Shopee is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in SouthEast Asia. Shopee also has their own logistics which is called Shopee Xpress. Shopee Xpress is the standard delivery which will help the seller to deliver your Shopee order. Then how long are Shopee delivery days? The estimated time for the delivery varies. It depends on where the buyer and seller position is. Do you want to know more about it? This article will give you more information about it. Check this out!

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What Are Shopee Supported Logistics?

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Shopee Supported Logistic is also known as Shopee Xpress which is Shopee standard delivery that aims to deliver your orders in the fastest time possible. What time does shopee deliver? Shopee Xpress operates from Monday to Saturday at 8 am to 5 pm.

Once you set the shopee express delivery, the courier will pick up for the same day if the shipment is arranged before 11 am. But for shipments arranged after 11 am, the earliest available pick-up date will be the next working day. Shopee.

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Shopee Xpress

As mentioned above, Shopee Xpress is Shopee delivery which helps you to deliver the package from seller to buyer. There is 2 types shipping time in Shopee such as:

Operation Shipping Timeline

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What is shopee delivery hours?  Shopee delivery hours is the estimated time that takes to deliver the packages from Seller to Buyer. The operation delivery time is vary. It depends on the origin and location of your order. 

You can keep track of your order directly using the application, website or on the Shopee Xpress tracking site. But before you can track your order, you have to register shopee express first.

Economy Option Shipping Timeline

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There is also an economic option shipping timeline in Shopee Xpress. You will get 30% – 50% cheaper but you will get a longer estimated delivery time. The maximum weight is 144 kg and the maximum dimension is 100 cm per dimension. 

For economy local shipping options would be up to 30% cheaper with around 3 days longer from the regular shipping and for economy international shipping will be up to 50% cheaper with a longer estimated time too. You can follow these steps to know how it works:

  • Step 1 : Tap on Shipping Option in checkout
  • Step 2 : Select the Economy Option, then tap Confirm
  • Step 3 : Wait for your order to be delivered.

Shopee Xpress’ General Guidelines

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If you wish to use Shopee standard express, you need to follow these terms and condition:

  • Sellers cannot allow their buyers to open packages and check for item damages prior to paying the couriers. Damaged or wrong items should undergo Shopee’s Return/Refund Process. 
  • Sellers should not refuse RTS packages. Doing so will result in tagging of failed RTS and items will be on hold at the courier’s warehouse/hub for 7 days  which make the items disposed of if unclaimed by the seller after this period.For any case of damaged, wrong/swapped, or missing items upon return, you may file for claims. 
  • Sellers should be able to hand over packages immediately once the courier arrives to collect the packages. Only book orders that are ready for pickup so couriers will not have to wait while sellers are preparing their packages.
  • Sellers should be able to provide proof of items prior to shipment and upon receipt of Return-To-Seller packages in order to process approval of claims. 
  • Sellers should double-check all details in the handover form before signing and submitting it to the rider. All details such as the reason for partial pick up should be stated in the form to avoid issues in the future.

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Understanding Courier Lead Time

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Before your parcel is out for delivery shopee, you have to understand shopee courier lead time.  Courier delivery lead time means the number of days it takes for the order to arrive starting from the day when Shopee Logistics has picked up your order from the seller.

After the order has been picked up by Shopee courier, seller and buyer can track the position of their package. The way to track your local package is the overseas packager. Here are the steps how to track your order

  • Open your Shopee App
  • Click My Purchase
  • Find the To Ship or To Receive under My Purchase
  • Select shipment status of your overseas order
  • View all shipping updates

For your additional information, any update on the tracking of your order will reflect 24 – 48 hours. The lead time varies depending on the buyer’s register delivery address, the sellers pick up address and the couriers’ working days. That’s why you need to keep updating and change your register address shopee malaysia if there’s any change.

Does Shopee Philippines Deliver On Sunday?

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You might be wondering until what time does shopee deliver a package. Shopee Xpress only operates from Monday to Saturday at 8 am to 5 pm. So there is no Shopee delivery on Sunday.

How Long Will Customers Take To Receive Their Orders?

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You might be curious about how long does it take for shopee to deliver your package. Shopee delivery time depends on where your order comes from. Actually it will take 4 until 18 days to receive your package. This estimated time excludes from public holidays and the logistics partner’s non – working  days. 

If you buy from overseas, it will take around 2 to 4 days for your package to be delivered from seller to shopee warehouse overseas.Then from shopee warehouse overseas to shopee warehouse, it will take 3 to 4 days. Then from shopee warehouse to the buyer, it takes around 4 to 10 days. So the total estimated time from overseas seller to buyer is around 9 until 18 days.

You have to note that the shopee shipping might take more time due to adverse weather conditions, customs clearance processes, or holidays. 

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Shopee Xpress is a Shopee courier that helps sellers to deliver the buyer’s order. To use this shipment, you need to  follow all the requirements from Shopee Xpress.If you don’t follow this shopee express terms and condition such as the shipment does not have a printed label, the printed label attached does not follow the standardized Shopee Air Waybill format or even the label is damaged, the shipments will not be accepted during pick-up.

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