Shopee live Stream sellers philippines is a popular mobile platform based in Southeast Asia that originally began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform before developing into a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace serving customers throughout the region.

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Shopee provides merchants with simple, inexpensive payment options to help them develop their businesses. The app is an e-commerce website and has many fun sections such as live broadcasts and games.

Additionally, it rewards users with coins, discounts, payback coupons, and freebies, which may explain why it is so popular.

Shopee is a mobile-only marketplace that emphasizes social selling. It’s an open platform, which makes getting started simple.

Shopee Prefers Sellers are well compensated for their efforts; ratings and reviews largely determine how well you do on this platform. Know how to rate Shopee sellers properly.

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What Is Shopee Live?

Shopee Live is Shopee’s new “shoppertainment” strategy for giving a more personal touch to how sellers can connect with buyers. Many believe that live streaming is the future for the eCommerce industry following the rise of Facebook Live, Insta Live, and Bigo Live. This is furthered by recent features released by both Shopee and Lazada to promote live streaming.

This live streaming feature in Shopee enables sellers to engage with their customers at any time and anywhere.

Using Shopee Live benefits sellers in a couple of ways:

  • Gain new followers and customers
  • Increase brand awareness for your shop and products
  • Huge potential to increase sales
  • You establish credibility in your industry
  • Increase effective sales
  • Direct contact with customers

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How To Join Shopee Livestream Campaign?

How to go live on shopee? Live Streaming puts a human face next to the brand and helps with building personal relationships with customers. Sustaining those relationships by occasional live streaming can help sellers maintain regular sales.

Here are steps on how to join shopee live philippines registration:

  1. Go to Me Tab, then tap Live Streaming
  2. Add a Title, Description and Cover Image
  3. Tap Add Related Products, then select from My Likes or My Shop
  4. Rearrange the products or edit the details before clicking Next, then you’ll see a preview of your stream

Guidelines of Shopee Live

Livestream disruptions are caused by inappropriate acts that violate Shopee Policies. To ensure that all broadcasts are of top quality and contain proper content, this article has set up simple shopee live guidelines for sellers to follow and how to sell in shopee live.


Acts that violate Shopee Policies may vary in three levels.

Level 1

  • Late or behind the schedule livestreams
  • Unclear video and/or audio
  • Laggy video and/or audio
  • Other technical issues

If internet connection is lost, hosts can choose to either end the livestream or retry connecting to the current live stream.

Level 2

  • Misleading information
  • Non-Shopee transactions or promotions
  • Spam or other unsolicited messages
  • Fake or counterfeit items

Level 3

  • Sensitive information
  • Sellers or livestream hosts who are 18 years old and below
  • Cyberbullying (such as verbal harassment)
  • Explicit or adult content
  • Prohibited items

Corrective Actions

When hosts post inappropriate content, Shopee Admin may intervene with the broadcast in three ways.


From Level 1 to Level 2 violations, Shopee Admin will push for a warning pop-up.

  • Pop-up will contain a warning that the content is violating Shopee policies
  • Viewers will not see this pop-up

Note that shopee live stream request from Admin will issue up to three warning pop-ups only. If the warnings are ignored, Shopee Admin will stop the livestream immediately.


For Level 3 violations, Shopee Admin will automatically remove the livestream.

  • No pop-up will be shown
  • Viewers will be directed to Live Stream Ended page


When broadcasts receive warning notifications, sellers need to immediately correct or remove all elements that were considered as violations. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban of the livestream.

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Stream Via PC

Other than mobile, you can also start a Shopee Livestream via PC. Here are the steps on how to shopee live stream on pc.

Set Up Your Equipment

Make sure you prep all your live stream equipment and your guides at least an hour before going live.

Head To The Shopee Profile Account

Register shopee com my login. Go to Profile Tab and Select Live Streaming, then click Live Streaming.

Insert Title & Description

For the description, come up with an eye-catching review of the product. You can include the transformation you have experienced, the benefits of the product, a secret ingredient in the product or even a method to solve a skin problem with products. The description needs to be alluring to the viewers but also beneficial

Insert Live Stream Cover

Upload a picture of yourself holding the products. If you want to get creative, head over to Canva to create your own poster with details such as your name, a picture of the product, a picture of you. Drive the attention to you and the brand too. 

This way, both parties will benefit from the live stream. You can also include your IG name in the poster. With this, you can promote the replay on your social media account for your followers to watch in the future.

Add Products To Cart

Add all the products you will be talking about in your live stream to the cart. Cross-check all of the products you have selected with the brief given by CPC. Necessary precaution steps are needed to avoid going live and realizing you missed a few products. 

See, once you have gone live, there will be a little Cart icon on the viewers’ screen during your live session. The products you have selected will be available in the Cart which makes it easier for viewers to purchase the item. You want to ease the viewers’ process of purchasing to build credibility for more campaigns to come.

Go Live

Click on the Go Live button and you will be Live! When going live, it’s always good to plan the plot of your live stream beforehand. Think of your live stream like a story then plan and practice the flow before going live. Plan your intro, rising action, climax, and resolution for the live stream.

The most important aspect of your live stream is to circulate it around the Call To Action (CTA) which is for viewers to click onto the products and eventually buy the products. During your live stream session, you are able to add and change the items onto the box display in your top right corner. 

This way, viewers are able to keep up with which product you are describing during the live session. This is also another method of easing the viewers’ purchasing process.

Tips and Tricks To Do Live Streaming on Shopee Philippines

Here are tips and tricks how to shopee live streaming:

  • Captivate your audience with a noticeable title
  • Focus on one main topic
  • Save the best for last
  • Angle subject in the middle
  • Remove unnecessary items and introduce your products one at a time
  • Shopee live voucher codes should be displayed throughout the stream
  • Make sure to secure at least 5 Mbps internet bandwidth to stream
  • Decent actions and words during streaming
  • Proper advertisement and product details
  • Avoid static screen views and ensure there is visual and verbal interactions with viewers
  • Ensure to use designated and Shop Partnered Remittance Center
  • Make sure selling products are within Shopee Guidelines


Shopee live streamers salary is quite high. Conducting a live stream on a weekly or bi-weekly basis enables you to directly speak with potential buyers. Good content is what marks the line between increased sales and ineffective use of your time.

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