You can have Shopee multiple accounts nowadays but to have more than 1 account, you need to provide more than 1 username and email address. So how to have multiple accounts in Shopee? Are you curious? 

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What Is Shopee Multiple Accounts?

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Shopee Multiple Accounts means there’s more than one Shopee account. Shopee allows sellers to set up more than one account with different permissions for different shops to process their daily operations. If the seller chooses to have multiple Shopee accounts, they will need a team to manage the different Shopee account and its shop function as well as have varied shop decorations, shipping instructions and others.

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Can I Have 2 Accounts In Shopee Philippines?

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How many Shopee accounts can i have? Can I have  more than 1 account? Absolutely yes, you can have more than one account in Shopee but to register those accounts you need two different usernames and email addresses. You have to make sure that you are not selling the same things from different shops. For example, you can use one shop for handmade goods and one for supplies.

Beside that, Shopee multiple user login detected when you log in and use the same Shopee account across multiple devices. All the details of your account, including liked products, comments, and purchase history will remain unchanged.

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How Do I Add Another Shopee Account?

The first step you need to do to make a Shopee account is download your Shopee from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After you have downloaded the Shopee application then go to your profile and register your account for free. You can register Shopee by using your phone number or maybe connect it with your google account, facebook and might be your apple account too. 

Once you have done your Shopee register, you will be able to sell and buy products on Shopee. You can use the same account for buying and selling. For your additional information, you have to create a username properly. If you want to use the account for selling products, you have to create a username for your business which will describe your products because you only create your username once and won’t be able to change it later. So, choose it properly.

What is the difference between Shopee sign it and Shopee log in? Shopee sign in means you don’t have your Shopee account before so that you need to create and sign in before you can use Shopee. However, Shopee log in means that the users have registered and used the Shopee account before so that they just need to log in again by using the Shopee account name and their password.  There are two ways to log in to Shopee. You can try to log in using the app and also via the website. 

Via App

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If you already have a Shopee account, you can log in by inputting your phone number, username or your registered email address. After you fill them in, you need to fill in your password too then click log in. Now you can shop at Shopee.

In the event you have previously used the connect with Facebook button to log in to your Shopee Account, your Shopee Account will automatically be registered using the same email address and password linked to your Facebook account.

Via Website

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  • if you want to log in via website, you can go to Shopee com
  • then insert your username, phone number or email address. You just need to choose one of them
  • fill in your password 
  • then click login button
  • you will directly go to Shopee.

For your additional information, you still need to register your phone number before you can use your Shopee account to purchase anything at Shopee. If you have not registered your phone number, you need to take these steps to change or update your phone number:

  • Click on Me and then Account Settings
  • Click on My Profile
  • Click on Phone
  • Enter your password for verification
  • Follow onscreen instructions to change your phone number. 
  • After you have successfully verified your account, you can now key in your new phone number. 
  • You will receive a verification code / OTP to your new phone number
  • Enter the verification code and click Continue to complete the process. Your mobile number will be changed immediately by the system

Why Is My Shopee Account Banned?

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Can Shopee banned device? The answer for this question is yes. Shopee can make your Shopee account suspended. Your account will be banned if your Shopee account is detected to be involved in suspicious activities that violate Shopee’s Terms of Service such as high non fulfillment rate and high late shipment rate for sellers, fake order creation, voucher abuse Shopee, scams, subsidy and rebates abuse.

How to unban Shopee account then? If you want to reactivate your account you need to file an appeal to reactivate your account by submitting an account activation request form. After you submit it, you will receive an update within 1 to 2 days. Beside that, you need to provide some supporting documents such as a valid photo of your identity card and proof of purchase (like photos of purchased products, order number, your purchase chat history).

Is It Bad To Have Multiple Accounts On Shopee?

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No, it is not bad to have multiple accounts on Shopee as long as you use for the good one such as manage the shop operations, customer service and so on. If you use the multiple account for scams, your account will be suspended by Shopee. How to reactivate Shopee account then? You can reactive it again as explained above.

Pros And Cons Multiple Accounts On Your Shopee 

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Here are the pros and cons on having Shopee multiple account

Pros Cons 
More team member to manage different shop functions Need more than 1 email 
Can bind multiple shops under the same account Has to registered with different name 
Increase business efficiency Difficult to control


You are allowed to have multiple accounts in Shopee. If Shopee find suspicious activities in your account, you will get Shopee seller account banned. Your account will be banned permanently if you do not submit an appeal within 30 days of seeing the pop up message or your appeal got rejected by Shopee.

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