Ninja Van Shopee? NinjaVan Own Packaging (OP) may be a service we offer to Shopee sellers that permits them the liberty to ship out package(s) up to 50 kg of weight and up to 100 cm per side dimension. These kinds of parcels begin with the prefix – SOP (i.e. SOP123456789).

Introduction to Ninja Van Shopee

Cash on Delivery (COD) service is now available for Ninja Van. Effective 17 June 2021, Cash on Delivery (COD) for Ninja Van will still be available once the quality Service Types feature is updated.

COD orders are automatically allocated to COD-enabled shipping channels under Standard Delivery. Cash on Delivery (COD) is barely available for Shopee Express, DHL eCommerce, Ninja Van and J&T Express.

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Ninja Van is one in every of the Shopee Supported Logistics which enable sellers to enjoy fast, smooth, and reliable logistics services to deliver products to their buyers. Ninja Van (Shopee Supported Logistics) is applicable for deliveries up to 30 kg (actual or volumetric weight, whichever higher).

Volumetric weight calculation (kg) = Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Length (cm) / 5000 (neither one in all the size should exceed 100cm). When shipping your parcels, it’s important to require note of the character of your products. If you’d wish to understand more details about prohibited items for Ninja Van.

Ninja Van branches? Well, here are some benefits of using Ninja Van (Shopee Supported Logistics):

  • You can drop off your parcel at the closest Ninja Van drop-off point without paying money upfront.
  • You can print the Air Waybill directly from Shopee Seller Centre rather than using the handwritten waybill.
  • Shipping fees are calculated and adjusted automatically to support the whole product weight when the client purchases multiple products from your shop per order.
  • DHL eCommerce, J&T Express, Pos Laju, Ninja Van, and City-Link Express can coexist within your shop. Toggle on these additional shipping options to succeed in more buyers within Malaysia.

All orders that are shipped using consignment notes printed from Shopee Seller Centre are updated automatically in the Shopee App. In addition, the shipping status of all of your orders are going to be visible directly from the Shopee App.

How Does it Work?

Ninja Van Shopee tracking? It is important to make sure that the measurements (Product Weight and Package Size) are correct to avoid failed pick ups and unexpected payout deductions. Please make sure that the load and size limitations don’t seem to be exceeded.

  • Actual or volumetric weight mustn’t be over 50 kg.
  • Length, Width, or Height shouldn’t be quite 100 cm per side.

Ninja Van Shopee review? Here some explanation of the steps on how does Ninja Van Shopee work:

  • Seller receives an order to be shipped out using Ninja Van.
  • Seller prepares parcel as per order attached with Air Waybill (A6 size) printed from Shopee Seller Centre. ensure to bubble wrap your products to cushion them from any harsh impact during shipping. Note that liquid and fragile items are shipped at seller’s risk.
  • Seller ships out order via drop off / pick up* option with no upfront payment.
  • Ninja Van proceeds with the delivery and bills Shopee for the shipping fee incurred.
  • Shopee pays Ninja Van the shipping fee incurred and releases the balance of the order payment to the vendor.
  • If the particular shipping fee as determined by Ninja Van is quite the estimated shipping fee calculated to support the burden set by the vendor within the product listings, Shopee will deduct the surplus shipping fee from the vendor’s payout and release the balance to the seller.

Sellers must fulfil a minimum Average Daily Order (ADO) count of 10 paid orders per day to be eligible to use the acquire option, subject to Ninja Van acquire coverage area.

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FAQs on Ninja Van Shopee

Ninja Van Shopee pick up? NinjaVan will attempt delivery at the delivery address stated on the shipping label within 1 to three working days and conjure to three attempts to deliver the parcel thereto address. If delivery is unsuccessful after 3 attempts, NinjaVan will proceed to return to the vendor (RTS).

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With effect from 19 Mar 2021, we are going to be implementing code validation for Ninja Van (Home Delivery) shipping channel to facilitate smoother user experience. This might help mitigate incorrect/invalid postal codes used during user checkout and shipment arrangement.

Shopee own packaging? Kindly contact NinjaVan at +65 6602 8271 or email to reschedule a obtain. Alternatively, you will contact Shopee at +65 6206 6610 and supply us with the tracking number(s).

Effective 21 June 2021, Speed Post Economy’s shipping fees calculation are going to be supported either actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Actual weight is measured by 3PL after inbound 3PL warehouse whereas volumetric weight relies on 3PL measurement similarly.

If the shipping fee is different from what was charged to the vendor, it should result in volumetric weight. Thus, always remember to enter the proper weight and merchandise dimensions when listing your products.

Make sure you update the right weight and dimensions in your product listing to stop escrow deduction. If the particular Shipping Fee (ASF) calculated by Speedpost Economy is quite the Estimated Shipping Fee (ESF) in our system, the additional charges are deducted from your escrow.

Shipping fees are calculated to support chargeable weight which is either the particular weight or volumetric weight of your product, whichever is higher. Actual weight is taken from weight input in Seller Centre whereas volumetric weight relies on product dimensions of listing.

Ninja Van Shopee delivery time? If the shipping fee is different from what was charged to the vendor, it should result in volumetric weight. Actual or volumetric weight, whichever higher are going to be accustomed to calculate actual shipping fee. Thus, always remember to enter the proper weight and merchandise dimensions when listing your products.

Here some commonly asked question on Ninja Van Shopee:

  • How do I request to reschedule the acquisition for my SOP parcel?
  • My Parcel is 101 cm long, can or not it’s considered?
  • Can I print stickers for SOP parcels?


Ninja Van tracking Philippines is one of the parts of online shopping and selling is the delivery experience. Customers tend to contemplate the delivery when deciding whether to buy from the identical shop or not.

A reliable courier service with affordable rates and reasonable delivery time can help boost online shop sales and provide a positive shopping experience, so ensure to note and wisely consider these courier services within the Philippines.

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