One of the leading e-commerce names in Southeast Asia today is Shopee (Shopee Pte Ltd). The corporation was founded in 2015 in Singapore primarily as a C2C (customer-to-customer) marketplace. As one of the biggest marketplace in Southeast Asia, Shopee has many cool features such as live streaming in Shopee which allows seller to sell their products through a live video.

As it expanded its reach to other countries in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and also the Philippines), South America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia), and Europe (Poland and Spain), Shopee updated to a hybrid business model to incorporate B2C (business-to-customer).

It now has seller centres in Communist China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Republic of Korea and is additionally expected to launch in India and Argentina. Shopee boasts a “social-first, mobile-centric” platform where buyers can browse and buy items, in addition to communicating with sellers directly.

What Is Shopee Live Streaming?

Have you heard about Shopee live stream Philippines that sells voucher? Live Streaming encompasses several activities broadcasted over the net and may be private (for select watchers) or public (for everyone). Shopee Live Voucher allows you to claim as many vouchers as you can via Shopee live streaming.

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Between 2019 and 2020, live streaming watch hours saw a 99% growth, from 1.9 billion to 3.4 billion hours. The most important live streaming platform, Twitch, has to this point recorded 9.3 billion watch hours for live videos.

Businesses saw how livestreaming can help highlight, demo, and sell their products through the various platforms and social media sites that started offering the service.

In 2019, Shopee got into the live selling game with Shoppe Live. Initially offered in Singapore, the Shopee live selling feature is now available to sellers and customers in other Asian territories. it had been introduced to cater to “the growing demand for video content” and convey brands and retailers closer to their consumers.

The company intends to “foster long-term engagement” with users, and Shopee Live is a way to try and do that. This initiative has resulted in users spending longer on the app, making their online shopping more interactive within the process.

Much like an everyday livestream, users can directly ask and interact with sellers in real-time through live selling in Shopee and even complete their purchases without leaving the stream. Whether or not it’s only available for mobile for viewers, participating sellers have already seen a rise in sales up to 75% with it.

Shopee sellers that attempted live selling saw a rise in sales up to 75%

It’s worth noting that the introduction of Shopee Live overlapped with the world pandemic that compelled people to remain in reception. Sellers were able to capitalise on the consumers’ need to buy necessities and other items without going out.

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Shopee Live Features

If you’re a seller looking to start Shopee live selling, you can utilise the following functions:

  • Feature a product: Add featured or discounted products during the livestream within the sack. Show these featured products by tapping the icon and clicking the Show button.
  • Auction: Also brought up as Mine, it creates a way of urgency to the viewers as they fight to urge a coveted product first.
  • Vouchers: Seller offers vouchers for discounts, free shipping, or other perks that customers can claim after they watch the stream and use it in said seller’s store.
  • Coins: otherwise to extend viewership is to reward coins. Sellers should first purchase Shopee Coins to try and do this, then give them out during the stream. Coins may be accustomed to purchases on the app.
  • Live polls: Interactive polls mid-stream foster engagement by getting the viewers’ opinion about the livestream or the merchant’s products.
  • Camera: Control which filters to use during the stream or switch between front and back cameras.
  • Stream replays: Sellers can add past livestreams as a separate tab on their shop page so viewers can rewatch them. Recorded streams will be kept for 60 days for now.
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How to Set Up Shopee Live in Your App?

Before you start a live streaming in Shopee, there is a Shopee live streaming form that you have to fill. In most countries, Shopee sellers with good standing and have a minimum of one active listing on their shops have already got access to Shopee Live. 

But if you’re one amongst those that don’t, you’ll be able to register for it. Once you’ve filled out and submitted the Shopee Live registration form, it should be intermittent working days before the application is approved.

Apart from eligibility, having this stuff beforehand will streamline your live selling on Shopee.

Product to be Featured

Can we do Shopee live streaming PC? For sure you can. But first of all, you need to install OBS Shopee live on your laptop. Choose the things you’re visiting highlight and add them to the livestream feed. Outline their key features and other facts, like prices and discounts if you’re offering any, so you don’t forget to say them. Of course, don’t forget to try and do inventory. ensure there are enough stocks, so every customer gets what they purchase.

A Script or General Flow

A general idea of how the program will go will keep the stream heading in the right direction. The script should explain the products well while incorporating promos, discounts, and other offers.

Reliable Equipment and Right Background

If you’re employing a standalone camera connected to the net, confirm to possess a speaker together with the microphone.

Before going live, it’s only reasonable to check all equipment to understand if they’re working properly. Also, whether or not all the equipment is fully charged before going live, prepare extra batteries and chargers still.

Do a rehearsal to test if the audio and video are clear from the viewers’ perspective. If you’re employing a mobile device’s front camera, note that the video captures are mirrored. additionally, set notifications to “Do Not Disturb” to avoid disruptions during the stream.

It’s also worth checking your background. Whether or not you do not have the means to try to do a full production, make sure that your environment is acceptable and you’ve got everything you would like within sight.

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Shopee live streamers salary is sort of high. Shopee Live Streaming could be the biggest Shopee feature that was launched on January 7th 2019. 

This feature allows sellers to indicate products directly in order that potential buyers feel more confident after seeing the visual appearance of the required product. Sellers can directly interact with potential buyers without having to depart the streaming page.

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