Ever want to sell more than one type of products but think about selling them on different accounts so each of your stores could still maintain one focused niche? Then, we have good news for you because you can have multiple Shopee accounts to make your idea come true.

But before that, you need to make sure your purpose of registering multiple accounts is because you want to widen your business’ potential, not to trick Shopee’s system or do anything that potentially abuse Shopee’s regulations. Keep scrolling to understand more about the deal.

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Can I Have 2 Shopee Accounts with The Same Phone Number?

If you’re a new user who just wants to register yourself to enjoy the shopping experience from Shopee, it’ll be very confusing to have “Shopee multiple users detected” written on your registration page. We understand where all of the cluelessness is coming from.

According to Shopee as stated in their Shopee Seller Centre, Shopee only allows one phone number to register a Shopee account. If incase that’s indeed your account you are trying to look on how to find my Shopee account, no need to go through all the hassle, just re-login using the same phone number and key in the OTP sent to your number by Shopee.

In case the account does not belong to you, since providers tend to recycle mobile numbers, Shopee stated that the previous owner doesn’t have any access to the Shopee account anymore and you will create using the new recycled mobile number. Or you can change phone number to register on new Shopee account.

So if your concern is “can I have multiple Shopee buyer account” or not, initially it’s not possible unless you’re registering the account using different phone numbers, emails, and IP address to avoid the account being banned or suspended from the app.

However, if you are a seller on the Shopee platform, there’s a way which allows you to create more than one account to help you widen your business’ area without having to mess up the niche of your store. To do this, you need two different username and email to register and make sure both stores don’t sell the same exact things.

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How Do I Create Multiple Shopee Accounts?

Usually, when you click on “Sell on Shopee” you will first be led into a page that contains a lot of information about selling on Shopee where it talks about various benefits and shows a simplified process for selling on the site. Then you’ll be able to see button that says “Click here to register” or “Start Selling on Shopee Now!”, click on that to proceed.

Different region Shopee sites may vary in registration steps, some sites may ask you to decide on whether you will be signing up as a Shopee Mall Seller or a Marketplace Seller. On some others, you will be led directly to a Google form page. It will ask you for several pieces of information such as your email addresses and whether or not you already have an existing shop on the platform already.

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Simply proceed with the forms and answer all of the questions until they’re all completed. Note that questions in the registration process may vary from country to country. For Singapore Shopee users, the questions may include the category of your store, other platforms you’ve sold on before, and if you’re a registered business or not.

Or, you can go the simpler way by creating a sub-account platform so you can have two Shopee accounts in one phone without much struggle. But please note that this feature is only available for sellers with at least one completed order within the last 30 days before requesting for a sub-account.

To begin using di sub-account platform, create a main account first so you can manage all the member accounts which you will create later as well as to monitor their performance individually. To do so, here’s some steps you have to follow:

  • Login into your Shopee Seller Centre;
  • Move your cursor to your Shop Username at the right corner of the screen;
  • Click on the drop down named as “Sub-Account Binding”;
  • Select either you want to bind shop or to apply main account;
  • In case you already have a main account, click “to bind shop”;
  • In case you don’t have main account, click “to apply main account”;
  • Shopee will then redirect you to another page that requires you to fill up all the details respectively;
  • Make sure you have all the contact details filled correctly;
  • Then you will get to see a page saying your registration is successfully done.

Note that you still need to bind the shop to the main account even if you have already created your Main Account inside the Sub-Account Platform. If you wish to get your account managed by different admins, you can create member accounts to delegate tasks for them accordingly.

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More About Shopee Accounts

To answer questions of “how many Shopee accounts can I have?”, initially Shopee only allowed one ID for one phone number. So each user got one account to use. But users can login and use the same Shopee account across multiple devices and all the detailed activities such as liked products, comments, and purchase history will remain unchanged.

However, each user can have a maximum of 5 seller accounts using the same device / computer and also the same bank account, PayPal, and Stripe. But it’s more safe to make sure your account didn’t sell the same products categories to avoid being banned due to voucher abuse Shopee has been mentioned on their Seller Centre sections.

In case Shopee found suspicious activities on your account, the developer is going to limit your account. Shopee warned that account limitations due to wallet fraud, voucher abuse, scams, and other kinds of violation may not be lifted. 

So, do use your account in the right way. You might need to change your account password if you suspect any abnormal activity on your account as it’s the only way on how to logout Shopee account from other devices.

Then how to recover Shopee banned account if you believe Shopee has limited your account by mistakes? You can file an appeal to reactivate your account by submitting an account activation request form. Shoppe will give you a response within 24 up to 48 hours. In some cases, you might need to provide some documents like a valid photo ID (password, driver license, UMID, PhiloSys.).

Anyways, to avoid being banned because of unusual behavior, you can also sell different products from various marketplaces if you don’t wish to ruin your current niche. As for the managing problem, don’t get worried because Ginee can help you with that. You don’t have to worry about how you gonna manage all the accounts on each sites because with Ginee, you can access all of your online store account with one dashboard.

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Do You Want to Manage Multiple Marketplace Just by Single Person?

Of course you can! You can handle multiple stores from all marketplace just by single dashboard. Cut your Business’s cost, and Boost your Efficiency at the same time.

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