In the Philippines, Shopee has a lot to offer its customers. You can either create a business or sell stuff. You can also go shopping and buy things. If you haven’t done so already, filling out the Shopee registration form is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

It’s easier than ever to sign up for an account and begin your experience with Shopee by searching for the Shopee log in seller center or the usual Shopee log in. This article will help you optimize your Shopee  experience particularly by helping you integrate your phone number with Shopee.

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How Do I Add a Phone Number in Shopee?

It is necessary to provide your phone number when signing up for a Shopee account to receive the OTP for login and also as a method of communication while receiving or delivering products. So in order to add your phone number, there are two methods. You can do it when you first sign-up for a Shopee account and you can do it even after you’ve already made your Shopee account. Here’s what you need to do for each:

Adding a Phone Number While Creating a Shopee Account

First, Go to the “Sign Up” option on the home page.Then, enter your Mobile Phone Number, and tap Next. From there enter the Verification Code sent to your phone, then tap “Verify.” After that, set your Shopee password by putting your preferred password and confirming it. Once all that’s done all you need to do is edit your Shopee Username.

Adding a Phone Number to an Existing Shopee Account

First, you’ll need to click on your username on the homepage. From there select “My Account” via the dropdown list that comes out. Then, select “Add” beside “Phone Number” then enter your Password for verification. Finally, enter your Phone Number then select “Send Verification Code.” Once you receive it on your phone, simply enter the Verification Code on the input box then click “Confirm.” Once all that’s done you’ll be good to go.

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How Can I Verify My Mobile Number in Shopee?

In order to verify your mobile number on Shopee, you’ll receive a verification code on ur phone number sent to you from Shopee after you submit your number. This happens when you go for either of the two options of adding your phone number mentioned above.

How to Change Phone Number in Shopee?

In order to change your phone number on Shopee you need to follow a few simple and easy steps to get started. Here’s what you need to do:

First, log in to your Shopee account and go to the home page. Then, go to the “Me” tab and select the tools icon. From there, go to “My Profile”, select “Phone” and then click “EDIT.” From there, all you need  to do is enter your new Phone Number on the text input then select “continue.” From there, enter the Verification Code sent via SMS and then select “Verify.” With all that done you’ll be good to go with your new Phone Number for your Shopee.

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Why Can’t I Change My Phone Number in Shopee?

Changing your Shopee phone number is a simple process that anyone can perform. However, many people are unable to change Shopee’s phone number due to circumstances beyond their control. Numerous factors prevent you from changing your Shopee telephone number. Here are three reasons that you need to take note of:

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Error of new phone number registered with Shopee account

A single phone number can only be used to create a single Shopee account. If you register for Shopee with a new phone number, make certain that the old number was never used to register.

The phone number could not be verified.

If you get a notification like the one shown below after entering a new phone number for Shopee, all you have to do is click Accepted. To make sure, Shopee will get in touch with you.

Unable to obtain the one-time password (OTP).

It’s possible you didn’t get the OTP for a variety of reasons, such as providing the wrong phone number or not logging in to Shopee in over 180 days. If you are still unable to get the OTP, try entering the new phone number for Shopee a second time or restarting your phone to start over with the new number.

How Can I Recover My Shopee Account Without a Phone Number?

If you are not logged in and have forgotten your account password, don’t worry cause the fix is pretty simple. First, on the log-in page select “Forgot Password.” From there you’ll need to add the email address you connected the account to since you did not connect your phone number. Once there, hit next then enter the CAPTCHA code displayed to you from Shopee.

Once you get through all of that, Shopee will send a Verification Code to your email address which will allow you to set a new password for your account. From there, all you have to do is set your brand new password then click “OK.” With that done, you’re all good to go with your Shopee account.

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