Are you worried about buying overseas products on the Shopee app? The biggest of your worries is probably not receiving the item that you ordered from overseas. Will my overseas order arrive on time? How is standard international tracking shopee? How is the Shopee China to  Philippines tracking ? You don’t need to worry too much. You can use the Shopee Tracking Overseas Philippines to track online your order.

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In this article, we will discuss and explain about overseas products, how to tracking courier for overseas packages in the Philippines and how long it will take to receive an overseas product. So, are you curious? Let’s check this article to get more information!

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What Is Overseas Products

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Overseas products means products that are delivered from other countries. Shopee platform creates an extensive reach across Asia to connect overseas sellers to local buyers. Most products are shipped from other countries such as acquired sellers based in South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

You can see whether the shop or seller is an overseas seller. You can also use the filter button to select the items to be shipped from overseas. To use the filter button, you can follow these steps such as:

  • Search the item or product that you are looking for, then tap Filter
  • Select Overseas to filter items from the Shipped From, then tap Apply.
  • You will then be given the result with the filtered products from Overseas

How Will My Overseas Order Be Delivered Once It Reaches The Philippines

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One of the frequently asked questions when buying overseas products is how will the overseas products deliver once it reaches the Philippines? You can search where your package is by searching at shopee overseas delivery tracking or shopee express tracking order.

Once your package reaches the Philippines, it will be delivered by Shopee Supported Logistics and you will receive the notification from Shopee App with a local tracking number which you can use to track your package by using the logistics partner’s website.

The flow of your overseas package shipment are your overseas order will deliver from seller to shopee warehouse overseas then they will send it again from shopee warehouse to shopee warehouse Philippines by using Shopee overseas delivery. After Shopee warehouse Philippines receives the overseas package, they will sort the package again and the last part is deliver your overseas package to your house door by the Shopee express.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Receive My Overseas Order?

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If you buy a present from overseas, you might worry that the product will come late. You can calculate that your overseas package will arrive within 9 to 18 days. This calculation excludes public holidays and the logistics partner’s non-working days.

The flow of this overseas delivery is from seller to shopee warehouse overseas which takes around 2 to 4 days. Then from the Shopee warehouse overseas to the Shopee warehouse Philippines, it will take 3 to 4 days. Then from shopee warehouse Philippines to buyer, it takes around 4 until 10 days. So the total estimated time from overseas seller to buyer is around 9 until 18 days.

You have to note that overseas package delivery may take longer due to adverse weather conditions, customs clearance processes, or holidays. Overseas orders are only valid when you purchase from sellers who are registered to sell overseas products in Shopee Philippines. 

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How To Track Overseas Order

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How to track overseas order is also the frequently asked question. The way to track the overseas order is the same as how you track your J&T shopee tracking and Tracking standard express. To track standard international tracking shoppe of your overseas order, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your Shopee App
  • Click My Purchase
  • Find the To Ship or To Receive under My Purchase
  • Select shipment status of your overseas order
  • View all shipping updates

You have to note that it may take 24 – 48 hours  for Domestic international courier tracking status to be updated by the logistics partners. You may contact the seller directly via Shopee Chat if you need to track your order urgently.  

Your Shopee overseas shipping fee depends on the shipping option you choose. For your information there are some shipping options which only offer partial tracking such as Standard Economy, Air Mail (China Post),Registered Air Mail (China Post). This partial tracking means that your order will only be trackable while it is overseas. Once your order is handed over to your local courier, you will no longer receive shipping updates via Shopee Platform. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Products From Overseas

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You not only can buy products from your region and country but you also can buy products overseas. Some of the shopee sellers are from overseas such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But before buying the overseas products you have to consider several things such as the quality and condition, conveyance and timing.

You have to make sure that the products have a good quality and condition. Quality is a basic segment of any item. Try to find the trusted overseas seller so that you will not get disappointed when receiving the products.  Then you have to consider the conveyance because it will be sent to your country. And the last is timing, will you receive the products on time? How long is the shipment from overseas to the buyer?

What Did We Learn?

Online shopping is getting more and more convenient. You don’t need to go out of the house and also no need to walk around for a long time trying to find what you’re looking for, and no need to carry all the items you bought because it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also do online shopping from overseas.

You can also track the overseas shipment like usual by tracking them online by using the shopee app. If you choose to buy things from overseas, you have to calculate the time because it actually will take 9 to 18 days.

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