Partner platform Shopee? What is the Shopee international platform? Once you sign up as a Shopee seller, you merely do so per market that you simply reside in. For instance, if you’re from the Philippines, you converge for Shopee PH and if you’re from Singapore, you’ll be ready to meet up as a seller at Shopee SG.

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But even once you visit Shopee to fulfil our own buying needs, you notice that some products should ship overseas. Sellers from one region which will sell their products from any Shopee-supported country are called a Shopee crossborder seller.

This means if you’re a Shopee seller from China, potential buyers from the Philippines or Indonesia could order your products.

Lazada has its own version of the crossborder seller program. On their platform, they call it being a Lazada Global Seller. Meanwhile, Shopee refers to it due to the Shopee International Platform.

What is the Partner Platform in Shopee?

Shopee third party partner platforms? One of the foremost commonly asked questions from eCommerce clients is, How should they organise their products in Shopify? How you arrange your Shopify store products is up to you and may change over time as your business goals or customer feedback change.

The objective is to make browsing your online store as easy as possible for your customers. Your website visitors won’t be your site for very long if they find it difficult to go looking for what they require.

Newly-launched feature that will allow sellers to sell on overseas Shopee platforms and promote their products on a worldwide level. Currently, Singapore is the pilot market.

Shopee open platform? SIP is Shopee’s very own cross-border program that lets sellers do the following:

  • Expand current operations and consumer outreach to potentially sell to 6 different countries using the localised Shopee platform in each country.
  • Enjoy value-added cross border services by Shopee which include logistics support, payment, and customer service arrangements at no additional cost.
  • You will even be engaged with local selling experience without the need of fixing a remote office.
  • There are two business models being followed within the SIP program. These are the Managed By Seller and Managed By Shopee models.

Choosing Managed by Seller means after you receive an order you’ll arrange shipment of the products towards Shopee’s warehouse. Going for the Managed by Shopee model implies that Shopee personnel will acquire the package so will ship it to the customer. The successful delivery of the package will take 7 to 14 days.

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Shopee third party platform? Here are some process of Shopee international platform (SIP):

  • Once a foreign buyer places an order, the seller is informed and may send the item to Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Sellers must treat such orders almost like other orders so they’ll be shipped in time to buyers. you should not change any addresses as this process is completed by the Shopee Malaysia Warehouse.
  • Once the parcel arrives at Shopee Malaysia Warehouse, the parcel goes to be processed by Shopee to be sent overseas to the buyer’s location.
  • Should there be any return/refund cases, Shopee will liaise with buyers directly via the local Customer Service Support.

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What is Open Platform (Open API)?

Shopee API developer? An open API (often spoken as a public API) could be a publicly available application programming interface that has developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can communicate and interact with another.

APIs may allow developers to access certain internal functions of a program, although this is often not typically the case for web APIs.

In the simplest terms, an API allows one piece of software to interact with another piece of software, whether within one computer via a mechanism provided by the software or over an indoor or external TCP/IP-based or non-TCP/IP-based network.

Currently, many APIs are provided by organisations for access with HTTP. APIs are also utilised by both developers inside the organisation that published the API or by any developers outside that organisation who wish to register for access to the interface.

How Do I Get a Shopee API?

One of the foremost important elements of a successful Shopify store may be a solid product listing. Your products are the celebs for your brand, and you would like them to face out and catch a buyer’s attention as quickly as possible. Starting a brand new product catalogue might sound a bit daunting initially for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform providing customers with a simple, secure, and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee API allows us to integrate it with 3rd party platforms or custom web apps to manage orders, products & other information.

  • Fill up the Shopee API Request Form.
  • Once you receive the API details, key-in the data into your Shopee Seller Centre.
  • Then login to your webShaper instrument panel > Marketing > Marketplace > Shopee and key-in the data accordingly. Information required are Partner ID, Shop ID and API Key.

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How to Bind Shops to the Main Account in Sub-Account Platform?

Shopee seller? Here some steps for you on how to bind shops to the main account in sub account platform: 

  • Login to your Shopee Seller Centre.
  • Move your mouse pointer to your Shop Username which is found at the highest right corner.
  • Click on the drop-down named as “Sub-account Binding”.
  • Click on To bind shop.
  • You will be diverted into another page which needs you to login to your Sub-Account Platform.
  • Remember to place colon + main (:main) after you key-in your Main Account login username.


Shopee International Platform is a new feature launched by Shopee to help you expand your business to other countries and regions. you’ll get many benefits when joining this programme, not only expand your business, your order will increase surprisingly. you’ll also enjoy free cross border logistics, customer services and payment solutions.

The SIP programme actually works the same as selling things in Shopee Philippines, you’d wish to pack and ship the order and when the customer receives the products, the payment will last to your seller’s wallet. Once you’re selected to affix the programme, click the accept button and see what proportion it’ll affect your business.

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