fee, the seller should first activate the preferred logistics provider. It is mandatory to set the proper product weight to avoid discrepancy.

Here are the steps to change the shipping charges on Shopee :

  1. Go to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling
  2. Choose My Products or Add New Product depending on where you want to set the Shipping Charges
  3. Tap Shipping Fee
  4. Input the accurate dimensions (size/weight). Toggle on the preferred courier for shipment, then tap Save

Measure the packaging size of the item and fill in the dimensions accurately to prevent additional shipping costs or failed delivery

Sellers can only nominate and customize shipping fees to non-Shopee logistics partners.

Shipping fees for Shopee logistics partners are predefined. Sellers need to set the correct weight and dimensions as the shipping fee will be based on the actual weight of the items or the volumetric weight of the package (inclusive of the external packaging), whichever is higher.

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Why is My Shipping Option Unsupported Shopee?

Shopee has become one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, it can also be found in countries like Korea and Taiwan. Thus, Shopee operates in Asian countries where Lazada currently doesn’t have a presence.

Increasingly more cross border sellers wonder how they can start selling on Shopee. Often, they ask how they can fulfill and ship orders to clients in so many countries.

If you see the error messages “This product does not support the selected shipping option” or “No available shipping option” during checkout, it could be due to an incomplete or invalid delivery address, or that the delivery area is out of range.

How to set shipping option in Shopee? To resolve this issue, you can check that your delivery address is complete and correct. 

To edit your address, select the Delivery Address section on the Checkout page > Select the address to edit > Edit your address information as needed.

If you are still unable to checkout after changing the address, you can contact the Shopee Seller Center for help.

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Where is Shipping Settings Shopee?

Here are the steps where you can go to the shipping settings Shopee :

  1. Click on the “Shipping Setting” Tab and select the required shipping options by ticking the respective checkboxes. Unselected shipping options will have this shipping option to be removed from all existing listings in your shop.
  2. After that, proceed to edit each product to enable your newly selected shipping options

How to Solve No Shipping Options are Available?

Shopee is one of the most popular marketplaces where people can buy and sell from. While offering dropship services in Shopee would be helpful in earning more sales amounts as well as gaining quality reviews.

Why is there no available shipping option Shopee seller? You will see this message when you tried to check the shipping fee estimation or failed to check out. There are few factors that cause customers to not be able to proceed with shipping method selection.

  1. Kindly ensure that weight is inserted for the products at Products > Edit Product > General tab > Shipping box > Weight.
  2. Kindly ensure that shipping requirement is enabled for products at Products > Edit Product > General tab > Shipping box > Require Shipping: Enabled.
  3. Kindly ensure at least one shipping method is enabled at Settings > Shipping > Edit Shipping Method > Status: Enabled.
  4. If you are using Weight Based Shipping or Weight Based Shipping 2, make sure your weight range is able to support the total weight of per customer order.
  5. Kindly ensure that Weight Class is applied correctly for the enabled shipping method at Settings > Business Info > Standards & Formats > Weight Class.

Product Shipping Settings Shopee

How to add shipping option in Shopee? There are two types of shipping method, who’s responsible for packing your orders, how to better prepare for each of them, and the crucial details you should know before shipping your Shopee orders.

There are 2 methods of shipping your Shopee orders.

Pick Up by Shopee’s Partner Courier

Being Shopee’s “courier partner”, this means that if your pick up address is serviceable by one of these couriers, it means:

  • You can activate the COD (cash on delivery option) in your shop.
  • You can offer free shipping to your buyers for orders amounting up to ₱500. Meaning, more chances of getting sales.
  • These couriers will pick up your shipments for free. Meaning, you don’t have to leave your house just to ship orders.
  • If for any reason your buyer doesn’t receive your shipment, your package will be returned back to you free of charge. Meaning, you will not pay for the courier’s wasted time and effort. Nor will your buyer.

It’s such a cool deal! So if your area is serviceable in all of these Shopee, courier partners, consider yourself lucky as this means you’ll likely get more sales.

Shipment Outside Shopee’s Partner Courier

What it means if you ship through a courier who isn’t Shopee’s partner :

  • You cannot offer free shipping nor a COD option on that particular courier.
  • You can either bring your package to one of the alternative couriers’ establishments or pay extra for pick-up.
  • On the bright side though, your buyers will receive the orders faster. At least for LBC. I ship from Luzon so when I use LBC, my Metro Manila customers receive their orders within a day. 2-3 days for Visayas and Mindanao buyers. When I ship through Black Arrow, the delivery takes 5-8 business days from the shipment date.
  • Some buyers are okay with the 5-8 business day time frame. Some can’t wait that they’re willing to pay for a rush shipping, this is rare. 

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Shopee is a popular mobile platform based in Southeast Asia that originally began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform before developing into a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace serving customers throughout the region. Shopee provides merchants with simple, inexpensive payment options to help them develop their businesses.

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